Sci-Fi Novel: The Ultimate Debate - Part 16: The Port Abandoned by The Ocean

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The Ultimate Debate - Presentation
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Part 2: Sun Moi's Test With Ogox
Part 3: Great Destruction
Part 4: The Awakening Of Ogox
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Part 16: The Port Abandoned by The Ocean

In the Unique City, on the waterfront of the Old Port, abandoned years ago, they were walking slowly between the rusty huge cranes and the rotted containers. Albatross was proud to guide Ogox and Omega on the way to the place where they held their secret meetings with a black cloak on his back.

“In this part of the city that even Satan has forgotten, let alone the rest of what we are talking about, it will not even be known that we have come together. “he said, by checking his slightly airbrushed cloak.

“I don't think Satan can find a better place to expose his evil." said Omega. The rain that falls thin down the hills, despite the daytime weather is almost as dark as the night, and the colors of the purple clouds in the sky are reflected in the puddles on the waterfront. As the soldier boots on the foot went through the puddles, Omega pointed at the wreckage of the ship on the rocks, where once seemed to be an ocean bed, and said, “the ocean has left here and fled far away.”

"You like to dramatize things," said Albatross.

“I don't like you for some reason, little man. I'm keeping an eye on you" said Omega.

“Don't be so arrogant, little lady, don't look down on this city and me as well. This was once a place where the heart of the world beats, and when you weren't born, I was walking through the streets of this city and knowing about life and people.” Albatross said.

The dark clouds of purple in the sky suddenly lit up with the light of a giant forked lightning. Before long, there was a noise as if the ground was splitting. Albatross and Omega reluctantly bowed their heads forward and squeezed their steps. After a short silence, it began to rain as if it had been falling from the glass. Because of the sudden rain, it was dark, and they almost couldn't see each other. Ogox took a torch out of his pocket and lit up his way.

“It would be nice to have our meeting at the captain pavilion of the giant tanker, sitting on those rocks. Then the devil would not dare come and listen to us." said Omega.

“Although you don't like me, I admire your courage, young lady.” Albatross said, correcting his cloak to cover his shoulders exactly.

They entered the deserted building, which seems to have been built to observe the activity in the harbor. “Albatross's friends have visited this place before,” said Omega. In addition to the furniture inside the building, which was illuminated by their torch, the elevator and the stairlifts were stolen.

"I grew up in an aristocratic environment. Sometimes the task forces me to deal with rude people like you." Albatross said in a calm tone. They started to climb the stairs with no railings, taking care to stay on the wall side. The graffiti on the walls and the ceiling were painted with red color. On the fifth floor Albatross stood in front of a locked iron door. He put his freckled little hand on the dusty black plate on the wall. Albatross entered through the opening door, which was a well-furnished, spacious room opposite the rest of the building. Albatross proudly sat in the high-arched seat in front of the spacious window that dominates the port.

"It seems that this was once the office of the harbor manager," said Ogox.

Omega approached the window and looked out. The rain continued, although it reduced its intensity. There was a new lightning in the sky, and cranes in the dark were like a ghost, and ships sitting on land were illuminated. It was the ocean far away in the light of the flashing lightning, which was more frightening than ships and cranes. It was like the ocean would rise again and swallow the abandoned port with the bubbling waves on it. Omega sat on one of the seats in front of the office table where Albatross was sitting with great pleasure and said, “I want a virtualized processor power that can act as a supercomputer when necessary. My system must be able to act like hundreds of thousands of different personal devices when needed. I can get it easily with theft, but I think we shouldn't take unnecessary risks.”

“I understood the need and sent a new user name and password to your mobile computer. It is possible to increase this capacity over time, but I find it useful to grow in a controlled manner. For the time being, we just need to get and store the passwords and try to keep the keys for the doors we open. It may be useful to focus on systems that contain keys to other systems that can have a chained effect. It is also useful to work on physical devices such as air, sea and land vehicles. If this is carried out with a team, maybe it can proceed faster, but let's see what you can do to ensure confidentiality at the first stage.”

"In the unique city, there is an abandoned gold mine in the basement of a skyscraper on the edge of the main canal.” Albatross said.

“There's no lie you won't say to draw attention and make yourself look important." said Omega.

“I'm not talking to you because of your low-level behavior, young lady. My words were directed at my old friend Ogox. Yeah, I'm talking about a modern gold mine. I don't know if you consider a facility where almost half of the world population's genetic information is stored. Oh, come on, little lady, do you think my friend Ogox can be fooled? Here is the opportunity presented in the golden tray. Instead of saying thank you, you complain like kids. And you're said to be a golden generation of intelligence. What a generation it is!” Albatross said.

Ogox, with his usual coolness, said, “aren't you a little too hard on our dear friend Albatross? I think he presents us an attractive opportunity.”

“In a city in which I am a foreigner, I have to spend a lot of time in order to take advantage of a system that I do not know" said Omega.

“I can take over this job, if the system is operational, if it needs to be repaired, if the energy needs are resolved." Ogox answered.

“If we make the necessary payments to the necessary people, the system will be ok.” Albatross said.

"How much commissions do you get from trading? Make sure the dark men you're dealing with don't kill you around the corner." said Omega.

It was like she was testing the limits of Albatross's patience. The brow of Albatross was creased, and the pale blue veins on his forehead and temple became apparent.

"When you play with the factory settings of a baby, such imbalanced species emerge. Ogox, my friend, I beg of you, do not engage me with such freaks again " Albatross said.

“You say you know the streets well, but you get angry like a kid who just left his mother's knee, and I don't mean to upset you or humiliate you, but you have a secret that I'm trying to solve.” Omaga said.

“I'm not young enough to engage in secrets, mysteries, and other idiotic things, little lady, perhaps you don't realize it, but we are on the same side, we strive for a sacred purpose. Even if you don't respect me, be respected for our purpose.” Albatross said, confirming in his seat. For the first time, Ogox saw him becoming so serious.

“Okay, okay, I get it." said Omega.

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