I feel like Banana Blog #16 Lofeely Diary

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One day I will come back to your wonderful poetry. For now, as I am tired (started to translate the catamaran story during the bus trip (~4h) and I have just reached half^^ , then I want to translate into turkish :S ). But now, I want to answer to your sweet research 😃 I am going to Bremen by bus sometimes as I will start a student job there next month.
First of all, yes Talha is also an arabic name. I mean it has a turkish and an arabic meaning. I can remember, that someone I think it was my laboratory partner from algerie who told me, that Talha is a banana tree 😀 I had to laugh at that moment as I love banana like minions ^^


Yeah, but I read and heard about two completely different meanings of my name Talha. But I like also to be a giving tree ^^ A tree takes as you said this "poison" CO2 and changes it into O2 ;D
And Gürlek means something like thunderstorm , like the sound when it is very loud. But its not a common word. So, Gürlek's are supposed to be very loud and shouting ^^ But thats not always the case : D And the website you send shows only where this surname is spread all over the world. Just like registrations of people. Its not the original DNA root search. This exists also, but thats not the case here. https://www.myheritage.de/ is doing this dna research.. you send them a DNA probe and they analyse it and can find your origins. That could be quite interesting and I am sure then it may look like your list of nations.
What veda mentioned was just that she was born in Germany (like me) but her parents are both turkish who came from turkey to work in Germany. Then they started to live in Germany and went only back for vacations to Turkey. And veda is now in Turkey for studies. What she will do after is written in stars 😃 So, yeah I am like veda in that case, my origins are turkish and I was born in Germany. I lived also in Turkey for 8 months during my studies.

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