Sci-Fi Novel: The Ultimate Debate Part 12: Robot Historian Jin Kai

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The Ultimate Debate - Presentation
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Part 2: Sun Moi's Test With Ogox
Part 3: Great Destruction
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Part 12: Robot Historian Jin Kai

Robot historian Jin Kai was pleased to hear the sound of music in his flat in one of Tianjin's highest towers. The main computer of the flat was programmed to select a random song from the library of over a thousand musical pieces and wake him up with music. He loved the compositions of Tchaikovsky that had a strong emotional effect. As soon as he entered the hall, the lights of the giant aquarium filled with brightly coloured ocean fishes were lit with the music playing. The air was not yet lit up outside. The movements of the fishes were slow and lifeless, like ripples of the algae. From the pipes above the aquarium, he carefully threw bait in different colors into the fish. He liked to feed his fish with his own hands. The fish moved towards the food that exploded like corn when it touched the water. He sat on the stool next to the aquarium and watched the feast of the fish, accompanied by Tchaikovsky music for a while.

And then suddenly, like something came to mind, he got up and headed to the wardrobe in the bedroom. He wore one of his tight-looking, dragon-figure sweatshirts and a tight-fitting tracksuit. Although he was forty-five years old, he had a strong body because of his regular exercise. After finishing his breakfast, he took the elevator of the tower and went upstairs to 143. floor. He had the habit of doing the morning sport on the shoulder-wide beams between the towers. It was a dark, rainy, hazy winter morning. Neither the dusk, nor the ambush and the rain could have stopped him. He liked to walk in almost empty space, like a high rope acrobat. It was difficult to get permission from the tower administration for these walks, but it was worth it. He attached the safety rope to the steel pipe next to the beam and began to walk. When he came into the middle of the beam, he did a variety of yoga movements against the view of the city that lies ahead. From the beam to the beam, he continued his journey between the towers. From time to time he stopped and watched the skyline of the city, which began to illuminate, looking at towers and skyscrapers, temples, suburban neighborhoods that seemed to be stacked on top of each other. Looking away, it was as if he wanted to unravel the mystery of the city and the tens of millions of people living in it. Of course, the world wasn't just Tianjin, but the energy of being renovated and transformed over the last fifty years, the trail of all kinds of extremism, crime, innocence and innovation seemed to be in the silhouette of the city. On the way back, a red sun showed its face through clouds like a black tulle. Jin Kai gratefully greeted the first light of the sun that struck his face with the coolness of the morning. He sat confidently against the sun and was pleased to have stored all the spiritual energy needed, returned to his apartment.

He started his work by reading his own research entitled “The role of carbon-based new generation joints in the expansion of carer robots.”. He opened the article to hypernet, thinking he did a good job. He took a tour of the room with pleasure and watched the fish in the aquarium for a while. It was time for his book, which would explain the negative economic and social consequences of restrictions on robots. This book was pushing him too hard. Because he knew the issue was vital, he was looking for ways to express his thoughts effectively, but he didn't know where to begin. He has written dozens of books, reviews, articles, and prepared lots of teaching files, holographic animations and process shows with professional media teams throughout his career. He felt that he had mastered the subject and the possible methods of transfer his experience, but he was having a hard time concreting the project. He witnessed the recent development of robots, with regret that robot development has stopped and even started to decline in some areas. He thought that his book could be useful for removing or at least softening the prohibitions imposed on the groundless fears. But he couldn't start. In despair, he began to check incoming messages.

When he started reading the message of a robot named Ogox, he received a video call. He confirmed the call. Ogox's face appeared on the screen.

“How can I help you?"Jin said. He wondered the intent of this android, who was brave enough to call a man he didn't know.

"Hello, Mr. Kai, my name is Ogox, I was manufactured by Sun Moi before the great destruction. Do you think there's a need to do something to improve robot rights?"

Jin Kai was thrilled, he was facing with one of the few elite androids operating independently on earth, realizing he had missed them.

"Of course I do, but how?" Jin said.

“Writing books is not enough, there is a need for a multi-faceted struggle." Ogox said.

"Are you sure?" Jin asked. He began to feel why he couldn't start the book.

