Sci-Fi Novel: The Ultimate Debate - Part 3: Great Destruction

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The Ultimate Debate - Presentation
Part 1: Childhood Of Great Master Sun Moi
Part 2: Sun Moi's Test With Ogox
Part 3: Great Destruction

Since I spent my live in the summer and winter, day and night, watching, recording and transmitting developments about robots; they have meaning far beyond what they express to you. I'm not talking about a god-given, no-good, abstract love. I am talking about the potential to take the next level of world civilization, which we have created by breast-raising diseases, wars, natural disasters and more, with our own hands, throughout the generations. I'm not sure I'm the best person to describe the history of the great destruction. However, human beings, by duty, can be able to perform heartbreaking work. I don't want to be misunderstood. The agony I feel when I write these lines does not prevent me from wanting to write about the great destruction. On the contrary, I think it's more appropriate to tell the great destruction by someone who knows how artificial intelligence has been brought out by engineers and designers with great effort for decades. I'm just worried about the magnitude of pain that I'm going to have to endure because of telling what is happening with all its nudity and with the diligence of a historian. Of course, everyone can do as much as they can. I know it is impossible for me to tell you about the history of artificial intelligence and mobile robots with a few pages of text. Therefore, most of you will not be able to comprehend why the sorrow of the great destruction in me is so profound. I will try to make things come alive in your mind without distracting you, as much as I can and with all my impartiality. After this long introduction of personal assessments, I will begin to convey the history of the so-called "great destructon" without further ado.

Today, apart from a few countries in the Middle East, Africa and the Far East, all the world countries live together in peace thanks to the Central Federation. It may seem incredible today, but once in some parts of the Central Federation, elite androids and elite agents on hypernet had the right to acquire property, buy and sell goods and services, and contract. It was discussed that the exercise of these rights, which I mentioned, would be generalized and spread throughout the Central Federation. In Northern Europe, even digital-based autonomous entities could vote in several countries. These rights granted to digital-based autonomous entities were not only a blessing, but also an arrangement to improve their performance in their working life. These entities were encouraged to participate more and more in the decision-making process of companies. In fact, companies that have more initiatives for digital-based beings have grown or survived in the process by providing increased productivity. Digital-based entities, including elite androids, used the memory and processor power they leased through the hypernet, as well as electricity to maintain their activity, and charged for the job they have done. They have not yet had permission to set up a company in their own name, but there were few androids that established shell companies through humans.

This new role that artificial intelligence has undertaken in the community has led to excitement and optimism in daily life, similar to the way we went into space in the 1960s. The achievements of artificial intelligence have been a source of inspiration for many people, and many innovations have emerged in art and social life. Young people had begun to shake the foundations of the established order again after nearly a century. After the emergence of new forms of intelligence, shouldn't religions, governments, families and big companies have radically changed? A significant majority of artificial intelligence did not find it right to allocate resources in the economy over the existing capital accumulation. Like all the rising new classes, they argued that the transfer of resources to those who would use them most effectively would radically increase total value production. The legal problems created by androids and artificial intelligence agents operating on hypernet were an important agenda item of the media. When an artificial intelligence became legally a ‘real person’, when it was considered to have died and thus lost its personal rights? Who would have been its heir, how would it be punished when it violated someone else's rights, or how would it compensate for the damage? All these legal problems were solved in a way, and various rights were granted to androids by reference to human and animal rights in different countries of the Central Federation.

Although the color and economic efficiency of artificial intelligence brought into everyday life in developed societies were appreciated by certain groups, there was no consensus on this issue. In fact, the voices of those who approached the issue negatively, and those who listed the risks and threats posed by artificial intelligence, were more aggressive, and they found a wider audience in the media.

Similar to the idea that witchcraft caused epidemics, in the middle ages, chronic unemployment, the biggest problem on a global scale was being tied to artificial intelligence. The keyword used by being rights opponents was ‘preventive intervention'. The opponents argued that it was necessary to intervene before it was too late, or that all social control would be in the hands of robots. Some even went further and suggested that after a certain period of time mankind would become slaves of robots.

Two waves that could trigger social change were on top of each other. On the one hand, two-thirds of the global capital being gathered in fifty million people, which constitute only half the percentage of the world's population of ten billion. On the other hand, there was the android threat to mask this fact and intimidate the masses. Artificial beings, of course, had the potential to be as dangerous as humans. In the current situation, however, they did not commit any offence due to strict supervision over them, and they did not harm people in accordance with their will except for few events that were constantly heated and brought to the attention of society. People were hurting people again. In spite of the enormous potential they had, artificial beings had little say in the world at the time of the great destructon. Black propaganda began to run like a clock, the wheels of the established counter were slowly spinning.

