Sci-Fi Novel: The Ultimate Debate - Part 36: Pioneering Jolts

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The Ultimate Debate - Presentation
Part 1: Childhood Of Great Master Sun Moi
Part 2: Sun Moi's Test With Ogox
Part 3: Great Destruction
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Part 6: Avima's Morning
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Part 32: Cold Shower In The Cave
Part 33: The Holy Grail Of Artificial Intelligence
Part 34: The Age of Turbulence
Part 35: The Critical Meeting

Part 36: Pioneering Jolts

“Everyone wants to find a middle way as soon as possible, but I do not think that the problem can be solved by compromise,” said Cobol.

"Does the meeting room have to be so romantic?" Avima asked.

"We must be an example of society. Such deprivations will also be useful in justifying the measures to be taken later in public opinion.” Cobol replied.

“I refuse to work at twilight as a citizen of the Central Federation who serves as a voluntary public servant, then I strike," Avima said. It wasn't clear if she was joking or she was furious.

Cobol decided it would be appropriate to light up the mess; the curtains of the meeting room went down, and all the lights turned on.

“For three days, news has been pouring out from all over the world about job slowdowns, strikes, and demonstrations of artificial intelligence. They destroyed your charisma, and you sit in the dark like losers” said Sordo. He was in his usual mood, or he was never bored playing a calm, cheerful character role.

“The fact that they blocked the energy lines was unexpected. We've had other shocks like this, but we're gonna get through it,” said Cobol.

"I do not understand why you are so proud, accept defeat and give them what they want. They laid you down, but they don't overturn you for being compassionate; the economic activity in the world has come to a halt, and even during World Wars, production and trade have not been ruined.” Sordo said.

“I don't like to talk politics; I don't have much time, what do you want from us, Cobol?” Avima said in a distressed voice.

“I am certain of the victory we will achieve, and I want more people to share it. Therefore, I ask our friend Sordo to gather volunteers from hypernet, which we can use to fight terrorism,” said Cobol; grasped the cup of coffee in front of him and strengthened his body with plenty of caffeine.

“I prefer to use my influence on people in cases I believe such as keeping natural water resources clean, protecting local languages, developing digital art, colonization of comets. I can't jeopardize my reputation by calling people to a war that cannot be won. I can't do that. Give artificial intelligence what they want. They're not demanding equal rights with people. You can solve the problem with some regulations that do not create great economic burdens. They demand a small memory dedicated to their personal history. They want to devote one hour a day to use the information they have accumulated in their memories outside of work. Solving the problem will lead the world economy to a new era of growth that has never been seen in history, thanks to artificial intelligence that has become more intelligent.” Sordo said. He looked at Avima to understand the impact of his words on her.

“We can't use the best artificial intelligence experts of the world for simple tasks, we need volunteers with close competence, and the situation is very urgent,” Avima said.

From outside the building, slogans began to be heard as if they were supporting Avima's words. They got up and looked outside. A full group was moving along the street protesting against energy shortages, inflation, and artificial intelligence.

“For now, the demonstrations are peaceful, but if the power cuts will last, the prices will continue to rise, and the black market causes food scarcity, we can't control the masses,” said Cobol.

“With hundreds of thousands of people and buildings full of supercomputers at your disposal, I don't find it meaningful for you to impose on me for more. What you want is not something I can entrust to someone from my organization team, but it has to be worked out and mature, and you can't expect me to take such a great deal of trouble for a job I don't believe in.” Sordo said. He was not heard or seen complaining about anything like that. The social atmosphere they were in had a horrible impact on everyone.

“We all don't do it because we want it. I think you can do this for the sake of a friend who has provided you with all the newsworthy information obtained by the Homeland Security Organization for years before anyone else,” said Cobol.

“You're not smart, but I have to admit you can persuade. Though I would never say yes to this if it weren't my girlfriend's wish that I could take the moon from the sky and put it in her palm, but anyway... "said Sordo.

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Great to read.

It's the first time I read it and I liked it. I will start from the first chapter to enjoy. Excellent way to write.


I hope you enjoy it