Sci-Fi Novel: The Ultimate Debate - Part 1: Childhood Of Great Master Sun Moi

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The Ultimate Debate - Presentation

Part 1: Childhood Of Great Master Sun Moi

Great master Sun Moi was born in Osaka as the first child of a teacher mother and father. His parents worked hard on him due to his extraordinary mental abilities and challenging character. That's why he remained the only child of the family. He never liked playing with other kids, and he always opposed his parents' demands to play with them claiming his peers were stupid. He was so angry at his friends that sometimes that he was locked or fainted. From kindergarten, his friends didn't like this cheesy little boy. He studied and learned the whole curriculum of the class easily at the beginning of the year; when he had to deal with them, he never stood back from hitting their friends in the face that they were ignorant, stupid and lazy.

He obsessed with the idea of making a friend who would understand and agree with him at a very early age. Designing robots, airplanes, automobiles using mini Lego pieces was comforting him. He was able to convince psychiatrists that he didn't need treatment at times after the incidents at school or after his nervous breakdown. He claimed that he had a wild nature and wanted to be left free to pursue his interests and curiosity. He was splitting the old-fashioned computers he bought from the mechanic into parts. He reassembled the pieces he had acquired, observing how three or five old computers work as elements of a single system. On the one hand, by writing various programs, he was attacking the portals on hypernet, and he was enjoying that they were never able to trace him. When he was very grieving, he sat in his mother's lap without being embarrassed and only went down when his fears were comforted.

He was often scolded by his father for his actions that did not conform to social norms, but because of his stubborn nature, he did not even be embarrassed. The prizes he won at his school in science competitions prevented him from getting dozens of disciplinary punishments. Even after reaching puberty, he did not talk to any girl except in a forced state.

So, he grew up, when he was a college student, he was a bit focused. After graduation, he started working at Osaka University, for the sake of his brilliant grades and science awards. However, after a few years of experience, he resigned from the university claiming the students were idiots. When he was twenty-eight years old, he started to make his living by offering technological solutions to the companies he had established relations with via hypernet. He still lived in the same house with his parents, mostly eating nuts, fruit and chocolate, sleeping during the day and working at night. In addition to his work to make money, he was preparing a project in great secrecy. When he was busy with this work, he lit the light of the letter “g” on the door of his garage–office, and even his beloved mother did not be allowed to enter the garage-office. Years have passed by, Mrs. Moi was more concerned about her son every year. While he was busy with his work to make money, Sun Moi was open and affectionate to his mother. However, when the light of the “G” project on the door lights up, Mrs. Moi heard that her son, who she was wondering what was doing inside, had been blasphemous. He was sometimes caught in rage attacks he had when he was a child, and that he had broken his garage-office. When Sun Moi reached his mid-thirties, he changed the name of the “G” project to “GX”.


While father Moi died of a rare stomach cancer, Sun Moi and his mother's financial situation was deteriorated. Sun Moi was no longer taking the time to do business with companies, he was completely committed to his project. His asocial nature, advancing age, loss of father and inability to achieve any kind of development in his project have made a terrible impact on his mood, and after an unsuccessful suicide attempt, he had agreed to receive psychiatric assistance. Sun Moi respected his doctor, who gave him all the information about his illness in an analytical clarity. For the first time in his life, he was persuaded to use his medication regularly, relying on a doctor. Thanks to the relief of the drugs, he continued to work hard on the "GX” project.

A few years later, one morning, he woke his mother, hug her and they took a round in the house. Mrs. Moi was surprised at what she was going through, thinking her son was crazy because she had never seen a similar gesture before. After wandering around the house for a while, she realized it was a victory round. It was clear that the “GX” project had reached its target.

After completing the patent process, Sun Moi held a press conference on hypernet and introduced the new super optical-quantum computer he designed. The new design offered three times more processor performance than the same cost products on the market. Sun Moi knew that the supercomputer performance could be increased to a hundred times with the combination of his several new hypotheses, but he found it more convenient to keep the enormous processor power to support the androids he would create. He sold some of his inventions about optical-quantum computers to Intel for a fortune and bought a villa with dozens of different types of bonsai in his garden to live with his mother. He believed that he had laid a solid foundation for creating an android that would be a companion to him. Now he had enough financial resources and theoretical knowledge to develop a processor that is powerful enough to create a level of consciousness comparable to humans.

