SteemitBoard World Cup Contest - The results, the winners and the prizes

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Time to discover who are the 3 winners of the contest

This World Cup has been absolutely amazing and we hope you enjoyed this contest as we did.

Let's start first with a few numbers about the contest

1. Players and badges

There were 1340 registered users. This is absolutely amazing as the contest was announced only a few hours before the beginning of the championship.

Out of them, 1096 successfully guessed at least 1 match result.
These 1096 users were assigned 18986 badges for successfully guessing a match result.

Among them, the 3 winners of this contest collected 127 badges on their own.
This means that the other 1093 players received 18859 badges.

2. Prize pool

The amount collected by @steemitboardpool was

  • 1750 SBD from the sponsors
  • 13.672 SBD from registrations
  • 2.142 STEEM from registrations, converted to 2.525 SBD

Therfore, the final prize pool before distribution is 1766.197 SBD and can be checked here.
NOTE: We will use "floor 3rd decimal rounding" for any reward computation since we can not distribute more than we have.

The winners

Gold medal - Rank 1

The world champion of the SteemitBoard World Cup Contest, with 44 badges, is


Congratulations @bidbots, you get 20% of the prize pool: 353.239 SBD!

Silver medal - Rank 2

The second winner of the contest, with 42 badges, is


Congratulations @tychoxi, you get 10% of the prize pool: 176.619 SBD!

Bronze medal - Rank 2

The third place goes, with 41 badges, goes to


Congratulations @chehkuna, you get 5% of the prize pool: 88.309 SBD!

The attribution of the third place was a bit more difficult, as there were 3 players with 41 badges: @chehkuna, @luisrojas06 and @kinakomochi.
We had to go back to the results of the group phase to find out that @chehkuna was the leader of the 3 contestants with 1 more badge.
Moreover, he was the fastest to make his bet in the match for final, which makes him the undisputed winner of this 3rd place.

Contest final top 25 ranking

1 @bidbots44
2 @tychoxi42
3 @chehkuna41
4 @luisrojas0641
5 @kinakomochi41
6 @kylestam40
7 @flemingfarm40
8 @yulismal40
9 @fw20640
10 @minimining39
11 @ascheriit39
12 @georgebush139
13 @vicspics39
14 @correia39
15 @stimp102439
16 @vicentelardo38
17 @minders38
18 @misbahjuli38
19 @alucare38
20 @homesteadlt38
21 @full-measure38
22 @cranium38
23 @blockcryptochain38
24 @truebar38
25 @maltoz38

You can now find the full ranking here.

prize pool distribution among other players

As mentioned above, there were 18859 badges collected by all players but the 3 winners.
The remaining of the prize pool is 1766.197 - 353.239 - 88.309 - 176.619 = 1148.030 SBD

Therefore, each collected badge has a value of 1148.030 / 18859 = 0.060 SBD

Here is the complete detail of the rewards for players based on the number of badges they own:

badgesPlayersReward (SBD)

Rewards will be distributed in 24 hours, which should allow those who would like to challenge these results (errare humanum est) to come forward.

An additional reward for everyone!

Finally, each participant who registered in the SteemitBoard World Cup Contest will also receive this commemorative badge, which will be displayed on your personal page.

Congratulations to all the players, to the winners and thank you all for your participation in this contest!

Thanks again to our sponsors
Gold sponsorsSilver sponsorsBronze sponsors

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Thanks for the prizes!....:)...

I still can't believe I managed to cling to the podium! Congrats again to @bidbots and to @chehkuna for 1st and 3rd place! And congrats to all participants too! I actually thought that towards the end clear positions would emerge but no, the only one who had a clear position was @bidbots and only at the very, very end. It was fun to the last match, the world cup itself also had many interesting turns!

Most of all thanks to @good-karma, @lukestokes, @arcange, @roelandp, @drakos, @stoodkev and @yabapmatt for funding this contest. And to the people who I understand were working behind the scenes for Steemitboard: firstly @arcange again, and also @techybear and @captaink! It must have been a lot of work especially with all of us asking "WHUR MUH BADGE" haha. I personally didn't have any problems, all the badges were there not too long after each match.


  ·  last year (edited)

Congratulations @tychoxi. You made an amazing contest!
The ones leading at first were not the same at the end. It was full of surprises, as for the World Cup itself.

