SteemitBoard World Cup Contest - The results, the winners and the prizes

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Thanks for the prizes!....:)...

I still can't believe I managed to cling to the podium! Congrats again to @bidbots and to @chehkuna for 1st and 3rd place! And congrats to all participants too! I actually thought that towards the end clear positions would emerge but no, the only one who had a clear position was @bidbots and only at the very, very end. It was fun to the last match, the world cup itself also had many interesting turns!

Most of all thanks to @good-karma, @lukestokes, @arcange, @roelandp, @drakos, @stoodkev and @yabapmatt for funding this contest. And to the people who I understand were working behind the scenes for Steemitboard: firstly @arcange again, and also @techybear and @captaink! It must have been a lot of work especially with all of us asking "WHUR MUH BADGE" haha. I personally didn't have any problems, all the badges were there not too long after each match.


Outstanding! Everyone involved deserves a big "Hell Yeah!" Big prizes, lots of participation, daily activity and involvement, simple to play, no scammy rules or spammy behaviors, friends made, free badges, awesome artwork, sports camaraderie, healthy competition on an equal playing field, excellent contest management, timely results, and the rewards for everyone was a pleasant surprise. I could not ask for anything more in a contest, and I can't think of anything I would have changed, other than perhaps adding a little bit more time to allow people to place their bets. I think you guys did the best you could, and I appreciate how humble the responses were to people making requests or saying dumb things.

This was the single most worthwhile event on Steemit I have experienced since I started a year ago. Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this so great!

This was a great contest! And very easy to participate in! Congrats on that! I'm a bit bummed out that i saw your contest after a few games were already completed. But was very happy to participate in it! Hope to see something similar in the future with other tournaments! :)

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Congratulations to all the winners. I enjoyed participating in the contest, although I didn't win the first place 😀

You are honorary pirate winner in our book!!

Thanks for playing an important part by sponsoring!!!


nice and amazing Contest

참석자가 많군요..

추가 보팅?..

Congratulations on such a well-run contest and community engagement program on Steem! I'm proud to have supported this event and I hope many people enjoyed participating. I was hoping to vote on more matches myself, but I've been quite busy and haven't been watching the games! :)

Thank you for supporting this contest .. You will have another opportunity to win the first place on another occasion.

It was great to paricipate @lukestokes ! I forgot about voting on some matches, and managed to get 27 badges. It was nice to play.

Thanks for supporting this great initiative!

Regards, @gold84

Congratulations to @txchoxi and @chehkuna for the prize and to all the winners ..
I'm happy for the prize I hope that steemitboard will do more contest in the future.

Congratulations ... you are amazing ... your results are cosmic

wow what a huge amount congratualtions to all winners especially top 3 heartfull thanks to @arcange for this wonderful and amazing contest conducted in a simple way and gave oppurtunity to everyone, even a guy without knowledge in football can guess and just made all of us to grow in steemit community.thank you again @arcange hope we will see more like this one in future.thank you yours @summisimeon

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