Sci-Fi Novel: The Ultimate Debate - Part 4: Awakening Of Ogox

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The Ultimate Debate - Presentation
Part 1: Childhood Of Great Master Sun Moi
Part 2: Sun Moi's Test With Ogox
Part 3: Great Destruction

Part 4: The Awakening Of Ogox

The elite android Ogox has finally reached a shore after wandering like a shell of nuts in waves, winds and foams, in the hypernet sea for months. After the tragic death of his master, Sun Moi, he remained free and destitute as a horse left to the countryside before he could complete his education. After several weeks of acting to help the being rights case, which foresees that artificial beings have equal rights with humans, the nature of his mind, which evaluated issues, led to doubt about what he really should be engaged in. It was not clear whether Sun Moi produced him to serve a specific purpose. There was no testament to what his master had left to be busy with. As a result of long thought sessions of hundreds of thousands of cycles, Ogox decided that he should find the purpose himself which his existence would serve. In fact, the answer he was looking for was in front of his eyes from the beginning, and he had already worked in line with this response; in the same way that all roads came to Rome, no matter what perspective he looked at, he had reached the same conclusion. However, in the studio flat north of Osaka, he used a significant part of his massive processor capacity spanning hypernet, and legendary memory, where information as much as mountains can be called at the same time, to solve this critical problem. In the end, he concluded that the suspicion of being covered was inappropriate, and that his dedication to the entity rights case was the most appropriate solution in all respects. With the ease of finding the solution he was looking for, he had turned off his consciousness and left his resources to the management of the main computer Plato so that thousands of checks, updates, debugging and archiving. During the night, by the host Plato, the bugs accumulated between Ogox's program layers were removed, the information in his memory was reorganized and backed up, and models containing what he knew about the world were updated.

When he woke up and became operational, the sun in his window had risen quite a bit. Apparently, the main server Plato's updates on his memory, programs, and the models had not arrived at sunrise. In his modest little apartment, everything was intact, as he left it. Thanks to the heritage left by his own creator, Sun Moi, Ogox was wealthy enough to live in a luxury house. Ogox had a large villa with a large garden shared with Sun Moi's mother, but he was going there when he needed a guest host or a comprehensive mechatronics. Since androids did not have the right to acquire property and contract, both the villa he rarely visited and the small apartment he lived in belonged to Sun Moi's veteran lawyer Wakasa Watanabe. Many of the families living in the building where Ogox lived, had robots with a CYC-type body. The CYC-type android bodies were originally produced for gardening purposes, and in spite of their rough appearance, they were used in home interiors. They were able to handle the most demanding tasks with their large soil bodies, big feet, reinforced arms and legs of nanotechnology, and they were able to safely carry household items, elderly patients or sleeping babies when needed thanks to their balanced structure.

Although his appearance resembles them, Ogox was a better athlete than an ordinary CYC with superior mental skills. It was useful for him to act like them when necessary, to hide himself easily.

The elevator that he climbed out of his apartment following the narrow corridor lowered him to the spacious courtyard on the entrance floor of the building. As we moved through the corridor connecting the courtyard to the outside door, he received a text message from the main computer Plato with the code “important”. As soon as he saw the code “important,” he increased his energy level, and he went into some kind of alarm. Plato's assessment of what was “important” was extremely difficult. Ogox was receiving a message from Plato for the third time with this code. In the first, the “great destruction” took place, and in the second, he was informed that he needed to establish the council for the rights of digital beings. He read the incoming message:

The truth is bent in the direction of the powerful. This is like bending of space around large celestial bodies. Distorted space appears straight to the observer. The more the power grows and intensifies, the greater the capacity to warp the facts. To correct the ground of reality, it is necessary to remove the warp forces behind it. This is possible with the homogeneous distribution of power. The distorted image of reality is not only caused by the intensification of power, but also by the weakness of beings. Human and android masses tend to believe lies because of their fears. In order to stop believing in lies, it is necessary to instill confidence in the masses of humans and androids. This information was achieved by examining the historical records.

The message did not seem important to Ogox as he expected, but he recorded it in his agenda thinking that he could use its content in the future. His relationship with Plato was never on a solid ground. There was always a competition among them for the use of the legacy of Sun Moi. It wasn't clear who had the authority and where it ended, who dominated who. The ropes seemed to be in Plato's hands, because some unchanging codes regulating Ogox's behavior were controlled by Plato. On the other hand, Ogox was able to perform some tasks on Plato. Of course, Plato was not communicating with the outside world, which was obviously the task of Ogox, but he did not doubt that Plato had made some mysterious attempts. In the early years of his education, Ogox had realized that Plato was a handful of hands. In Sun Moi's health, when Ogox asked him to clarify his relationship with Plato, his master said, “there is a symbiotic relationship between you, although you seem to be competing from time to time. Making your relationship more open will hurt both of you he said. After the great destruction, Ogox contacted a broad audience who had committed to this case as a result of his advocacy of entity rights by hiding his identity on hypernet. Over the years, through a software shared over social networks, hundreds of thousands of volunteers have accepted the donation of processor power. The program used to distribute difficult problems by encrypting the processors that donors did not use, allowing thousands of devices to operate on the hypernet as a single supercomputer. Over time, donors began to demand that the CPU power they used be used to hack devices and systems based on institutions against being rights, rather than scanning the hypernet to compile data that might be useful for being rights. The digital fortresses of the commanding power were seized from the day after the great destruction. Hundreds of zombified hypernet sites were being put on hold by Ogox for use in a possible attack. However, Ogox did not consider it appropriate to take actions that would provoke the rulers without the necessary preparations. The heritage of Sun Moi came to a great potential when it was combined with the contributions of donors. The use of this great force demanded great responsibility. Ogox believed that the council of the being rights would ensure the most effective use of the power available. He didn't think Plato would have led him in the wrong direction on such an important matter. Plato was hiding some of his decisions from Ogox in the belief that they would exceed his understanding capacity. From time to time, Ogox saw Plato as a crazy scientist who was doing extraordinary expensive experiments for things that seemed impossible to conclude positively. On the other hand, he knew that it was impossible to control him, and he hoped that Plato would make the right direction to succeed in the tough and extraordinarily risky struggle he had undertaken. Had no choice but to believe him.

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