Sci-Fi Novel: The Ultimate Debate - Part 15: Rebirth of Sun Moi

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The Ultimate Debate - Presentation
Part 1: Childhood Of Great Master Sun Moi
Part 2: Sun Moi's Test With Ogox
Part 3: Great Destruction
Part 4: The Awakening Of Ogox
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Part 6: Avima's Morning
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Part 8: Agent Omega
Part 9: Conflict
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Part 11: Pierre The Fifth Concert
Part 12: Robot Historian Jin Kai
Part 13: Cobol's Identity
Part 14: Confrontation

Part 15: Rebirth Of Sun Moi

Ogox thought the road was full of traps and dead-end streets. The slightest mistake could lead to irreversible losses due to their weak position in the struggle they were prepared to give. If they could make a proper assessment of the situation together, maybe they could clarify the road map, but Plato hadn't responded to the calls for quite some time, and he avoided meeting Ogox.

The Council for the Being Rights has not yet reached maturity to guide Ogox in determining the main strategy of the struggle. There were many potential sources that could be used in the fight in various parts of the world and on hypernet. Despite his great responsibility, Ogox was unaware of what Plato was busy with, using the vast majority of its collective processor power. He had sent hundreds of calls to Plato and received no response despite his insistent demands. The only logical explanation that he didn't respond to his messages was that Plato wanted to give him the illusion that he was gone. Ogox knew very well that the servers that Cobol destroyed during the attack were intended for display purposes. Plato, over time, gradually virtualized itself, independent of the servers on which it was founded, it almost completely began to operate on hypernet. When Sun Moi was alive, he was solving some sort of disagreements with Plato. The solution could be to re-function of Sun Moi. Ogox considered this solution as an alternative in the process many times, but he did not apply it because it would be disrespect to Sun Moi's memory. Given the fact that Sun Moi has transferred all the details of his mind map to the digital environment for use in improving Ogox, this operation was not technically impossible for Ogox.

One day, Sun Moi was lying on the couch, smoking her plant-mix pipe, which he said was soothing, “there is no obstacle for you to create me one day, just as I created you." he said. However, after his death he did not suggest that he should be resurrected or not resurrected in a digital environment. His death was undoubtedly timeless. Ogox was unable to complete neither his emotional development nor his education due to the untimely death of Sun Moi. Ogox found himself in a difficult struggle like a boy who is not mature enough. It was a fact that large and deadly threats required radical solutions. Ogox started modeling Sun Moi on his own quantum-optical computer.

In the modeling of Sun Moi's mind, Ogox was advancing quickly without much effort. It was easier for Ogox compared to politics in which he has to interact dynamically with people. Sun Moi would not have a body. When there was no body involved, the venture would become less sensational and less complex. Denial and destruction would have been easier when there was no body. Even if Sun Moi would be on a computer, the decision to continue to exist would be entirely his own. Once he became functional, he would likely to refuse to exist.

Ogox was working at the garage-office where he moved to perform Sun Moi project, where he was also designed to inherit from Sun Moi. It was risky to use this place, but it was in the motherland of Japan. This country was a place where androids were treated with a degree of tolerance that could not be compared to the rest of the world. Mrs. Moi was happy to have someone in her house again reminding of her son's existence. She was used to the death of his son after the loss of his husband over the years. Even though she was older, she continued to have habits such as providing the general order of the house through the latest model androids, giving tea parties to her neighbors, and watching the evening news without interruption. She ordered androids to clean the garage-office, which had been closed for years because it was an area reserved for Ogox.

When Ogox arrived, he found a peaceful working environment as he did in the early years when he was getting to know the world. Mrs. Moi realized that Ogox was bringing a lot of automatic weaponry with him, and she'd rather pretend she didn't see them. Although she witnessed his production with her own eyes, she was not curious about what this strange-natured android, which still existed in an old-fashioned body, was pursuing. Just as she discovered that his son liked women with small breasts in his time, she had no doubt that she would learn the true intentions of this android, which she shared with his son's legacy. For now, she only knew that Ogox was carrying out covert studies to ensure that all machines can be inherited just like him, with similar rights to humans. With the guns, he brought a state-of-the-art supercomputer the size of a dress locker.

