Sci-Fi Novel: The Ultimate Debate - Part 14: Confrontation

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The Ultimate Debate - Presentation
Part 1: Childhood Of Great Master Sun Moi
Part 2: Sun Moi's Test With Ogox
Part 3: Great Destruction
Part 4: The Awakening Of Ogox
Part 5: Unique City
Part 6: Avima's Morning
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Part 8: Agent Omega
Part 9: Conflict
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Part 11: Pierre The Fifth Concert
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Part 13: Cobol's Identity

Part 14: Confrontation

“Dear guests, I would like to discuss the issues of power conversion, intensification and orientation at this ordinary meeting of the Council of the Being Rights, if you find it appropriate.” said Ogox.

“We're going to talk politics, so I don't like it.” Albatross said disguised as James Dean.

"What do you think we're doing? Do you always play games like this during meetings?” Omega said.

“What rage is this," said Albatross, "does being rights not involve the right to roam with the desired disguise?"

Omega acted to say something, then for some reason she gave up.

“History may lead us. It will be appropriate to assess what lessons we can learn from historical examples of power conversion, intensification and orientation.”

“I feel like I'm back in school.” Albatross said. When he felt the fever of Omega's fiery gaze, he did not go further.

“I am going to do a thorough research on historical writings and compile useful information." Ogox said.

“I think I can help you with that."Jin Kai said.

"Then," said Ogox, "I can begin to present the process demonstration that I have prepared to explain the position of our case through various representative characters, if you wish.”

"We wish." said Albatross disguised as James Dean. Other council members have approved Albatross with their heads.

“The problem is,” said Ogox, “we are very weak, and it is a miracle that we are in this position with such a weak structure.”

"I think we're a dream team.” said Agent Omega, her anger seemed to be calm.

There was a huge green field image on the opposite wall. Three human cartoons and three robotic cartoons appeared in the area, sorted from big to small. They were carrying banners written in their hands, ‘I represent a hundred million individuals.’

“Why are some of them big?"Jin Kai asked.

“Those who are more effective because of their social positions or skills are represented in a larger cartoon." Ogox said.

A giant dinosaur appeared alongside human cartoons and representative robots. It seemed like it would crush the robot and the people next to it with its movement, and it had the banner with ‘I represent the 10,000 richest individuals in the world.’

“I hope that dinosaur doesn't stomach the people next to him in the next few minutes.” Albatross said.

The characters who introduced themselves in turn were drawn to the sides of the screen, and the referees dressed in black and white sweaters, similar to the old convicts, entered the field and drew a bright white line in the middle of the green field.

“The faces of some referees are like hyenas, some of them resemble gazelles. “said Omega. “Moreover, there are those whose faces have changed from gazelle to hyena and from hyena to gazelle she added.

“There are those with dog faces, very cute things." Jin Kai said.

Ogox explained: “The referees represent States.” And the spectators rushed into the green field. It was seen that the audience was very cheesy and chatty. They settled in the stands on both sides of the green field.

“These are senior technicians and intellectuals. “said Omega.

“So, it's us."Jin Kai said.

“I'm a man of action, I can't stand yelling from the sidelines, I want to get down on the field, I may look small, but I'm very strong.” Albatross said.

A group of referees under the leadership of the central federation officials have placed a rope perpendicular to the white line in the center of the field. Representative robots and cartoon people lined up on both sides of the white line by grasping the rope.

"We should see the game of rope pulling as an allegory of the being rights case," said Ogox.

Jin Kai asked, "which side should we hold?"

"The left side of the white line is ours," said Ogox.

"The number of ours is much less, I never thought it would be like this."

"Our situation is not very bright, let's start the game and see." said Ogox.

On the big screen, the representative characters on both sides of the white line began to pull the rope; Spectators are watching the game without showing any signs of excitement, the referee warned only the players on the left side to comply with the rules. It was also noticeable that the slope of the pitch was right, but the left side seemed determined to win the game.

"The area is slanted to the right, what kind of game is this?" said Albatross, who replaced James Dean's avatar with his holographic image.

"Thank you for reminding me to express that the slope of the pitch represents general political tendency," said Ogox.

Meanwhile, the dinosaur representing the rich came up to the right side and began to pull the rope from the back of the line. Some of the people on the left who tried to resist with their full their powers were knocked down; the outcome of the event was now a matter of time. Some assistant referees have forgotten that they should appear neutral, and they were openly applauding the intervention of the dinosaur. A few seconds later, the last robot and cartoon people were crawling on the ground and they dragged to the right of the white line. Among the spectators on the right, there were those who stood up and clawed, and regretted that the encounter ended early. Most of the spectators on the left seemed indifferent to the outcome, only a few spectators had taken their heads between their hands.

“We must be those minority audiences, what should we do to change this result, no one has the right to see us down from themselves.” said Omega, she was upset.

Council members relied on Ogox's ability to model real situation, and they knew that the process show they watched was reflecting the truth. After the show ended and the screen was darkened, members of the council began to watch the colorful lights that the crystal sphere was emitting in the meeting room.

Jin Kai broke the silence: "It was a good show, we've seen our situation, so what will we do to change it?"

"My calculations show that even holding our current position is a miracle. You've seen it; Neither the political climate, nor the business world are on our side. We're a minority among ordinary people and robots. Our opponents are not aware of how powerful they are, or it would be impossible to make this meeting here, and I would already be in a junkyard. " said Ogox.

"What are we going to do? It seems to me that things are moving too slow “said Omega.

"We will assess the details in later meetings, but we need to accelerate and replicate what we are doing today. It is also imperative that we find new, effective methods that have never been considered. I wish I could get more support from Plato. "said Ogox.

“We need a better teamwork, just your effort won't be enough."Jin Kai said.

"I wish you all peace, hope to see you at the next meeting." Ogox said.

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nice post,

I have no words, it's just awesome.

one more part wow thats great, keep posting.

Interesting alternative to the usual dream sequence, where the characters will be fed information couched in metaphors. Instead, since the setting is sci-fi already, just have them run a simulation to illustrate their current situation. I like it, the justification is a bit more grounded and further helps build the world.



Another awesome part I enjoyed it....
How can you gave previous parsts link on top of the blog ...?????

its awesome muratkbesiroglu, Sci-Fi is one of my most favourite novelist thanks to share

Size mi ait?

Amazing buddy. Truly worth reading.

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Novel yang sangat bagus

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amazing sci fi

wow it is cool! what is your favorite sci fi novel till date?

Solaris - Stanislaw Lem

Amazing post. Keep it up

Sci-fi: A place where the mind can flourish. A pleasure to read.