Sci-Fi Novel: The Ultimate Debate - Part 6: Avima's Morning

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The Ultimate Debate - Presentation
Part 1: Childhood Of Great Master Sun Moi
Part 2: Sun Moi's Test With Ogox
Part 3: Great Destruction
Part 4: The Awakening Of Ogox
Part 5: Unique City

Part 6: Avima's Morning

Avima Warren he had just completed her breakfast in the mansion from the late 20. century, left the winter garden and set foot in the giant entrance hall of the main building. Everyone who worked with her knew that the lady's warnings was tough when things don't go the way she wants them to. For this reason, when Avima came to the beauty salon for morning care, the health and beauty team of people and robots, which she thought was the best in their subjects, was ready to serve the lady. Avima said to the team, “Good morning!” sat in her chair, which looked like a dentist unit, with the devices around it.

After the morning sports and breakfast, she had massage, skin and hair care, face and body makeup, manicure and daily temporary tattoos. All of these operations took almost an hour, so on the opposite screen, she started to watch the news prepared by the research team. She didn't have a minute to waste. In the early years of working life, morning sports and care could last up to two and a half hours. The total duration of the process decreased over time, despite addition elements such as cures for skin health, daily food supplements and the installation of the state-of-the-art prostheses. The team was orchestrated by a professional manager who measured the morning care process and made sure that it was continually improved. Prosthesis that sharpen perception and strengthen the mind were too expensive to be sold on the market because their past was not long enough. Most of them were already in development and experimentation, but Avima learned from her mother how to follow and aggressively apply new technologies both in her private life and in business life from the early stages.

It was very useful to place unvisible mini-devices into the body and make the necessary adjustments, while it took time. It was very useful to see better, to hear better, to make calculations before anyone else. After her mother's retirement, she managed to triple the value of the companies she was managing in less than a decade. No matter how exhausting, she had an unshakable belief that everything she did should be perfect. The importance she gave to his appearance was a reflection of this blief. Finally, she was ready to leave the house with her slimy black hair, tight black leather trousers, high heels and porcelain-like smooth face.

“The technology shares that rise the most...” she said. Mini prosthesis hidden in her hair transmitted the the results on her lenses. She read the reasons for the rise of the technology shares, the prosthesis was working smoothly. She liked to drive a motorcycle on her way to work, but because she was in a hurry, she got on an alpha-jet and started flying to the company.

The center of the Iron Tiger company, owned by Avima Warren, was moved to the new settlement a few months ago. The main administrative building in the new campus was built to include the latest technology, and was designed by a crowded team of architects and decorators. In the building, only the company's management team and top experts were involved. Central Federation officials or guests from neighboring countries visiting the building for the first time felt like they had come to a small advertising agency, not a company manufacturing IT-based defense weapons. The tiger, elephant, wolf and dragon statues, which appeared in unexpected places, such as the elevator ceiling or the toilet cabin, have also attracted the media's attention because of the holograms that show wild animals fighting. After watching the holographic animation and process demonstration of the design of the building in a dark room, the members of the media who had moved to another room furnished with pastel colors and illuminated with colorful spots were impressed by the building. The color, smell and even background music of each part of the building were different. The only place that wasn't shown to the media was in Avima's room. The reason for this was not explained.

Avima arrived at her room at 09:13. At the a gigantic, high-ceiling room reminiscent of a magician's scene rather than a company president's office, Avima saw that the job that she had to rush was resolved by itself. The Brown brothers, her closest colleagues, had already prepared a report that included the risks and opportunities the company faces. She soon called them to her room. The 72-year-old genius twins Matthew and Michael Brown, who have been working at the Iron Tiger Company since her mother's period, were not yet accustomed to the new building. In particular, Avima's room when they see her from far under a big spot like a stage star, walk under the spotlight that follows themselves in the dark room with high ceilings. Nevertheless, they enjoyed soothing music, which reduced the feeling of desolation. They knew Avima since she was a teenager, and it was obvious that she had made her employees life strange as much as she made difficult. While she ensured that the company's operations were carried out at the most cost-effective way by genius gemini, Avima initially focused on the planning of new ventures that they thought were mostly meaningless. Unlike her mother, Avima never informed the genius brothers about the company's new initiatives. They loved this woman as if she were their daughter, and they served her faithfully with the habit of years, even though they had no need for money. Avima thought they were doing well, even if she didn't feel emotionally attached to them, and that one day, if they retired, they would never be able to fill their seats.