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@muratkbesiroglu this story is very inspiring and motivating. After all hardships he got success. But their is one thing I want to say regarding his success. He succeeded not only because he was working hard and he had a brilliant and extraordinary mind but also because of his supportive family. Osaka is in Japan, Japan is a developed country and people in developed countries are more open minded that is the reason these country are advance or developed. But in most of the developing countries like India, people are narrow-minded(mostly) and they have a lot of fears. Like in India parents are always wanting to marry off their children in their mid twenties. By that time they are supposed to have a job, be it government job or private job. A lot of pressure is developed on the kid from a very early age. Even I have a cousin who is just 12 years old and he is being pressurized a lot by his parents to perform in every subject. He wanted to get involved in some sports activity but due to these social problems of getting a job and studying hard his dream has almost died. So basically, I am trying to say that its not only the courage of successful person who makes that person successful. Of-course, the person who has achieved something in life is courageous and most important role player in achieving his/her goal but support from family is also a very important factor. Things become easy and with the love and blessings of parents a person can deal with all the stress of his/her life and can achieve anything in life. For me its not just a science fiction story but it is a kind of inspirational and motivational story. What you think in this context? Do you believe that the person is himself responsible for his success or does also family plays an important role in a person's success?

I understand what you mean very well. It is similar in Turkey. I learned Indian culture little bit from Aamir Khan films. 3 idiots and Dangal was about this theme.

Friend your words are true inspiration also congratulations

The master Sun Moi did not waste his time in the works of the extravagant, he always wanted to be different. He also worked hard on the GX project and he got success in that too. This gives us a lesson to learn that if we continue to work harder in which we are interested then we will definitely succeed in that area.


A little genius, this Sun Moi :)
You should correct this:
Even after reaching puberty, he did not talk to any girl except in a forced state.
And also, I don't know that expression: "that sometimes that his jaw was locked" ... maybe you paraphrased a Turkish expression?

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Thanks 🤠

Every great has a childhood

@muratkbesirkglu few years later, one morning, he woke his mother, hug her and they took a round in the house. Mrs. Moi was surprised at what she was going through, thinking her son was crazy because she had never seen a similar gesture before. After wandering around the house for a while, she realized it was a victory round. It was clear that the “GX” project had reached its target....good story..

You are such a good writer I like the way you write
Can you read this and suggest me something to add in my writing skill I am new in writing your suggestions are most welcomes..

@muratkbesiroglu, youknow every think about him, wold you like to write a story about patriotic ?

pcb is a good technology.jab pcb nhi tha tab device banane me dikkat hoti thi lekin ab iski madad se bahot kaam asan ho gye hain

i like sci novel.i have many books over science fiction.your story was very great.i enjoyed your story by reading.Thank you for posting such post.

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@muratkbesiroglu very informative article i love to read and search about tech and sci-fi related articles.
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HEY @muratkbesiroglu
are you a writer or author? I have read 4 frictional story of your's, I find them great to read them. Hoping you are great writer, not coping content from any other Frictional book.

Thank you. They are my original work of course

That really great hope you have read more and more books in your life. I am currently in the beginning of my life and I am involved in MLM business so I was advised to read more and more to be motivated and keep others motivated.

niceoone blog

Love sci novels, very nice for read love it!


@muratkbesiroglu Here In the wake of finishing the patent procedure, Sun Moi held a question and answer session on hypernet and presented the new super optical-quantum PC he outlined. The new outline offered three times more processor execution than a similar cost items available.

  ·  last year (edited)

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Looks really interesting novel. Thanks for translating, waiting for more !


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Fantastic work with this one,kudos.

Baktın Türklerden hayır yok, artık sadece ingilizce mi :)

Bu romanın Türkçesi piyasada var. 2016 yılında Ogox adıyla yayınlanmıştı. O nedenle Türkçesine yer vermedim. Türklerden o kadar kolay vazgeçmem :)

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Waiting for the next one

interesting story, if you want, you can achieve everything!

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Stories like these are what inspire. Great!

Why always these discoverers or founders have extraordinary abilities...Are these people chosen by God or something??

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Even after reaching puberty, he did not talk to any girl except in a forced state

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That was interesting, is there other parts available?

Not yet. It is a novel written in Turkish, I will publish the parts as I translate.

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A very nice story. I just read it while coming back from office in a bus. Thanks for the beautiful content.

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@muratkbesiroglu when part 2 is coming ?

I published in the morning☺

You are such a good writer @muratkbesirogku .Good story....We can learn many must need lession from this Sun Moi Story......

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This is interesting article.
Parting knowledge to everyone

Nice post.

This debate is awesome 🙄😊

Great story)))

Wow, i like the way you write,you just made me to start loving novel.....Nice on @muratkbesiroglu


"He was so angry at his friends that sometimes that he was locked or fainted." <-- must be corrected ("tha"t 2x)

also it seems this is being translated from another language, possibly Asian, am I right?

I don't like reading novel but this post has gingered me to starting reading novel especially science novel

Nice, I'll finish to read all the history

great story, if you wish and you work hard you got everything your life.

Great story, if you
Wish and you work hard you got
Everything your life.

                 - amrut

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Every post that I read product of your imagination I see stories that might well be embodied in a book, again I congratulate you for each of your post.

I hope one day the publish well worth sharing.

Thank you very much. I hope so.

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