And yes, there was a lot of work to do during this long month of competition. I will say I'm glad it is over, just to because I will now stop thinking day and night about it, till the next contest ;)

I imagine this was an incredible amount of work!

hey @tychoxi, Congratulations on winning this contest.

thanks, second place tho!

Outstanding! Everyone involved deserves a big "Hell Yeah!" Big prizes, lots of participation, daily activity and involvement, simple to play, no scammy rules or spammy behaviors, friends made, free badges, awesome artwork, sports camaraderie, healthy competition on an equal playing field, excellent contest management, timely results, and the rewards for everyone was a pleasant surprise. I could not ask for anything more in a contest, and I can't think of anything I would have changed, other than perhaps adding a little bit more time to allow people to place their bets. I think you guys did the best you could, and I appreciate how humble the responses were to people making requests or saying dumb things.

This was the single most worthwhile event on Steemit I have experienced since I started a year ago. Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this so great!

Please, stop throwing compliments. You will make us blush 😊

I can't think of anything I would have changed, other than perhaps adding a little bit more time to allow people to place their bets.

Yes, a few players asked for that. But I didn't wanted to change the rules in full flow. That's also why we did not apply our threat "red card - no badge".

Thank you for such a positive feedback!

This was a great contest! And very easy to participate in! Congrats on that! I'm a bit bummed out that i saw your contest after a few games were already completed. But was very happy to participate in it! Hope to see something similar in the future with other tournaments! :)

  ·  last year (edited)

This was a great contest! And very easy to participate in!

Glad to read that. We have done our best to make it accessible to all

Hope to see something similar in the future with other tournaments!

Sure. First a small break, then we will come back with more funny things.

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Congratulations to all the winners. I enjoyed participating in the contest, although I didn't win the first place 😀

You are honorary pirate winner in our book!!

Thanks for playing an important part by sponsoring!!!


nice and amazing Contest

31 badges and the 191th place. That's really honorable and far better than me.

I would have had more badges if I didn't miss some of the entries :(

You lazy pirate! 😝

참석자가 많군요..

추가 보팅?..

Congratulations on such a well-run contest and community engagement program on Steem! I'm proud to have supported this event and I hope many people enjoyed participating. I was hoping to vote on more matches myself, but I've been quite busy and haven't been watching the games! :)

Thank you for supporting this contest .. You will have another opportunity to win the first place on another occasion.

Thank you bro. Your unconditional support has been of great help for the good start of this event.

You were the first to answer directly "yes" from my first invitation to sponsor the contest. This was a real motivator to run it with the best quality.

You did an excellent job though I know it was a ton of work. I hope the rest of the Steem community appreciates all you do for them.

It was great to paricipate @lukestokes ! I forgot about voting on some matches, and managed to get 27 badges. It was nice to play.

Thanks for supporting this great initiative!

Regards, @gold84

Congratulations to @txchoxi and @chehkuna for the prize and to all the winners ..
I'm happy for the prize I hope that steemitboard will do more contest in the future.

Congratulations @bidbots. You dominated this competition with a master hand!

Congratulations ... you are amazing ... your results are cosmic

wow what a huge amount congratualtions to all winners especially top 3 heartfull thanks to @arcange for this wonderful and amazing contest conducted in a simple way and gave oppurtunity to everyone, even a guy without knowledge in football can guess and just made all of us to grow in steemit community.thank you again @arcange hope we will see more like this one in future.thank you yours @summisimeon

Thank you for your positive comment @summisimeon.

Many thanks sponsors @good-karma @lukestokes @arcange @roelandp @drakos @steemitboard @stoodkev @yabamatt I have had personal interactions in the past with at least half of you and on a personal level I would just like to thank you for your input, generosity, contribution, work on steemit and more. You really do add to the experience and make this place even cooler than it already is. I really hope this post makes $1000 atleast.

The real winners here are you chaps!!

Many thanks and take care!

  ·  last year (edited)

Thank you @craigcryptoking. I do not really know how to answer your compliments.
Just saying thank you again.


This comment was made from

I think I won 34 badges. Thanks @archange for creating this awesome contest. Also thanks to @steemitboard with others sponsors @good-karma, @lukestokes, @roelandp, @drakos, @stoodkev, @yabapmatt. Waiting for another great contests for upcoming cricket world cup.

Thanks to all

38 badges! Nice score. Well done @ziarul31!
I added the date for the next cricket world cup into SteemitBoard's calendar.

