Sci-Fi Novel: The Ultimate Debate Part 10: Mirrored Room

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The Ultimate Debate - Presentation
Part 1: Childhood Of Great Master Sun Moi
Part 2: Sun Moi's Test With Ogox
Part 3: Great Destruction
Part 4: The Awakening Of Ogox
Part 5: Unique City
Part 6: Avima's Morning
Part 7: Dinner On Mars
Part 8: Agent Omega
Part 9: Conflict

Part 10: Mirrored Room

The snow covered the branches of the trees, the roofs of skyscrapers, the narrow corridors between the buildings, and the shores of the canals like a white veil. On the canals, there were snow-covered pieces of ice that was moving as a raft on the surface of the water. The snow not only cleaned up the city's dirty air, but also disperced its usual gloom. However, Omega could not save herself from the feeling of insecurity, often felt by visitors to the city, as she descended with her alphajet. While covered with snow, it was possible that the crimes committed in the city would remain impunished forever in a cold silence. The flight floor covered with cracks, increased Omega's nervousness. The feet of a careless person could easily enter into deep cracks that the snow could not cover. Omega went down from her alphajet and started to walk on the soft snow. The outer façades of skyscrapers surrounding the park reflect the skyscrapers opposite to them, and the façades of the opposite buildings reflect the rest of the building. The images of buildings were not only reflected on the opposite buildings but their silhouettes were floating in the dark waters of the canals. The city seemed to be built for everyone to face everyone, even more importantly everyone with themselves. Omega looked up. The city's sky was as smooth as ever. A swarm of birds passed through the heights, opening and closing like a fan, and constantly changing places. The weather was so calm that there was not the slightest movement in the snow-laden branches of the trees. She walked out of the park across the snow-covered road. There was neither an automobile, nor a capsule motorcycle on the road. When she examined the path carefully, she was able to select only a few small birds' footprints. A voice from within told her that she had to pay attention to the details in this haunted city. However, with a very careful observation, all the details of the city's soul could be taken care of. It was also necessary to observe all objects in the field of view by paying attention to details to avoid possible hazards.

When Omega arrived on the edge of the canal, she saw a boat approaching him. On the side of the boat, there was Albatross, bent, with a stick in his hand, mixing the dark and stagnant water of the canal. Ogox sitting next to him saw Omega standing on the shore, raising his hand and greeted him. The boat, which took Omega, made a U-turn in the channel and began to move towards the ocean.

Albatros continued to mix the water of the channel and said, “I see that Ms. Omega, the famous computer guru, has decided to join our team, what is a great honor.”

Omega didn't like the way Albatross welcomed him, so she didn't answer. Ogox felt the need to intervene: “dear friend Albatros, may I ask what you're doing with the water?”

"Maybe I'm looking for a tear in the water, maybe it's an entrance door, maybe a big fish. Don't forget I got my name from a sea bird. I regret to see you underestimate my abilities. A talented, leading-spirited android Ogox and the legendary hacker Omega and a small, miserable Albatross unaware of the social rules"

"It takes time for Albatross to get used to the people he just met," Ogox said, as the self-controlled boat enters a narrower canal to the right.

“He's obviously a slightly unbalanced guy.” Omega said. She didn't understand why someone like Albatross had been a member of Being Rights Council.

Albatross got up where he leaned into the water, opened his arms like a heron, stretched, and said, “There's a door in the canal. It opens to underground gateways where we can hide comfortably inside the city and operate without informing anyone. Many opposition groups that serve our purpose are housed in underground passages. If you listen to the noise of the street, you win all the battles. What is spoken on the street is the essence of the work. You can't find them in old books or on hypernet. Don't look at me like that. I wasn't looking for an underground gate with a stick. I was just thinking, mixing water helps me think, so you guys are so perfect, aren't you making any mistakes? It cannot be argued that an entity that does not make mistakes is free.”

"Albatros sometimes makes amazing discoveries, and over time you get used to it." Ogox said to Omega.

“Intellectuals are always looking for hard solutions because they want to show how smart, knowledgeable they are; my job is to find short cuts. There are always easy solutions.” Albatross said, his excitement seemed to be a bit of a relief.

