Sci-Fi Novel: The Ultimate Debate - Part 5: Unique City

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The Ultimate Debate - Presentation
Part 1: Childhood Of Great Master Sun Moi
Part 2: Sun Moi's Test With Ogox
Part 3: Great Destruction
Part 4: The Awakening Of Ogox

Part 5: Unique City

As Ogox and Albatross were moving towards the city in the self-inspected boat, it snowed softly into the twilight of the ocean. The snowflakes that fell into the windshield of the cabin first dissolved and turned into droplets of water, then merged into large drops of water. As they approached the city, the lights in the windows of skyscrapers became more apparent behind the ambush surrounding the city.

“It would be less secure to descend directly from the air into the building where the crystal sphere is located." Ogox said.

Albatross, who was watching outside turned around and looked at Ogox. With his brown body, large green eyes, its big nose with arches, its wide face and its chrome head, Ogox resembled a short Roman warrior with a tan in the sun. “I don't care what it is after I get a fuller price” he said.

“A unique city" Ogox muttered.

Albatross didn't hear what Ogox said this time, he was watching the canals that went directly into the city from the ocean; the largest one was once the city's main avenue, and he knew that the canals on both sides of the wide channel were the streets of the old glorious times. There was a rare traffic of thin long canoes in the canals, and the lanterns were flicking in water in the twilight. After leaving the abandoned port to the southeast of the city, they entered the main canal. On the lower floors of skyscrapers rising like a wall to heaven on both sides of the canal, the lights were on. The boat entered the main street, which once intersected the boulevard, with a sudden turn from the wide channel to the right. Canoe traffic here was more crowded than the main channel, passengers in canoes wore thick clothes and robes that looked like priests to protect against the snow in rare grains, and a tired expression was visible on their faces where the headscarf shaded.

This time, the boat turned left and entered a thin channel. The self-supervised boat stood in front of a high door with a lion-like gavel on it. They went straight from the boat to the one step in front of the door. A bald man opened the door. He was wearing a uniform-like collar jacket. The man disappeared in the dark hallway without looking at Ogox and Albatross's faces. First, Ogox and then Albatross entered the corridor through the threshold with quick jumps. Ogox turned on the flashlight, and they saw doors on either side of them, all resembling one another, as they walked through the long corridor.

“Don't try to find out the way we've come, because our teams are changing our way out and even the room where the crystal sphere is located from time to time.” Ogox said.

In the room on the 18. floor they entered through a narrow corridor, there was a huge crystal sphere in the middle and a round table with mahogany covered with five empty seats around it. “Do we have to caress the crystal sphere to show us the future?” Albatross asked. In the crystal sphere, there was a faint light.

“It was thought that such an accessory would be inspiring in terms of making foreseeable decisions.” said Ogox, when he was sitting in the chair and leaning back.

Albatross was a red-haired, light-skinned, and freckled man with a nine-year-old boy’s body. His arms and legs were thin, but this did not prevent him from having athletic appearance.

"On the streets, your name is wandering like a legend, Mr. Ogox, it may seem surprising to you, but I know you pretty well. And don't feel bad because you don't know me enough, sometimes I don't even recognize myself, oh my disgusting mood swings... I can never get myself to reflect the misery of my moods in my appearance, you know what I mean? " Albatross said with his subtle voice.

“Your mood and image will not pose a problem for an android." Ogox said.

"I like to meet new people, they don't care about me because I'm small, and I think they feel comfortable with me. In fact, they are in a great delusion, because I can define myself as a dangerous type, and I will not be left deaf. I can be unbalanced when I get angry or panicked, every beauty has a flaw” Albatross said with his sizzling voice.

Ogox cut off his word and said, "you will be our eyes and ears on the field, which will enable the council of being rights to connect with different segments”.

Albatross said, “I don't care about council membership or anything, I didn't ask for anything like that, you forced me into this, or I would like to go around pubs and back streets and be a womanizer, illegal clinics are asked from me, and I'm very good with bad guys, you know what I mean?"

"Do you believe in the being rights case?" asked Ogox.

“I like Andros because they're not prejudiced like people. I don't think I'm as smart as you are, thousands of computers don't work in my brain. I don't give a damn about supreme lawsuits and principles, and I once said yes to the temptation of your promised payment. I'm a man who grew up in the streets, and in fact, I'm smaller to fly, you've probably heard of black clinics, you must be light to fly, even kids know that. I've never had a burden in my life, Ogox. I'm not saying I'm a useless or unreliable person. I'm a man of the eyes, I know you have great powers behind you. I am aware of the mysterious mainframe that directs you, I am not as educated as you are, but as such a computer does not exist anywhere, it's sucking the processor power of computers on the network like a vampire” Albatross said.

