Sci-Fi Novel: The Ultimate Debate - Part 19: The Day the Earth Stood Still

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The Ultimate Debate - Presentation
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Part 19: The Day the Earth Stood Still

Avima Warren has not yet been able to do her morning sport and breakfast, aside from her epic morning care. She was on her way to the company with her supersonic motorcycle, as the right-hand man, Matthew Brown sent “come to the company immediately" message.

The dark sky was lit up gradually as she moved to the center building of Iron Tiger company outside the city from her mansion. There was nobody outside except for the garbage vending machines that clean the sidewalk. She came up to the door of her room with her motorcycle using disabled ramps as she did all the time when she was in a hurry. The genius twins Matthew and Michael Brown, who were loyal assistants, were waiting for Avima at the door of the office, with their smiles that they had never been missing from their faces.

"I scanned the news on the way, it looks like there is nothing extraordinary," she said when she took off the helmet.

“There is no event yet, but we have strong doubts that it will happen. Let's have a breakfast first" said Matthew.

They entered the spacious office room of Avima resembling a fear tunnel with high ceilings. They stood next to the oval working table, walking in rapid steps on the fire-red carpet. Avima smiled gladly when she saw the breakfast, which included the walnut, the sun-dried apricot and fresh mint included prepared for her. It was understood that the chef in the mansion was called and asked about her preferences.

"You guys won't eat, just me?" asked Avima.

"We had breakfast while we were waiting for you, coffee is enough for us" Matthew said.

The service android waiting in the front of the table filled their coffees.

"There was a strange activity on the hypernet that looked like the one before the great destruction" Michael said. As the complexity of the issues increased, he was more enthusiastic to talk.

“Are we talking about preparation for a mobilization, will there be a war?" Avima asked.

There were thoughts in her mind about how to turn a possible crisis into an opportunity.

"Our information retrieval unit, which explores the relationship of all kinds of data on the world through market movements, has made a determination. Electricity consumption of computer processors are above the average values around the world, from 3:00 a.m. to the local time. There is a global preparation, but interestingly, there is no company or federal state that we can address this preparation. I don't want to name it as a coincidence, because I never believe coincidences in the global plan and on a large scale. In the past, when the computers worked at full capacity to contain electrical energy, we encountered a dramatic event. And dramatic events are almost never good news. Today I advise you to avoid risk and to turn to risk-free assets in financial markets. It may be among the options to get some of the publicly available Iron Tiger stocks that we know are fed from such tense environments, "said Michael.

“Has anyone noticed this strange situation before us? Is there a decline in asset prices in European markets?" Avima asked. The more she drank her coffee, the more energetic she became.

"No apparent action," Michael said.

"I approve of what you propose. Let's apply it without losing a minute, "said Avima.

Matthew looked at his pocket computer and said, "activists have cut ways in big cities."

They all stood up and crossed over to the other side of the big oval table. Avima touched the table with her finger. On the world map, the red stock market indices appeared on far east metropolises, including Tokyo, Osaka, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Seoul, with close to ten percent losses.

Avima put the right hand fingertips together and touched Tokyo on the map, then opened the finger tips. The top of the table turned into a screen showing the images of a nine-split traffic camera. On the screen, there were lines of vehicles running for miles on the highways around the city. Due to the connection routes, it was obvious that urban traffic was also affected by the situation on the highways. They closed Tokyo's traffic cams and looked at the mainland of China, and the situation was even worse in these cities where land transport took place. Self-controlled trucks disrupted road traffic, fast trains stopped due to problems in signaling. Avima brought an image of the news programs to the table-screen. Food prices have already increased dramatically worldwide, which could lead to massive riots in poor areas outside the central federation.

“Is there any chance that the androids we produce will be hacked?" Avima asked.

“They're not as vulnerable as vehicles. They didn't get all their self-supervised truck and van models. Three or five remain on the road to block traffic. Problems with remote-controlled semi-autonomous air transport vehicles also increase the anxiety. We will, of course, review all of our software to prevent such external leaks." Matthew said.

“Now the critical question is whether it will deepen or not,” Avima muttered.


Since it was understood that the work would be extended, the rest of the breakfast of Avima was removed from the oval table and a few of the company executives were invited to attend the meeting around the oval table. In the dim room of Avima's with high ceilings, they were looking carefully at the giant screen, where a light in each side was blinking, like a sacred altar that would whisper the hidden truths to them. On this giant screen divided into several sections, Avima saw Cobol Wenders with an infinity mark on his forehead, holding the image up. Growing into a hologram, central federation security chief Cobol Wenders was preparing to a speech in front of members of the press with a smile.