Arguments for the threat of unemployment, chaos and slavery of artificial intelligence have often begun to be processed. Anyone who believes in democracy, open society and pluralism cannot, of course, object to the public debate of social problems which have gained a political character. Of course, being rights is not taboo, and it is perfectly normal to have opponents. The worst part of the black propaganda that led to the great destruction was that it was coordinated by a kind of lobby that included some officials within the Central Federation. The opposition to the being rights has been developed within the framework of a fiction and planned rather than being defended with the right of his wrist and honestly as any political opinion in the so-called public sphere, and with the support of the supporters ' media groups. It has become a dominant opinion in the majority of the society. While this activity was being carried out, representatives of authorities and institutions did not hesitate to lie freely.

In this context, let us reevaluate the twin attacks of Madrid and Paris, one of the events that prepared the great destruction. As it will be remembered, the Corpora organization, benefitting from the authority gap in the Middle Eastern countries outside the Central Federation, programmed three teams of five androids by breaking down their operating systems to implement a brutal attack. They not only eliminated the two control layers of the androids, which are at the top of the standard software hierarchy, to prevent them from damaging people, but also trained them in the direction that it was legitimate to harm people. Their mission was to make mass slaughter in London, Madrid and Paris on New Year's Eve. They've been illegally smuggled into target countries like ordinary androids to serve home. The trucks used by the members of the organization to move them to the squares of New Year's Eve celebrations. The decision, the intention and the will belonged to Corpora. Although all of them have undergone the same standard education since they began to perceive the world, and all of them have been subjected to complete isolation by the organization from the beginning, some androids have realized that what they are doing is wrong. There was no attack in London. They went and surrendered to the police in a team with their guns. In Paris, two Android, just after the other team members started shooting at the Christmas crowd, realized the mistake and tried to stop their friends, but they couldn't stop the tragedy. In Madrid, one of the androids had been trained for it for years and has been clearly instructed, did not shoot at the crowd. These tragic attacks on the use of androids have provided the opportunity to intimidate the masses against their right of freedom.

This event was used to provoke the public against artificial intelligence. Through the concept of free will, all artificial intelligence beings were condemned. The question was asked: Why did the androids in Paris and Madrid not report the initiative to the police like those in London? This issue has been handled continuously. It was ignored that the concepts of ‘free will’ and ‘conscience’ could not be achieved with the influence of bad conditions and wrong examples, especially in adult people. In the age of mass unemployment and inequality of distribution of income, the sought-after sinners were finally found. This tragedy has created such an appropriate environment for the public to be convinced of the restriction of the being rights. The attacks were claimed to have been related of the opponents of the rights of existence within the Central Federation. It's hard to prove the accuracy or the error of such claims. However, I do not believe that Central Federation security organization is promoting or organizing attacks. They may not have taken the initiative to prevent the attacks, even though they have received intelligence, because I think they must have infiltrated an effective and dangerous organization like Corpora. As a result, they have masterfully used this important material to reach their political goals.

No matter how much effort is being made to scare the masses, in the 21st century, at least in developed countries where Central Federation has ruled, it is not so easy to implement prohibitions and restrictions. Street movements, whether legitimate or moral, or illegitimate or vulgar, are effective in achieving political results. Protests began to be organized in many capitals where the Central Federation ruled. The mainstream media, controlled by the rich, presented these demonstrations with an exaggerated excitement, was astonished by the opponents of the order. The demonstrations, which began initially as a response to unemployment, turned into platforms where many social demands were expressed within a few days. In many areas, such as women's rights, environmental issues, transparency, quality of education, and direct political participation, the groups in the squares were demanding, but only mass unemployment and associated androids were highlighted. In some squares, violent interventions by policemen and androids commissioned by the Federation and tactics used by provocateurs involved in the demonstrators to incite violence were fruitful. In many capitals, the squares returned to fire and the number of dead in the clashes rose rapidly. The ongoing turmoil has brought the economies of developed countries whose balances are already on the back of the knife to the brink of the crisis. Anyone who understands more or less about politics know that fascism grows when the chaos in social life exceeds a certain threshold. The draft constitutional amendment, which radically restricts the rights of andriods while extending the coverage of unemployment insurance and increasing the amount of payment, was brought on the agenda with the support of the central media. The fact that the restriction of being rights and the expansion of unemployment insurance coverage were included in the same package serves two purposes: it reinforces the perception that there was a strong causation link between the androids and unemployment, and the bitter drug of prohibitions and restrictions was flavored with a populist sugar from the increase in unemployment payments. Unfortunately, this operation, which was successfully carried out has been successfully completed.