Great work. Waiting eagerly for the upcoming contests.
Thanks again

Congrats to @bidbots, @tychoxi and @chehkuna for being in the Top 3! It wasn't an easy World Cup to predict at all, so well done for getting the badges that you did.

Also, a massive thank you to @steemitboard for organising the contest and last, but not least the sponsors: @good-karma, @lukestokes, @arcange, @roelandp, @drakos, @steemitboard (again), @stoodkev an @yabapmatt! Cheers for bringing an extra spice to the World Cup! It has been an exciting month and we cannot wait for the next competition (Asian Cup 2019?!...hahaha)! :D

Thanks you @travelling-two.

Asian Cup 2019?

I added the date of the event to SteemitBoard's calendar =)

Thank you @arcange! Yes, it's in six months time (January 2019) in UAE. The reason we keep up with it is because Thailand is in it. :p

There's loads of other footballing events (domestic leagues, Champions League etc.) or just generally any sporting events happening all the time. Love this type of competitive engagement. Again, thank you for being one of the sponsors :D

wow, I earned myself 1.86 SBD . This contest is win-win for everyone. Great concept and great engagement @steemitboard

Thank you @cave-man.

Congratulation for your excellent score @chehkuna!

Thanks you

congratulations for your third place.

You deserve more congratulations.

We all have to congratulate ourselves because we are all winners although some won more and others won little but in the end we are winners. This undoubtedly was an entertaining competition because it made you think about what team to bet so as not to lose positions and be aware that your nearest opponent bet so that you do not get everything is based on luck and extrategia and obviously knowledge of football.

Thanks so much for organizing this contest. It was super fun and all together it connected the amazing steemit community. Let's do those contests more often in the future, but with more help from the community, since I could imagine how much hard work was put in to organize all this. Really appreciate it. Thanks also to all the sponsors.

Many thanks @bumshak. We will do our best to organize other funny contests in the future.

Awesome contest guys!! Great thanks to you, the sponsors and the participants!

Thank you @cknr7

Thanks @steemitboard! It was a real pleasure to have participated in this contest, we will see you next...
Congrats to all winners!

Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for your participation.


Wow awesome thanks @steenitboard it was fun😋😋

Thank you @xawi

Sorry @steemitboard but the allocation of sbd is very poor... how can the 4th 5th 6th ..... 10th take so low ... though I'm not among them I got 28 badges (even though I didn't play some of the time) I just have to complain for users in that category... they achieved a lot but got so little...that's bad !!!

The rules were clearly stated and each participant, when registering, accepted these rules. You find them unfair, why not mention it earlier?

In essence, contests are generally unfair. It is often only the top 3 (sometimes only the first - winner take all) that are rewarded. For the others: nothing!

In our case, all participants who correctly guessed the outcome of a match received something.

Now, let's do some math!

Only 35% of the prize pool was allocated to the top 3 winners.
The remaining 65% was distributed to all other successful players, based on their score.

The registration cost was 0.010 SBD
The reward for 1 collected badge is 0.060 SBD
That's a 600% return if you were smart or lucky enough to guess the result of a single match, even if you are at the very bottom of the ranking.

You want to us give way more to the 4th 5th 6th ..... 10th rank.
OK, then please tell us how much will be left for the lowest ranked players?

Do you still consider it as "bad !!!" or unfair? Make your own contest with your own rules!

Fair enough

I agree. Great contest. Lots of fun, but the prizes aren't being distributed well. At least have joint third place. Very unfair to those who scored 41 and are in 4th and 5th place.

I don't think so, the reward is fair. Just as every contest has a rule so does this. Beside the persons in that position did not state out a complain. I remember reading a post from the board on how the 3rd position will be selected , which is a sign of transparency.

it was very easy and a nice contest. thanks to @steemitboard and @arcange for such a lovely contest. And congrates to @bidbots @tychoxi @chehkuna and all the participants for their great work..

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congratulation to @bidbots, @tychoxi and @chehkuna for winning the contest.

thanks to @arcange and @steemitboard team, and the sponsors for amazing world cup contest. it's been amazing month during the contest, easy to bids and fast result.

great job, all!

Thank you @yulismal

Congratulations to all the winners!

Excellent contest!


good job


Congratulations 1st,2nd and 3rd. @steemitboard

thanks so much and nice

nice idea

@steemitboard very nice contest.i also enjoyed very much.

@steemitboard, I have not participated in this cup, which is disappointing for me. Well, no matter what the next time you see, but you keep sending similar information to the people. Thank you steemitboard .