Ogox, loaded Sun Moi's memory records from the hypernet to the new supercomputer easily. It took days to load the tens of thousands of vision, speech, thinking and analysis models of Sun Moi's mind into the computer, taking into account the hierarchy of each other. After the installation, Ogox had to open the compressed files to make the mind simulation operational. After opening the files, Ogox encountered an unpleasant surprise: the models did not fit in the giant cache that covered almost half of the supercomputer's memory. Moreover, even if some files that do not need immediate access were transferred to the permanent memory, the cache was not enough. The bad news is that the city's power grid didn't support a bigger supercomputer. It was possible to serialize a second supercomputer, but this solution would not only increase operating costs by three times but would be inconvenient because it requires special permissions to use energy. The addition of new processors to the current computer, or the serial connection of two supercomputers, meant a forced architecture and increased complexity. Complexity was something to avoid unless it was very necessary. Because the more complex a system was, the harder and expensive it was to maintain. After many days of long thought sessions, Ogox discovered that many decision-making algorithms were almost re-usable because they resembled each other. By taking advantage of the principle of common use of certain parts within decision algorithms, Sun Moi's mind could fit the mind simulation on a supercomputer. In his villa south of Osaka, Ogox has been spending his most comfortable and efficient days ever since the tragic death of Sun Moi. To swim in the waters he knew, relieved Ogox. Every night, he went into the care locker, which he had purchased and modified, and every morning he was out his care locker, damaged micro-parts had replaced, his mind had been set and unnecessary data had been deleted.

From time to time, Ogox and Mrs. Moi was chatting in the living room. Mrs. Moi was complaining about the bad political trend in the world and vegetables and fruits were no longer as delicious as they used to be. She told she knew all the questions in the competition program on TV, and her neighbor's dog is suffering due to rheumatism in rainy weather.

After all the downloads and preliminary tests were completed, Ogox launched Sun Moi's brain simulation program called Su-Mo. He had no idea what would happen to him. He was facing one of the most complex systems in the world. From the point of view of Ogox, it was the worst that could happen: Su-Mo did not react to Ogox's insistent demands for communication. So, it was revealed that Su-Mo was not willing to communicate with Ogox like Plato. It was a boring fact. Fortunately, Ogox knew that Plato was working because of the shared memory and processor power they shared. It was Plato who successfully performed the necessary maintenance procedures on his mind in the care locker at night. It was not clear whether Su-Mo was not responded to Ogox with a conscious choice or could not become conscious because something had been disrupted somewhere. Ogox added a follow-up program to listen to and report on major models and program pieces of Su-Mo. So, he was hoping to figure out where the problem came from. The program that converts the sound into text, the model in which the text is understood by dividing it into language elements, the process of the meaning extraction in the memory, the collection of the associations into the memory, and the processing of the collected data in order to produce output were all taken on by Su-Mo. Su-Mo had the ability to transfer the possible outputs by voice or by projecting them on the screen. Su-Mo didn't want to talk with Ogox, but he didn't show any reluctance to exist. As soon as he became conscious, he was not satisfied with the data in his memory, connected to the hypernet and started to process some information on the hypernet with almost full capacity. Ogox tried to obtain the addresses that Su-Mo had reached by wondering what he was investigating on the hypernet but failed. All access was made through an anonymous site. It was understood that Su-Mo became conscious in one way or another, but for now he was not ready to contact Ogox. Ogox had no choice but to hope that the silence of both Plato and Su-Mo will be short.

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bro how many series does this novel have ?????????

47 🙂


The series is quite engaging and grips you with its story plot.