Riding Horses

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Born to be a Cowboy,
Raised to be a man.

Attracted by Eternal Joy,
Guided by His Hand.

My first time riding a horse,
When I was about 3 years old,
Around August 1988.

1988-08 Horses CROPPED-1.png

Gone With The Wind

I've been a fan of horses since around August 1988, since the age of three, or something like that, as seen in these two photos. I'm a big fan of farms, gardens, forest, the great outdoors. The air is fresher. Everything is better out in the woods.

Horning's Hideout

Was on a horse while at this Horning's Hideout resort during our church picnic. Bob Elkind helped me ride a horse as I was only three.


Our Cornelius Community Baptist Church had picnics here a few times in the 80's and 90's and I remember a few of those times.


I remember the bridge, the lake, a tire swing, the horses, the horse shoes (game), the picnic tables, the food, the cabins, some of the people.

Very interesting.

1988-08 Horses CROPPED-2.png

Riding Horses

By Joey Arnold

Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Published in July of 2018

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Horning's Hideout

Horning's Fishing and Picnic Hideout
21277 NW Brunswick Canyon Rd.
North Plains, OR 97133

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