The Daily Better - 7 November 2016

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The Mission of Project Better

is to reward posts have many votes from Minnows but earn pennies.

We don't judge the quality of the contents, and we don't have man-power to detect plagiarism(But we will skip the posts that @cheetah had commented), only the votes and comments from human that have more than 25 reputation matters.

How to donate voting power to Project Better and earn curation rewards?

Sign up to and bind your posting key.

In full transparency, you will be able to track the list every day detailing all the posts that Project Better has chosen. At the same time, our hope is that this list will provide more positive exposure to the selected authors.

We hope that you will consider following not only this @better account, but also many of the authors whose work is featured here each day. Please consider adding your comments on these posts also!

Voting History (Updated at UTC 2016-11-07 23:31:09.61)

  • 07-11 Turning Bitcoin into Steem – the Evolution of BitShares Part 2 30 minutes ago by full-steem-ahead in bitshares $4.06
  • 07-11 Fluffy snow of autumn. 40 minutes ago by always1success in photography $5.38
  • 07-11 BellaStella LifeLessons #6: Fighting the Blues... (200 followers party !?) 51 minutes ago by in story $2.74
  • 07-11 ScaredyCatGuide to Streamlining Your New Home Search 1 hour ago by scaredycatguide in scaredycatguide $0.27
  • 07-11 The Battle of The "Beef" Burger. How Plants Could Potentially Overthrow a The Meat Industry. 1 hour ago by futurefood in food $1.27
  • 07-11 STEEMIT TALK PODCAST with guest @jessamynorchard - 016 - 11/05/2016 - Health Score, Costume Contest Winners, Thirsty Records, Steem Powered Time Travel 1 hour ago by winstonwolfe in steemit $0.48
  • 07-11 Lebanon 2014: a photo-memoir. *Part one: welcome to Beirut* 1 hour ago by martinmooney in travel $0.14
  • 07-11 Mi experiencia en laBitconf 2016 Argentina 1 hour ago by anahilarski in spanish $2.37
  • 07-11 Crack the Safe #4 - Earn Steem Power 1 hour ago by safecrack in safecrack $5.66
  • 07-11 Sheppard resting under a tree - original handmade sculpture by @sofi-m 2 hours ago by sofi-m in art $2.46
  • 07-11 A Brief Cigar Review – Arturo Fuente Flor Fina 8-5-8 2 hours ago by gregm in cigars $0.15
  • 07-11 I think the price of Steem could hit 3 dollars after the economy related changes take effect 2 hours ago by matrixdweller in speculation $3.07
  • 07-11 Original Work: You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home, Chapter 8, Part 5 2 hours ago by thefinalgirl in story $1.01
  • 07-11 Serious Sex Question [HELP] 3 hours ago by eddieknocklife in sex $3.19
  • 07-11 Feel the Skyway Sensation - The Longest Rail in Southeast Asia's 3 hours ago by steemvest17 in life $5.47
  • 07-11 Walking in the park, all around in autumn splendor. Part 3 3 hours ago by leylar in photography $2.77
  • 07-11 "Trees and Shadows" 3 hours ago by chessmonster in art $4.99
  • 07-11 A @mindhunter STEEMIT RULE OF THUMB: The Number Of Up-votes At The 20 Minute Mark On Your Post. 3 hours ago by mindhunter in steemit $2.31
  • 07-11 Is STEEM headed to the Moon? I don't think so... 3 hours ago by charlie.wilson in steemit $1.98
  • 07-11 Bronze Age Classic Comic Book - The Incredible Hulk from 1981 3 hours ago by cryplectibles in comics $2.16
  • 07-11 Nepalese girl on board now - let's Steemit 3 hours ago by elishagautam in nepal $2.98
  • 07-11 SIONFONIA TRISTE DE OTOÑO 4 hours ago by seisges in spanish $17.13
  • 07-11 Adventures In Evil Zombieland Episode 12 Common Core Chaos Edition 4 hours ago by steeminganarchy in freedom $1.81
  • 07-11 Green Smoothie: Green Power Drink not only for Raw Foodists - Entry 3 for Steemit Photo Challenge #16 4 hours ago by holgermarkgraf in steemitphotochallenge $1.51
  • 07-11 Canada's Fortunes always tied to the USA - Upper 49th Parallel more than just an Imaginary Line on a Map! 5 hours ago by barrydutton in politics $2.03
  • 07-11 Sweet french tost recipe! 5 hours ago by cynetyc in recipe $7.35
  • 07-11 Diplomatic missions royal delegates Aceh Darussalam to Europe, 1849 [Sultan Manshur Syah - Part 1] 5 hours ago by mapesa in history $4.06
  • 07-11 We don't know anymore what season it is! What have we done? 5 hours ago by dumar022 in life $2.09
  • 07-11 Steemit Art, Food, & Photo Gallery in a virtual world Idea - Are you interested? 5 hours ago by virtualgrowth in steemland $7.23
  • 07-11 Thaistories 5 : Mit dem Motorrad durch Süd Thailand 4 Menue Lotterie und ein Besuch in der Klinik 5 hours ago by uwe69 in deutsch $6.82
  • 07-11 Pole Dance: ¿Es solo un baile erótico? 6 hours ago by carlas10 in spanish $17.94
  • 07-11 GENERALS OF NAPOLEON (12 bis) - MURAT - "The Dandy King" (second part) 6 hours ago by herverisson in history $2.47
  • 07-11 My Introduction Post for @marylizacaindoy 6 hours ago by marylizacaindoy in introducemyself $7.63
  • 07-11 End of The Street - My Adventure 6 hours ago by safar01 in life $3.52
  • 07-11 pyinstaller - Build standalone binaries from Python code 7 hours ago by l0k1 in python $2.26
  • 07-11 The beauty and solitude in stone. 7 hours ago by killbis in photography $4.02
  • 07-11 My First Steemit Post: Hello from theScientress! 7 hours ago by thescientress in introduceyourself $15.42
  • 07-11 Manchmal kann die EU auch ein Segen sein .... 7 hours ago by freiheit50 in deutsch $11.21
  • 07-11 The German Phenomenon of Autobahn Churches 7 hours ago by herzmeister in life $0.39
  • 07-11 Guess How Many Fingers – A Popular Way to Monetize Your Vote! 7 hours ago by supergoodliving in humor $7.42
  • 07-11 📷 Steemit Photo Challenge #16: Monkey Bread (With Recipe)🍴 7 hours ago by marialin in food $1.51