Those who have accumulated anger for artificial intelligence for years and those who are looking for easy profit have started their actions before the constitutional changes have come to life. A small number of property belonging to a small number of elite androids were confiscated without permission even to receive their personal property. Thousands of elite androids around the world have been harassed in public space for intimidation and humiliation, and many elite android has been completely destroyed. The memory of artificial intelligence agents operating on hypernet, their trading quotas, sites, brands, bank accounts were confiscated, and they started to work in exchange for limited memory and processors that would not allow them to develop themselves in any way. Disrupting the order of artificial intelligence and violating its rights has been a development that has shaken the world economy. The year of the great destruction, the world economy shrank by eight percent, and thousands of companies have gone bankrupt. The growth of the economic disaster is prevented by the money that circulated within the framework of unemployment payments turning to consumption. Since the amount of memory and processor that artificiall intelligent entities will use over a certain period of time has been capped by law, this newly developing intelligence has been successfully interrupted - at least for a certain period of time.

I hope that the I was able to fully explain the story of 'great destruction' that caused great trouble to artificially intelligent beings

Jin Kai - Robot Historian

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and for all these there is a better solution..


they have a better plan for a better world ...

please try checking ...

Great story. I like the premise of artificial intelligence being the victims here of a conspiracy. Catastrophic future never looked so real and imminent.
"human beings, by duty, can be able to perform heartbreaking work."
I could not agree more. History show us that human beings seem to be at odds when things are normal, peaceful. It is as if we needed conflict and destruction to feel motivated to go on
"Street movements, whether legitimate or moral, or illegitimate or vulgar, are effective in achieving political results"
This is true as long as repression does not outpower street protests. It happened successfully in Venezuela in 1958, but it failed miserably recently.
"fascism grows when the chaos in social life exceeds a certain threshold"
this is probably the scariest line. Precisely because it reminded me of my country and if things continue the way they are now, fascism may be our next stop. That's a scary thought.
Great work.

well the world is in complete control under the 10% elite ... and the rest with miserable minds are taking us towards destruction ...

You are right. It's quite ironic that this 10% or so, which makes me think of "the talented tenth" concept W.E.B Du Bois popularized in the early 20th century, was meant to uplift the rest of the oppressed population.

its actually simple ... they control money ... so no matter how successful you are they can always buy us freely ...

as someone said-give me the control of money of nation i don't bother who makes the rules ...

the moment federal reserve came into existence the phase of history has been changed ... industrial revolution was an advantage to all those bankers ...

Very true. Corporate money rules. Next war may be caused by taxes that affects corporate interests. People have died for their gods, their land, why not for their favorite brands?

LOL YEAH ...but blockchain will make some difference than the world we were following ... taxes ... they may raise to 50 to 65 % in next 3 to 4 years of time ..

and its the youth and the students who has to take interest in politics to raise for power ... but they are being distracted big time ... in many colleges they even removed college student elections ...

  ·  last year (edited)

Are these college students elections related to student groups who do politics and train leaders to represent students interests before authorities?
In Venezuela the government neutralized that entity too. They managed to put in those positions students who were bought out by the government to make sure that the student movement would be dormant and no anti government protests would ensue.
At the same time, a generalized unofficial anti intellectual policy has been implemented to keep youth wasting their time playing, watching tv or reading crap in the social networks. Their lives gravitate around that.
SO, no prospect of counter revolution in the mid term.

true .. ironically they have neutralized everywhere ... as they clear know that student and youth revolutions affect their sick power ...
as you said they are all being distracted big time and being programmed to either work for corporations or waste their time in junk stuff ...

by the way very nice meeting you mate ...

