Sci-Fi Novel: The Ultimate Debate - Part 41: The Trial

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The Ultimate Debate - Presentation
Part 1: Childhood Of Great Master Sun Moi
Part 2: Sun Moi's Test With Ogox
Part 3: Great Destruction
Part 4: The Awakening Of Ogox
Part 5: Unique City
Part 6: Avima's Morning
Part 7: Dinner On Mars
Part 8: Agent Omega
Part 9: Conflict
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Part 11: Pierre The Fifth Concert
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Part 13: Cobol's Identity
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Part 15: Rebirth Of Sun Moi
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Part 19: The Day the Earth Stood Still
Part 20: Lunch at The Balloon
Part 21: First Conversation with Su-Mo
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Part 24: Tears In The Fabric Of The City
Part 25: Critical Hours Of Su-Mo
Part 26: Prophecies of the Crystal Sphere
Part 27: Plato's Way
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Part 29: Theatre in The Sky
Part 30: Liberation Program
Part 31: Omaga's Story
Part 32: Cold Shower In The Cave
Part 33: The Holy Grail Of Artificial Intelligence
Part 34: The Age of Turbulence
Part 35: The Critical Meeting
Part 36: Pioneering Jolts
Part 37: Collapse
Part 38: Resistance
Part 39: Virus Outbreak
Part 40: Last Hours of Su-Mo

Part 41: The Trial

"What we had last week is not real to me, it feels like a dream,” Sordo said.

“You wouldn't have thought like that if you had taken a bullet in your belly like me, " said Avima, who was lying on her bed in the spacious hospital room, whose walls were painted white. “I don't like lying here like a cow," she added.

“We're about to leave in a day or two. You're alive, beautiful, and charming as you used to be. You're even more attractive than before, you're like a female tiger ready to mate, you deserve to be my wife,” Sordo said.

“But you don't deserve to be my husband yet, so you need to make a lot more effort," Avima said in an uncompromising voice.

"While passing through the most turbulent days of postmodern history, a major media boss left his job and watched his wounded lover for a week. In return, he was not expecting a thank-you or smiling face, it was already his duty, only if the marriage proposal was accepted. But his girlfriend insisted on breaking the heart of this great media boss, and he was taking some kind of test. The media boss was not going to compromise his determination of course in this holy struggle, he had set off this path; he was going to do whatever it takes to tie this gold-hearted wounded princess to himself. The days pass by, and a message appeared on the mobile computer of the media boss that even princes on the white horses were jealous of his handsomeness and intelligence. The media boss projected the image from his mobile computer onto the princess's screen in the hospital room.”

"It is more like a media show than a trial?" Avima said. She liked the short story that Sordo told, but she didn't make him sense it, she believed that men were easy-to-pumping entities.

"They offered me to consult them for the event to make more noise. I refused a small-scale fortune offered along with the offer, saying, 'let some others save the world' and I had to take care of my future wife,” Sordo said.

"You feel the need to praise yourself, I relate it to your short-sized. There's a good surgeon I know, and he can extend your height by three inches with a simple operation. I hope your personality will be fixed that way,” Avima said, without leaving her eyes on the wall screen.

Sordo didn't answer, he was overseeing the trial. After the outbreak of the virus, artificial intelligence beings, which demanded equal rights to humans, was demobilized in mass, it was decided to detain some symbol names led the entity rights case. Opinion leaders who advocate the radical development of the entity rights around the world have been arrested through a simultaneous operation, and the majority of them have been captured. Due to the security risks experienced, the Central Federation did not tolerate the delay. Economic activity has come to a standstill due to the recent increasing actions of artificial beings, and the unemployment rate has already risen to its historical peak. The conservative masses, who used prisoners who escaped from prisons like the rams, accused the Central Federation of spoiling artificial intelligence beings, arguing that the worldwide turmoil could only be avoided by harsh laws, resembling an iron fist. The trial was held in a closed stadium built for international sporting events and conferences. The judges, who were the most important actors of the prosecution, were placed on the podium, which was formed for them. There were officers in charge of recording any evidence and claims to be presented to the court. The defendants, lawyers, prosecutors, their assistants and relatives of the defendants were sitting in front of them in two blocks. Members of the media and cameraman androids took their place in the stands directly opposite the judges' podium so that they could easily track what was going on. Dozens of robotic cameras flying above the area where the trial will take place was ready to transmit the facial expressions of the judges, prosecutors, and lawyers, the documents presented to the judges' committee, the gestures and mimics of the defenders to the audience. The head judge, sitting in the middle of his chair and pretending to be a hundred years old, lightly coughed to check if the sound system was working. His bald head, shrink because of his old age, looked like it would immediately fall out. He said he would give the first word to the defense to make an overall assessment of the issue.