  • 07-11 Smoking - An Original Poem by @infinitor 8 hours ago by infinitor in smoking $3.15
  • 07-11 Do need users steemit Avatar? Personal Protection and Safety. 8 hours ago by favorit in steemit $2.41
  • 07-11 Introduce yourself #Young crypto millionaire , lawyer in building . 8 hours ago by ishan-pandey in introducemyself $3.75
  • 07-11 A photography treat for my subscribers/followers and anyone else who happens to see this. 8 hours ago by apolymask in photography $5.72
  • 07-11 Stacking Silver is more fun when the coins are awesome 8 hours ago by alexgr in photography $32.86
  • 07-11 Restaurant Review - Che Taco in San Telmo, Argentina 8 hours ago by sponge-bob in food $19.48
  • 07-11 HEY STEEMERITOS! Here are 7 things or products from REUNION ISLAND that are TOTALY DIFFERENT from CANADA AND USA! 9 hours ago by powercouple in travel $0.81
  • 07-11 Hand Made Children's picture 9 hours ago by desphouswife in art $20.98
  • 07-11 Dutchman set a new Rubik's Cube World Record by solving it in 4.74 Seconds 9 hours ago by penguinpablo in records $1.39
  • 07-11 El dilema que muchos tenemos: Empleado o Emprendedor 9 hours ago by luisucv34 in spanish $22.4
  • 07-11 TEOTWAWKI (An Original Novel - Episode 83) 9 hours ago by everittdmickey in writing $2.51
  • 07-11 Cookies made to look like Mini Food Dishes 9 hours ago by tokyodude in art $2.88
  • 07-11 Daylight Saving Time-- The Most Absurd Holiday 10 hours ago by therealpaul in writing $2.64
  • 07-11 Magic internet money meets magic internet blog. 10 hours ago by imarealboy777 in magicinternetmoney $1.48
  • 07-11 Weekly Card Reading - Nov 7th - 13th 2016 10 hours ago by sunscape in life $1.56
  • 07-11 Gaming Artwork Alundra 2- Female Leads-%100 SP 11 hours ago by simonjay in gaming $0.76
  • 07-11 Amazing table d'hote 'Han-jeongsik' with 19 side dishes I had for lunch. / Food photography / Recommended for people who travel as a food and travel writer. 11 hours ago by bontonstory in foods $2.03
  • 07-11 Romantic story"Chasing pigeons."(For those who do not believe in romance) 12 hours ago by favorit in story $1.16
  • 07-11 Make a flower using grocery paper bag and old crayons 12 hours ago by pakganern in art $4.32
  • 07-11 A Question About Building Up Steem Power 12 hours ago by countryinspired in steemit $2.81
  • 07-11 Crypto Contest November 7: Bitcoin 13 hours ago by maarnio in bitcoin $5.29
  • 07-11 The Weekend is Over 13 hours ago by nathwright876 in life $1.53
  • 07-11 Tomorrow is a Big Day: Tomorrow will set the Future of the entire West [The Fate of the World] 13 hours ago by gliten in president $3.47
  • 07-11 Poker Tip Man Armen-"Short-Handed" 14 hours ago by armen in poker $1.2
  • 07-11 My espresso cup art: "SUPER MARIO" (originals) 14 hours ago by steemokto in art $4.81
  • 07-11 Balkano survivor pt1: 5 ways to make some extra money on Balkans 14 hours ago by dumar022 in balkanos $18.5
  • 07-11 TEOTWAWKI (An Original Novel - Episode 82) 14 hours ago by everittdmickey in writing $2.16
  • 07-11 2 STEEMIT RANDOM QUESTIONS: What is your Steemit Resteem Rate? And Why Is Original Content Declining On Steemit? 15 hours ago by mindhunter in steemit $9.2
  • 07-11 NEW Original Steemit Anime Commercial. Donations/Funding! Critic and Comment Please!All the Cool Kids R Doing It. 16 hours ago by sirlunchthehost in steemit $4.86
  • 07-11 What It Is Like Missing Someone You Love 16 hours ago by thegoldencookie in love $24.52
  • 07-11 How to Track STEEM & Other Cryptocurrencies from your Desktop in Real Time 17 hours ago by ryanbaer in technology $3.99
  • 07-11 the Daily Pic #43 (plus 6) 18 hours ago by daveks in photography $3.77
  • 07-11 The Secret of Success on Steemit [100% SP] 18 hours ago by profitgenerator in steem $4.35
  • 07-11 Help Me Choose My Hairstyle (Comment Vote and Selfies) 19 hours ago by sextant in hairstyles $3.55
  • 07-11 I am quitting my job to Steem full time! 20 hours ago by mynameisbrian in steemit $21.74
  • 07-11 Let's Make a cool conceptart! - Anastasia, The Crystal Keeper 20 hours ago by anritco in art $27.12
  • 07-11 Keep It Simple Stupid 21 hours ago by everittdmickey in steemit $1.59
  • 07-11 Sculptures at Wanuskewin Heritage Park p2 21 hours ago by daveks in photography $3.09
  • 07-11 Quitting Smoking - 48 Hours in and the struggle is real 21 hours ago by d3nv3r in life $3.89
  • 07-11 MakerDAO Governance Meeting Minutes 2016 November 6th 21 hours ago by kennyrowe in makerdao $0.08
  • 07-11 The Daily Tribune: Most Undervalued Posts of Nov 06 - Part II 22 hours ago by screenname in curation $3.2
  • 07-11 Meet the naked black hole - an invisible, rampaging stealth killer 22 hours ago by beowulfoflegend in news $57.23
  • 07-11 WHY STEEM COULD BECOME THE NEW WORLD CURRENCY 22 hours ago by riosparada in steemit $1.12
  • 07-11 The top 5 things I am thankful for... 22 hours ago by robyneggs in life $4.98
  • 07-11 Heart You Deceive (an original poem) Artwork by William Blake 22 hours ago by ezravan in poetry $0.28
  • 07-11 The folk-tales of Myanmar -04 ( Steemed by Henry Aung ) 22 hours ago by kachinhenry in life $19.3
  • 07-11 The Daily Better - 7 November 2016 23 hours ago by better in robots $3.47
  • 06-11 Autumn fog. 23 hours ago by always1success in photography $4.73
  • 06-11 Day 1 of Blockchain Money Conference 2016 (The Cryptoverse #138) 24 hours ago by marketingmonk in crypto-news $32.04
  • 06-11 Night Photography at Lake Ashmere in Hinsdale, MA (Original Work) 24 hours ago by nonlinearone in photography $31.18
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    I'm not sure what you mean by "donate" my voting power and "bind" my posting key. Will I still have voting power for when I find a post I like?

