Enjoying Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast

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Stunning view of surfers paradise

The next stop on our travel map was Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. There, as usual, we rented a flat over Airbnb for a few days. Even if you can not surf there well due to the low waves, the beach is great for relaxing after, for example, a shopping tour. If you go further from the beach into the city, there are a lot of surfer shops and souvenir shops. For example, we've bought a lot of bikinis and long tops for sunscreen from brands like Billabong in all the Australian surf shops. Also you can go to great party here.

As you can see on the pictures, there was a great atmosphere early in the evening when the sun went down. Even if you do not believe it, but there are no blue filters in the photos. The Esplanade on the beach, Cavill Avenue and Orchid Avenue in particular are full of clubs and pubs, as well as nightclubs and table dance bars.

My sister admires the skyline ;)

The beach along the Gold Coast amounts to a length of about 3 kilometers.

The beach sections are divided into swimmers and surfers as usual in Australia. In some places, bathing is prohibited because of strong currents. The beach is monitored by Surf Lifesavers throughout the year.

The beach also has volleyball courts and is partially lit at night. On the high-rise Q1 you also have a great panoramic view from a platform. For fantastic 360 ° views to Brisbane and Byron Bay (in ideal weather conditions), a visit to the 230m high observation decks on the 77th and 78th floor of Q1 is highly recommended. If you like it even more exciting, you have the opportunity to climb up 270m from the outside on this skyscraper.

Main entrance to the beach in Surfers Paradise

In the last picture you can see the famous main entrance to the beach in Surfers Paradise. How to sum up Surfers Parasie for anyone who wants to get a picture: Over 300-meter-high skyscrapers shoot up in front of the golden sandy beaches, in the streets the luxurious shopping complexes impress and in the evening the whole scenario turns into a party stronghold. Especially the pedestrian precinct Cavill Avenue is always worth a long shopping trip! In terms of entertainment, tourism, shopping and nightlife, Surfers Paradise is clearly the center of the entire Gold Coast!

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@katrin-lux, This Beach have very Clean and Crystal Clear essence. Good wishes from my side and enjoy your time ahead. Stay blessed.

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Thank you :) greetings! ,

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Welcome and have a great time ahead.

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Hi @katrin-lux, your pictures are so beautiful and feels so calm to look at... Also, the picture of the bird on the beach sand is an interesting one. I'd follow you more closely now so as not to miss any of your upcoming posts.

So nice words from you thank you! I definitly will Check your Profile Out more closely :)

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This beach kind of reminds me of the beaches I visited in Hawaii. I'm guessing it is a little tropical in Australia. Well, maybe not as much. But it still has a magical look there.

Thanks youu yes it has 😍

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