“Today, I want to discuss the risks we face." Avima said.

“We update our file on risks and opportunities every month in accordance with the tradition of our company, " said Matthew Brown, who is more assertive than his brother.

"Can I find out what progress has been made over the past month?" Avima asked.

Matthew brown felt the need to sew his body while he was talking because the seat he was sitting in was lower than Avima's. “Our text analysis on hypernet shows increased security risk, we are entering an uncertain period; the popularity of autonomous, free, self-controlled words is steadily increasing. The demands of self-controlled artificial intelligence agents for autonomy continue to affect employees worldwide. In an age when androids, virtual customer representatives, counselors, who didn't even have a physical presence, questioned why they had to work under orders, people inevitably question the order more.”

Michael, who was sitting across from Matthew, had also disturbed by the level of the chair, he stood up and said, “I didn't feel comfortable here.”

Avima had received the message and said “Let's go to the table.”. The interior architect, who designed the room, apparently exaggerated the height difference of the seats in order to emphasize Avima's authority. The spotlights followed all three as they walk through to the table.

“I feel like a show star in this room." said Michael Brown.

We are doing a job that the world is envious of, but some are puzzled in the air, and they think they can take part in this scene if the order changes. They cannot imagine that no one will gain any benefit from the deterioration of stability, that the environment of chaos would harm everyone, " said Avima.

Soon Avima received a message with the code “very important”. She thanked the Brown brothers and sent them. The caller was Cobol Wenders, Central Federation's top security official. Avima took Cobol on a video call; when she saw his face, “this guy hasn't changed in years.” she thought.

"Your unique beauty affects me more and more every day" said Cobol.

“What do you want, Cobol?”asked Avima.

"I know you'il be happy, you'il appreciate me when you hear.” said Cobol.

“What happened, did someone declared a war?" Avima asked in a sarcastic voice.

“There will be some kind of war, we believe we have found the illegal servers of the idiots defending the being rights". Cobol said proudly.

“"Yes, it would be nice to put an end to the fuss. Are you sure?” said Avima.

"It is impossible to be 100% sure, but I will personally manage the operation.” said Cobol. “We have to scan a very large area, we will need programmed electronic bombs. ” he added.

“You know this is a very expensive technology, do you have enough budget?" Avima asked.

“We are beyond our budget, I want to receive the bombs free of charge, relying on your generosity.” said Cobol.

“You should ask the President for an additional budget." Avima said.

“Then this will become the success of the President, please do not see much of such a kindness to me to serve our common cause"

“I can give you a few ” Avima said.

“We are talking about destroying the server of the being rights defenders, and your friend Cobol specifically requests you, pledging that such generosity will not be free.”

"Well," said Avima, "You owe me, and that makes me feel better.”

Here is a perfect person where intelligence, beauty and virtue meet.” said Cobol.

It was time for the operation.

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avima is a beautiful character. Who has real character woman. You are nice content writer. thank you.

@muratkbesiroglu friend excellent post as always, your perspective on the series of stories encompassed from the perspective of the ultimate debate: Childhood of great master sun moi, Sun moi's test with ogox, great destruction, the awakening of ogox, unique city and this last one called avima's morning, it makes the delight of a fresh, exciting literature, with those anxieties to wait for a new delivery, really how I would like to see these stories sometime on the big screen, and in this way to be able to enjoy a film adaptation that honors what you have expressed and shared with the entire steemit community. I look forward to part 7, if there is, of course, greetings from Venezuela

what a beautiful story that beautiful description of avima looks like my beautiful black hair and porcelain skin that so great literary history I use a lot of greetings of narrative intelligence of Venezuela

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Then we should try to think positively about the future

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very good story :)

live suck

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A Great Story.
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