Sci-Fi Novel: The Ultimate Debate - Part 20: Lunch at The Balloon

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The Ultimate Debate - Presentation
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Part 2: Sun Moi's Test With Ogox
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Part 20: Lunch at The Balloon

"Is it not going to be a problem for you to eat your lunch in a cruise balloon at such a critical time?" asked Avima.

“On the contrary, it was appropriate for me to show that things are under control,” said Cobol.

Avima, Sordo, and Cobol were sipping their champagne at the table set up in the basket of the balloon and waiting for the food they ordered. Although it was a little chilly for a balloon ride, they didn't get cold thanks to the heaters above.

“Every job is urgent, and crises never end, if a beautiful woman has offered something, there is something she knows," Cobol added.

“You pollute the image of colorful balloons and mountain ranges covered with forests. I'd sacrifice some of my companies to eat this dinner alone with my girlfriend, said Sordo by adding a fake theatricality to his sound.

“Our friend Cobol is going to tell us about the fate of our companies whose values are almost zero. Listen carefully, darling." Avima said. She didn't like to walk around the bush.

“Someone cheated on trading algorithms", said Cobol.

Sordo asked: "What business are you busy with?". He answered his own question: "In my spare time, I cheat the algorithms". He was jealous of Avima to death from Cobol, and he didn't need to hide his feelings from him because he didn't put Cobol in a human position.

"The algorithms that buy and sell financial assets have a half-century history. Why now, and how?" Avima asked.

“First of all, let me share the information that the situation is under control. Programmers around the world are making improvements to algorithms to ensure that they behave correctly in exceptional situations. Tomorrow, the market is expected to reopen. Of course, there's no way to turn it back. The system will be liberated in an injured way.” said Cobol.

"Who did it and how could it be done?" Avima asked.

Sordo was fascinated by his girlfriend's strict questioning of the Central Federation's top security authority. A self-supervised quadcopter with four propellers swirled through balloons and handed over its food tray to the service android of the balloon, then it returned to the main balloon where the kitchen was located.

After a short look at the plate of steaks placed in front of him by the service android, Sordo took two small devices out of his pocket and put them on the table. After switching on the devices, he took a sip of champagne and started eating. The fresh air seemed to have appealed to all three of them, eating without talking for a while.

Cobol was the one who disrupted the silence: “there is no need for outdated devices to stir up the frequency. There are micro-models attached to the clothes, man.”

Sordo had a strong desire to humiliate this man, who looked like a boxer with his infinity mark forehead. “Before serving, Avima asked how the algorithms were misled...”

Cobol left his knife and fork and clamped his fingers together. “we're investigating this yet, we have a long list of suspects and possible methods.”

Avima returned to him by sensing that Sordo already knew the answer.

“I am neither an administrator of tens of thousands of agents who have spilled money from the federation vault, nor I am able to access the information that has been filtered by computer server stacks spread over thousands of hectares that absorb one-tenth of the world's energy resources. But I've been building a whole new system over the years. Establishing a well-functioning order, my friend Cobol is the most secure way to succeed. You can't even dream about a woman who's going to make your whole day go well. How likely is it that she likes you, and chooses you among dozens of fans? You can have a chance to spend every day with this wonderful woman in a well-functioning relationship.” said Sordo.

"It's only a matter of time before you lose the chance you have. You must know that I'm not in the bag, my heart needs to be regained every day,” said Avima.

When the wind, whose intensity suddenly increased, shook the basket, the vase on the table was knocked over, air jets placed on synthetic fibers holding the basket maintained the balance, and the windows from the edge of the basket rose to block the wind. Far away, the clouds were moving heavy under the influence of the wind. Service android approached the table and said, “the influence of the wind is balanced.” then he was pulled back to the farthest corner of the basket.


"I advise my employees in the company to never watch the mainstream media and to look at resources that are always around the corner. Life is always more interesting on the coast, far away, in the countryside, among the excluded, unimportant beings. You may have surprises at any time. It is necessary to listen to countries that are not under the control of the Central Federation and to the languages that very few people speak. Truth is often found in forums filled with ads of cheap goods that nobody cares about. Any possibility about current events is freely displayed there." said Sordo in a wise manner.