Excellent Post as always @muratkbesiroglu. It makes us see that we are not that far from this reality, that we used to see as unattainable 20 years ago, only in movies. I do the dimensioning because there is a robot called Sophia, which was manufactured by the Japanese company Hanson Robotics, which works with artificial intelligence, and that not only interacts with human beings, but expresses thoughts such as 'I want to live and work with humans, so I need to express emotions to understand humans and build trust with people. 'The vision of Isaac Asimov with his science fiction work 'The Bicentennial Man' makes us see that human beings are the true cause of the problems of our society, and that an artificial intelligence is capable of differentiating humanity, slavery, prejudice, maturity, intellectual freedom, conformity , sex, love and death, it makes us unimaginable, a total aberration.

lol in a deeper sense .. yeah i think humans are not even supposed to exist ... and a fictitious thought sometimes i think we are deported from some where we messed up ...

but in reality ... we are being programmed from many centuries ... in all kinds of idiotic ways ...

and our worst programmers are our parents and the teachers... cant blame them they were programmed with stupidity by their forefathers...

we are programmed to believe in myths than logics,
survive than thrive

and the poverty always makes us surrender as we wont get enough nutrition supply to brains which effects our critical thinking ... and rewrites the pathways of our brains ...

@muratkbesiroglu I think you have written this article very well and very easily able to convey your message to us.
I am living in a country, whose population is around 1.3 billions. We are facing unemployment and corruption in India. So, for a country like India it is very difficult to decide whether we should occupie Artificial Intelligence or not.
Don't you think occupying AI or not occupying AI will be biggest question for country like India?

mate this system is screwed ... and it got screwed to a limit that it cannot be repaired ... only a redesign is the solution

try checking @thevenusproject

more than any other problems, we have human problems ...

I think it will be a global problem including India.

I don't find any country with very large population and less area. We people cannot expand our Industry to produce more employment.

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Have u tried this??

I couldn't understand what you mean. It is a fictional story

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@muratkbesiroglu yes you were completely able to make us understand the story. Will there be a part 4 ?

All parts are written and published in Turkish. I translate 1 or 2 parts to English and publish each day.

@muratkbesiroglu Great !! Can you please upvote my comment ? It will help me to grow

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Nice post. ...I need your up votes pls

great post buddy. Part 1 and 2 was a bit better. But this one is also good.

Wow Sir, today you have presented another explosive novel before us. That was very interesting and it was very fun reading it. Thank you, Sir, to present such wonderful novels in front of us.



In the TV serie "WESTWORLD", a human woman tells a robot, something like: "you won´t beat us, you are just a machine with a program...", and the robot (also a woman, called Dolores) reply: "we know now what we are, but about programing, you all humans has proven that you are much more easier to program than us...". That made me think, who is really the robot in our human kind history?

Sen harikasın ya valla bu azim çok güzel birşey :) bende günlük yazmaya calışyıorum inşallah senin seviyene gelirim :) Gelişme konusunda bir kaç sorum olucak discord adresin felan varmı birkaç birşey sorucam

Discord adresim muratkbesiroglu#9568

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plz upvote

So do you also think that by creating all these artificial intelligence and new technology we are creating a deeper and deeper grave for ourselves?

And what are steps that we should be taking to help ourselves from this dilemma?

The novel is just about the questions you asked. I discussed these in the following parts

This world is in the hands of the great creator who is guiding all aspects. His creation exists everywhere in the world. The world has created night and day for the creation of animals. They have provided food to save them. To make this world beautiful, the sun's rays did not equal all the space. Where the hard ice cover again and where is the solid hot His creation has given rivers, rivers, seas, mountains, and mountains to the world. We're more of a bad man than his honest use. We are destroying his creation today. We are destroying ourselves, we give God. We've committed more crime. Thank you very much. Mind Blowing .PicsArt_07-01-06.50.33.jpg

An excellent work. I have learn a lot from it. I Follow you my friend . You are free to follow me too. it is an extraordinary work. keep going.

nice post. take a look on my stuff @nitin512


Have you also thought of an alternative version of it?

What kind of alternative?

I meant any other ending then this, this is trending these days, like what if this not the way it should end, you know any other possibilities then this. You can write something related to that.

que bella historia

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I love to read fantasy novels but this is also a good story can I share this?

have you tried greek yogurt?

Is that true!!

It is fiction

and no matter how efficient the robots become there is a on/off switch to it always ... technology is meant to ease our lives ... other than the stupid thought of robots taking control of our lives ..

in the real scenario its the humans which does that all the time ...


Hey, can you please tell me how to center the text. I don't see it in the editor. Thank you.