    Sure, you can still vote as same as before.

    Well then I really don't get it, how do I give you my voting power and still keep it? Am I giving you SP or is there something else involved?

    Ok, so then it does decrease my voting power some unknown amount, and I will have to watch that my influence is not too low. Will you tell me how much voting power you take? I really want to work with you on this but it seems like you don't want to tell me what you want from us. Maybe I am supposed to already know but I dont.

    It seems simple to answer, from the first all you had to say was, "Yes, we take x% of your voting power per day" or, "We use X number of your votes per day". I expected that and was surprised that you seemed so reticent. I would think you would want to be as open about it as possible.

    Sure, it will decrease your voting power, but the voting weight for every post is not the same, and the the number of votes per day is not the same as well, it's hard to tell you that, vote once with 100% voting weight is the same as vote 100 times with 1% voting weight, but if you want to keep your voting power above a level (for example 80% or 90%), it's easy to achieve that by a bot.

    I do know that, but since you won't be specific, I had to make a guess that you were talking about something else. To repeat the question in another way: How do I donate voting power without reducing my voting power?

    The voting power would regenerate about 20% everyday, If you don't want to waste your voting power, the only thing that you need to worry about is to keep it below 100% all the time, because it would stop regenerate if it's 100%.

    Thank you :)

    Hey better thank you soooo much upvoted you back, also is it possible I donate to this account of yours when I get the rewards?

    I appreciate it :)

    Thank you!!!

    Good inititaive. I just signed up.

    I agree, thanks for the comment and reading. I really appreciated the support today, as a Minnow (:

    Thank you!!!)))good job

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