“They have created a very festive environment; real-time hypernet statistics show that the interest in this first hearing of the accused entity rights defender is extraordinary,” said Sordo by looking at his computer.

“I hope it serves to calm the riots in the streets," Avima said.

The chief judge had given the word to defenders, but there was no movement at the desk of the lawyers. Because of the prolonged silence, almost everyone in the hall began to talk about why the defense did not use the right to speak and why the chief judge did not warn them. The predominant view was that it was some kind of protest, that lawyers could leave the hall at any time. While other judges on the bench warned the chief judge to intervene, an old man in a robotic outer skeleton jumped up from the VIP Booth. The old man, noticed by everyone because of the jet engine flames that sprayed from his hands, feet, and back, suddenly became the center of attention of the hall. The mysterious man who was slowly descending towards the bench with the judges said, "I greet all who follow us with love and respect, especially the delegation of judges," a few meters before his feet touch the ground.

The chief judge did not seem to be surprised by what was going on, but he greeted the man in the robotic outer skeleton with his head slightly.

"My Name Is Albert Rambaud. I'm a senior lawyer for the entity rights case. I have written over a hundred books on the legal status of artificial intelligence, which has been my field of expertise for the last 40 years. My career as a lawyer in parallel with the academic profession for 60 years has been accused of defending artificial beings or of accusing their operators. I must say, despite all the experience I've had, I've never seen a case like this before. Trying to solve political problems through legal means has always led to great tragedies in history. With the common sense of the citizens of the esteemed Central Federation, I hope this case will be concluded without any legal disaster.”

Rambaud landed on the ground after saying these words, and he began to walk swiftly, like a furious lion pacing in his cage. "Dear judges, dear viewers, I do not want to start by referring to the basic principles of law, the Constitution of the Central Federation or the procedure of judging. It is necessary to express the simple truths without transcribing the word. For the first time in my career for over half a century, I have encountered such a weak case regarding legal grounds. The more painful part is that my clients are being judged as prisoners with such weak bases. Distinguished judges, first and foremost, I demand that all of my clients be evacuated in order not to cause violations of rights that would not be possible to be compensated later. Barriers to hypernet access should be removed immediately. I don't understand how someone dares such illegal extremism. Deprive my human clients of water and food, and my artificial intelligence clients of electricity if you wish. Ladies and gentlemen I would like to remind you that we live in the second half of 21th the century; those who were allegedly witch-burned in the Middle Ages, those who were murdered in concentration camps in the 20th century must have remained in those centuries. I will make statements in the next stages of my defense, which I believe will fully satisfy you all concerning legal arguments. I will have a single resignation from the esteemed judges' delegation and the Central Federation citizens at this stage: Please be on your side of freedom and believe in the blessings it brings. Do not pay attention to those who try to expand power by deceiving you. The children even know that once the rights and freedoms are restricted, all of the people will be harmed. The time for the keynote speech has expired. For more freedom and justice, follow the expression #ogox on hypernet and convey to us the opinions and documents that may be useful in defense. If we win, we win as the people, if we lose, we lose together. I salute your honorable court and all those who follow us.”

After Mr. Rambaud had finished his words, he began to walk in his white robotic outer skeleton with theatrical steps towards the bank of the lawyers.

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I absolutely love Sci-Fi novels, your novel has picturesque feeling to it. Keep up the good work!


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How many parts this novel belongs ?

"Sci fi novel the ultimate debate"

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Very good novel and good content (Y)

I love Pamuk novelist.
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I love his novels too. Especially Black Book and White Castle.

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