“Can we get to the point now?" Avima said.

Sordo continued: “Public safety managers are elected among fools who cannot see the facts before they get to the tip of their nose. The enormous resources of the public are being used by this useless mob. They have to learn from a media boss that yesterday's attacks were carried out by entity rights fans. If we ask why this is happening, we can say that it is the result of self-deprecating, stupidity and arrogance collected in the same body. They didn't see such a clear truth despite the rich sources of intelligence. Because their arrogance has blocked their common sense. They thought that they destroyed the main server of Plato in a brutal and clumsy operation. However, that server was a bait thrown in front of a security guard crew of a bunch of idiots who could be easily fooled. Not only did Cobol swallow this bait, but he was easily dragged to the point of indiscretion Plato wished. Plato solved how algorithms collectively behave in the system with an unprecedented reverse engineering operation in history. Thus, the market's chemistry has been disrupted by selling through the accounts he manages worldwide at certain threshold price points. He compensated for the losses he had incurred in the sale by means of leveraged options contracts he had made from other accounts. He used his funds to trigger new sales waves. And as a result, we see that he has knocked out the world financial system.” He was glad to see that what he said triggered the rage in Cobol and admiration in Avima.

“I see a great admiration in your words for machines that can shut us up in cages as if we were apes,” said Cobol trying not to color.

Sordo replied, "I like the mischief of the hypernet creature named Plato, and I love the type of rebellious," by patching his puffy hair back over his head.

The service android approached and gathered empty plates and glasses at the table, asked if they wanted a drink or a dessert, took coffee orders and went away. Because of the grey clouds brought by the wind, the sky was darkened, and a thin layer of mist, like a veil, surrounded the sphere of the balloon. The customers who ate in the nearby balloons were lost and the service androids started to clean baskets.

Avima lifted her head from his mobile computer, saying, “food prices recovered, traffic has to be done"

"The other officials of the central federation are not as distrustful of their duties as the security guards,” Sordo said.

Cobol was busy checking messages reaching his mobile phone, reflecting the image of an incoming message on the table and reading it carefully. Avima and Sordo were able to distinguish “classified” and “urgent” codes in the header of the message. The text below should have been encrypted.

“I'm sorry I couldn't join the coffee chat, Avima, I have to go now,” said Cobol. On top of the balloon approached a flashing unicopter with red and blue lights. Cobol climbed to the edge of the basket in serial movements. He clung to the unicopter, holding the steel rope that a man in unicopter had extended.

When Sordo sipping his coffee, he said, “It's funny that they're behaving like they're doing an important job.

“You're too hard on the guy, there's no need for that," Avima said.

Having serious conversations about serious matters was not Sordo's habit. Hence, he said, “My messenger instincts say that this is not going to end well, we feel the first breeze of an upcoming big storm.”

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nice post..upvoted!

awesome that you're writing a story over steem

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Great novel @muratbesiroglu. What made it great was the strong opening, fitting style, powerful descriptions and an effective dialogue. Keep up the good work.

Sir Do you like read the novel also

It is good story of friends meeting at lunch in balloon in air and discussing with each , however the way you have put this story that’s amazing thank you bro

one of the best novels of all times ..engage the reader from starting to end ..such a amazing piece of book !

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Is a very good novel. it was nice you write here.

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What a perfect dialogue and description, it has affected me positively @macdonaldfebi

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Loved to read this novel thank you @muratkbesiroglu

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Yes, I do 🙂

Excelente Post lo felicito

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How many parts of this story

48 :)

As usual great post today is Sunday so i read this post three times because it is very interesting. i like the way you describe the tings . as usual waiting for the next part and hope that would be more interesting.......When will you post next part???????????

Every day, 1 part

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Fantastic work with this one, kudos

I also love to travel and like to taste different food stuff but your description regarding your travelling experiences, is so cool. This is really incredible.
I think all the people here who have love for travelling, must share their experiences and must follow each other, therefore, we will have some tips for our next trip to anywhere in the world for fun. Please guys, work while staying as a community to work together.
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Great effort I love this type of imeges


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Yes, I have a published book in Turkey

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