When he was telling these, he was standing around in his own high-back seat, where he perched like a little boy. He continued to talk: "I can find serum from the market, which improves mind-performance, or maybe pills that create a power boom. I have to take a breather, and I feel like I'm having a panic attack when I meet new people. Do you know a good psychologist? All my acquaintances are crooks, evil faces. “

Ogox had to intervene to prevent the issue from falling apart: “is there anyone in the streets of the unique city that you think would be useful in the struggle for being rights?”

"Someone should take initiative to protect young people from confusion and distractions. They wander around the virtual world with their heads blown. The bars, nightclubs, runaway casinos, hot girls, dating houses are crying in blood. All the lives of young people are on hypernet. Now you're asking me what these young people think about being rights? If I see corruption in the streets, I won't be sorry. I see the collapse of the human species. We're faced with a generation that's haunted by visions of what they've seen in their hot beds. In their virtual worlds, they're mapped like chickens looking for worms. They have no ambition for sex or money. It's as if they rented their souls to the minority who ruled the world. We're talking about harmless zombies who see what they want to see. I'm not a well-educated, cultured person like you, I don't know how we can convince these people to defend being rights. The host Plato may make some suggestions.” When he was telling them, Albatross was perched in his chair like a bird, staring at Ogox with anxious eyes.

"The problems are to be solved, in time we will come to great points, trust me, my friend Albatross." said Ogox.

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one of the few blogs I really enjoy to read :)

Man on the Steem !



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This blog has been written very beautifully. This is a psychological novel. Here we have been told about the realization of a beautiful life through two characters. And this two characters ogox and albatross have been written through a real background. And various questions about life question have been taken in a beautiful manner. Through these two characters, the true truth has been revealed in life. The structure of this blog is very nice and the composition trail has got a special dimension. ogox and albatross characters is the best. thanks to you for this post.

Science is no more than an investigation of a miracle we can never explain, and art is an interpretation of that miracle. Do you too agree @muratkbesiroglu?

Yes, I do. It sound like depicting sci-fi

Pretty impressive, I really enjoyed reading. Nice 👍

great post, always hooked with your stories.

@muratkbesiroglu amazing blog

When you publish part-6?how many part this noble contains?

47 parts. I publish one part a day on average. After translating all parts to English I will publish it on Dbooks

@muratkbesiroglu Waiting for the part 6 !!

@muratkbesiroglu , Hallo Sir This Part Intresting From Part 4. I am thinking what happend in part 6 , Its Like a Bollywood movie Bahubali. In this movie Question is " Why Katappa killed Bahubali , In all People mind.
Sir You watching Any Bollywood Movies .

nice post. upvote to me if you see my blog

very nice blog again.... keep it up.....

Awesome mate, Last line was heavy. true meaning, This part was better than part 4


@muratkbesiroglu friend every post you upload brings us more interesting things every time, I'm always aware of your publications because of how versatile and profound your stories are, as I have commented ever since I read people sky I became your follower

@muratkbesiroglu bro beautifull nature and art of living and Unique City

Good story, it's good to meet new friends. I'll be waiting to read you.

amazing blog


Debate is one of the key to increase the children knowledge and science. Im really interested with this program

I always wait for your stories. You are really doing great job. Keep up the good work. All the best!


Great story as always! I really enjoy reading your story s!


Hahaha so many on the people commenting on this obviously didn’t read the post 😂

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Wow how beautiful place i love it

Es un a historia interesante, inicia con un narrador en tercera persona, haciendo descripciones precisas de la ciudad, llevando al lector a imaginarse esa ciudad. Lo interesante es que mezclas el narrador en tercera persona con un narrador en primera persona casi al final. Además de las metáforas que hay inmersas en el texto , es bueno leer textos interesantes como éste. Felicitaciones, me gustó mucho.

Fantastic work with this one, kudos

Good one @muratkbesiroglu waiting for the part 6.

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Fantastic work with this one, kudos

Only thing I would change personally is have the character description for Albatross occur closer to the beginning. I had a picture of a bird-like android, given the story context up to this point, only to find out later he's a human. I prefer at least basic descriptions of characters the moment another character is aware of them so I can better imagine the scene in my head.

Other than that, good post.