"Historical data shows that ideas that are not backed with the power of an influential organization can not be implemented , and if you wish, I can show it."

"No, it's okay."Jin said. He couldn't create his book, because he knew his impact would be limited to the result.

“I would like you to provide advisory support to the movement for asset rights." Ogox said.

“What makes you think I could volunteer to join a team like this? The academic studies I'm conducting take my time, and you can't imagine how hard it is to write history."Jin said.

"If you are located next to those who guide history, you can capture the critical aspects of the historical process and the crucial points. You gave us a lot of work. For those who are engaged in the android design business, for those who wonder what direction the robot technology is evolving, for those who investigate which of the artificial intelligence elements has the greatest development potential, you have prepared a very large interactive information files that become the keynote books. I thought that a you would not want to watch an entity class with extraordinary growth potential becomes unable to breathe. Of course we are willing to pay a full fee for your service." Ogox said.

Jin Kai took a deep breath and said “You're really good, these are not hypernet-compiled sentences."

“May I assume you agree to join?" Ogox asked.

“I don't want to make a promise I can't keep, can I reflect your image on my wall?"Jin asked.

"Of course, but my image does not reflect my personality." Ogox said. It was the image of a legendary CYC-bodied home service robot that was reflected on the wall of the room. Robot design critics have suggested that the rough appearance of the CYC gives people confidence, and that the short and thick body supports balanced posture and load carrying capacity.

"You don't seem to like my look “ Ogox said by lying his head slightly side by side.

"I think you're using this body to hide yourself" Jin said.

“My creator, Sun Moi, taught me in this trunk, and I don't know if I would have changed if we were living in more free times." Ogox said.

"Thank you for trusting me, I'm a man who's too busy to be able to exchange my time with money. I'll ask for time to think. I don't want to give you hope, but if my assessment is positive, I might be able to allocate two hours a week to the team"

“Thank you for listening to me. When making your decision, I ask you to consider that during the consulting process, you will receive valuable information that can shed light on your work. I'il be looking forward to hear the news from you." Ogox said.


You are a great writer. I read and followed each of your posts. It is very interesting to read this article. In this article, each character is beautifully presented. Especially the robot historian jin kai character has emerged as the real venerable character of society. The story structure of the story is very beautiful and every speech has been alive. Thank you for sharing the post.

Reading this Story
People all over the world are working on ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE to make robots very human friendly and replacing the daily workers with robots and machines.
Robots can do the same work as humans but much faster and efficiently and can do the same work in less time.
But the daily wager people are losing their livelihood because of that.

You've explained the view point of human and robots here.
Your work is really beautiful.

Stay blessed.

Very Very Nice Post👏
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The picture of the scenes shows a beautiful view of photography. The picture that can be painted with color of human imagination seems to be more natural. The painting is no longer in color and color. Photography is also limited to camera frames. Like technology and rich imagination of human imagination.

hocam valla harika ellerinize sağlık, Ogox adamdır :D

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Your article are awesome. I will read it's all series..

Cool post :)

And I have to read one more time again, there was something very interesting here.


Hey ... it is very good .... I hope you make more soon.

I will do my best🙂

Awesome post

this is definitely imaginary story of a robot by the name Ogox, Jin is writer and Ogox is explaining jin why he is not successful as a writer.Looking forward for more new stories

really very nice

I think you have great knowledge about Sci-Fi...good post..Thanks for sharing this post...
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You are crazy. Write a real book :D

I have written several books already. What do you mean by "real book"?

Good evening Sir , Part 12 is also intresting .

It is the genre I write. You should not expect anything else.

@muratkbesiroglu thats great man. I will support you.

beautiful the contrast of the sun with the clouds over that city.
And with the background scratching as if wanting to touch the sun, impressive ...

Thank you

In my humble opinion you should write a book and publish it in different parts. A lot of talent to share

Great story I don't stop to read it again because there is something interesting usual like this part also😃😃😃


You are a great story write I liked it.. Keep it up..:)

Your each post have something new something extraordinary.We wait for your post.Thank you for making this place awesome with your writing

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Beautiful work and a fascinating premise. Thanks for sharing!

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