“I don't like this guy, but let's see what he has to say." Avima said.

Cobol's hologram began to speak with a dramatic facial expression: “as reflected in the public knowledge on the hypernet today, in the morning hours, the self-supervised transport vehicles were illegally seized and stopped and in various metropolises around the world, land traffic was tried to be prevented. Due to the large number of vehicles involved in the attack and the inability to re-function them with remote access, efforts to open traffic will continue for a while. However, due to widespread air transport, there is no problem in any city of Central Federation in terms of urgent basic needs. Thousands of air transport vehicles were dispatched to the metropolises where traffic is blocked, and necessary measures were taken to avoid any problems in the increasing intensity of air traffic. In cooperation with producer companies, efforts are being carried out to avoid such a problem in land transport vehicles again, and necessary steps are being taken to determine those who carry out this illegal terrorist activity in order to disrupt peace, security and stability throughout the world. In addition to the blocking of land vehicles, attacks were made on some hypernet portals belonging to the Central Federation and numerous attacks were successfully avoided. We are still working to re-function some of our portals, blocked by terrorists. In the context of these attacks aimed at disturbing peace and stability, I urge all peoples of Central Federation to be discreet and calm and to cooperate with the authorities against possible security breaches. There was no loss of life in these attacks, which, contrary to citizenship ethics and law, meant property rights and the security of the people. All over the world, in traffic accidents caused by sudden stopping vehicles, eighteen Central Federation citizens were injured and none of them had any vital danger.”

Avima hit the top of the hologram and lowered the image of Cobol back to the two-dimensional screen. Matthew pointed out that all index indicators at the bottom left of the table turned red to green one by one and said, “prices on the stock market are starting to normalize.”

Avima has touched the image showing the areas congested on the highways around the world and fingerprinted it all over the oval table. Teams of technicians and auxiliary androids took the trucks that could not be re-operated into the safety lane.

Michael said, "The crisis seems to be resolved for now."

Avima stood up and said, “I think you tried to imply something again, Michael. Please think about who will be behind this, whether the attacks will continue, whether it will create threats or opportunities for our company, and whether this new climate will require reshaping our corporate strategies"

After company officials left the room, Avima called Sordo for a holographic interview. Not a second before the call, she faced a clear image of Sordo that could not be distinguished from the truth.

“Finally, you managed to set up your room with a decent system." Avima said.

"I have never avoided any sacrifice to make you look clearer.” Sordo said. He wore long gray jacket and narrow trousers, similar to the one worn by former communist leaders. He was alive and cheerful like a naughty boy who defeated his friends in the game.

“Did you win a big jackpot from the lottery?" Avima asked.

“Seeing a princess in the dark, or a great movie star, who lives in her office, has made me happy" Sordo said.

Avima did not decide whether it was a compliment or a sarcasm, but said nothing about it, she did not intend to allow him to change the agenda of the meeting.

"What about the news?” she asked.

"Our boys have announced the crisis to the world," said Sordo proudly.

"You are very proud of the news that a computer program has been compiled, and I wonder where your boys are," said Avima.

"We are the ones who have established the system and we are the first to tell that things have entered the path of solution" Sordo said, pulling the skirts of his long coat and proudly sewing his body.

"The main issue is informing who is behind the attacks," said Avima, holding her arms up and leaning back on his seat.

Instead of answering, Sordo looked back, saying, "There's an extraordinary situation, I'll call you later."

Avima's mobile computer beeped at the same time. It was Matthew Brown. Avima rejected the call with the message “meet me at the oval table”.

At the oval table, Michael and Matthew brown appeared at the door with the company's finance director. Iron Tiger's value was melted thirty percent in a matter of minutes, but it was still in good shape when compared to other companies.

As soon as Michael sits next to the oval table, he said “algorithms are out of control."

Avima said, "What the hell is this now?" without trying to hide her rage.

“The algorithms, and they messed things up.” Michael said,

“Algorithms are reliable, there must be a reason that triggers them." Matthew said in a thoughtful tone,

Finance Director Emma explained the sudden silence on the screen: "All organised markets have been closed."

Michael seemed intent on completing his monthly quota in a day: "the world economic system is facing a very sophisticated attack. We're not dealing with ordinary activists.”

"Who are them, what do they intend to do? When will the markets open? When will things get back to normal?" Avima asked.

“From a financial perspective, I can see clearly that we are entering a new era of uncertainty that we do not know at all. Sleepless nights await us.” said Emma, director of finance.

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The dark sky was lit up gradually as she moved to the center building of Iron Tiger company outside the city from her mansion.

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