The self-supervised boat entered through the auto-opening door of an old skyscraper. The hall with the high ceiling at the entrance was full of water up to half the height. Ogox and Omega were forced to bend as the boat passed under the giant chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Apparently, there was a suspended floor here before the water was full. The boat went a little further in the hall and stood in front of the railing of the vineyard. Without hesitation, they jumped over the railing and reached the floor of the vine floor. The elevator was new and comfortable in comparison to the ruin of the building they were in. With Ogox's command of “mirrored room”, the elevator quickly accelerated and moved the council members up in a matter of seconds. They walked through a narrow corridor and reached the room where they would meet in a short walk. In the middle of the room there was a crystal ball in the the size of a basketball ball and a round table around it.

“Do we have to have a crystal ball and a round table in every room we meet?” asked Albatross.

Ogox and Omega noticed that the back side of the building looked at the ocean, and they were admiring the blue landscape, stretching towards the horizon.

“I don't like this room. There are mirrors on the walls and on the ceiling. It's full of broken reflections. Can't we just pack up in less gaudy rooms?"Albatros said. Instead of sitting in a chair, he was perched on the table. He jumped into his seat when he felt Ogox's big green eyes. Since the mirrors were placed on the walls and ceilings in long strips and in such a way as to make light angles to each other, the room seemed large, crowded and complex. In the crystal sphere in the center of the table, colorful light dots appeared. The number of dots increased, and brightly colored light dots began to dance in the mirrors.

"What the hell is that?” asked Albatross.

“It is a kind of frequency mixing process to enhance the security of the room." Ogox said.

"Do you have a backup that will come into effect if your body is damaged?" Omega asked.

“My body can easily be renewed, and the copy of the information in my memory is on Plato. It is unclear where my memory ends and where Plato's memory begins, even where Plato's memory ends and where the hypernet begins. In terms of the architecture of my mind, the situation is a bit more complicated. In Plato, the architecture of my mind does not have a complete scheme, there is not even a detailed mapping.” Ogox said.

“I have no idea what you're talking about, and I don't understand how we will benefit in being rights case.” Albatross said. As a gesture, which states that he can no longer stand, he began to turn the seat around him.

“We have no secure communication anywhere outside the unique city, so please tell me if there is anything you want from me until the next meeting." Ogox said.

"I am tired of my lover's nagging, and I want a new lover who will increase my joy with her fiery performance in bed.” Albatross said.

"I would like to ask that the clown, whose name seems to be Albatross, do not attend the next meeting. And of course I demand processor power. The more processor power I have, the better. Doing subtle maneuvers does not always work" Omega said.

“Albatross is not as bad as he looks and the processor power you want will be at hand in a few hours." Ogox answered.

The colored light points within the crystal sphere have been reduced and obscured, while the members of the Entity Rights Council left the mirrored room.

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Regards @muratkbesiroglu

I like this phrase :

“My body can easily be renewed, and the copy of the information in my memory is on Plato. It is unclear where my memory ends and where Plato's memory begins, even where Plato's memory ends and where the hypernet begins. In terms of the architecture of my mind, the situation is a bit more complicated. In Plato, the architecture of my mind does not have a complete scheme, there is not even a detailed mapping.”

It fits to a musician as well? In the Future i mean ... once i did a dna test and after that i've heard that they are cloning the people who did the tests at their laboratory for Mars ... i wonder if i have some clones already :-)

Regards @muratkbesiroglu

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@muratkbersiroglu your imagination and creative level is very high. You practice meditation or something like that?

You can read this essay that I shared creativity tips. The English version is at the bottom.

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waw nice

murat hocam başarılar sizinde oy ve yöntemlerle bizlere destek verme imkanınız varmı bu platformda ?

one is having troubles with nagging problems and other is having problems in bed with lover
This is really a Sci-Fi lover ending and making it look like trouble
Any way i want it to end fast and can't wait for next part as if he finds another lover girl or not :P hahaha



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cary on

Good phrase awesome

muratkbesiroglu, Great Thinking , Where u get this idea?

remembering frozen movie

best chapter