There will be more event like this. Stay tuned!

hmm tnx dear

i will participate ...

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Congratulation to all winners and all participant.

  ·  last year (edited)

Congratulations to @bidbots @tychoxi @chehkuna @steemitboard and all the participants. See you all in Euro 2020!!!

Thank you @andyblack.

See you all in Euro 2020!!!

This leaves us two short years to prepare it. Cool, we'll be able to rest a bit before.

Awesome! I didn't do great I think I came like 8 badges short but was fun none the less!

Thank you @kryptocek. Glad you had fun.

Congratulations to all the winners, and a HUGE thank you to the coordinator and sponsors of this contest. I was doing a LOT of guessing, and I am surprised I got as far as I did. This was a lot of fun. Thank you again!!

Thank you for your comment @msrcwin.
31 badges and 203rd place, well done!

congratulation to @bidbots, @tychoxi and @chehkuna!
Thank you for all sponsors.

I would like a ranking badge if possible.

congratulations to all the winners and thanks @steemitboard

Thank you @rupjo82

I liked this contest, encouraged to do another but with another sport discipline.

... do another but with another sport discipline.

Do you like synchronized swimming? 😂

@arcange No, but you could do a contest about MLB. They are close to the close for the teams that win the divisional series, then they would be the championship series to reach the world series. It could be an option for a new contest.

We will consider it. Thanks for the suggestion.

@bidbots @tychoxi @chehkuna Congratulations guys for the top 3 ranks & congratulations to all who took part in the competition. Thank you @steemitboard for organizing this kind of amazing and fun contest. Hope there will be more amazing contest in future too.

Thank you @flash07.

Hope there will be more amazing contest in future too.

We will work on that.

the contest was really good, I only got 33 badges because here in venezuela there is a lot of problem with the internet and I could not compete in some.

greetings to all sponsors.

This is a fun contest! Congratulations to the organizers and sponsors! And of course to all the winners and players as well!

Nice 2$ :D

Thanks for all the work you have done to smoothly run such a massive contest!

Gracias por dejarnos participar en su concurso @steemitboard fue un placer muchas gracias, esperamos el proximo muy pronto felucitaciones a todos por participar en especial al ganador @bidbots

Muchas gracias @franciscana23

Wow congrats to the winners, I wish I was here soon.
But now am here.

Wow congrats to the
Winners, I wish I was here
Soon. But now am here.

                 - ogunwoledward

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Wow congrats to the winners, I wish I was here soon.
But now am here.

thank you very much! you are excellent! unique!

Thank you @jbautista

Dalam list Screenshot_20180721-003534.pngnama saya belum ada

  ·  last year (edited)

Congratulations @bidbots

Thanks for the fun contest, I thoroughly enjoyed it my one suggestion is like others have mentioned with more time to vote as I missed quite a few by not checking frequently enough. But even so it was fun just earning the badges and seeing how many people thought what team would win etc

Thank you for your comment and remark about "time to vote".

Congratulation to all of the winner of this contest.
I have enjoyed to participate on this contest.

I have got 20 badges

Thanks @steemitboard and all of the sponsor to arrange this contest.

good contest and did as you said, wish u luck and keep bringing more sports contest

Thanks @artcreator

Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to the organizers and sponsors/supporters of this competition, it was really fun, even if I missed some tips :D

gracias a todos por su medalla es genial

Great contest and congratulations!

Thanks to steemit board and all those that made this contest to be a successful one ,you all tried and the thing I like most is the transparency .thank you and may the God Lord enlarge you more .

Congrats to the people that made it to the top.

France is boom boom But congrats to all team they played well but here one lost and one win

A big Thanks to the sponsors of this contest

Gold sponsors Silver sponsors Bronze sponsors
@lukestokes @arcange
@roelandp @drakos

For what they have done and how transparent they are towards this contest thanks a lot .

To those who partispected and those who climbed to the top a big congrats to you.

I wish that this kind of contest will come again soon.

Just in case, I warn you, because you said that rewards will be distributed in 24 hours, that I have not received anything yet.

I´ve just recieved. Thank you.

Thank you to @steemitboard and the Sponsors this was a Great Investment and it paid out well for what you needed to Play !!!

Congratulation everyone for winning this contest

Thank you very much for all this good time that you have passed us, I enjoyed it very much.

Congratulations to all winners! Received with thanks on my part! (^.^)V

Wow thank you @steenitboard

Excellent contest!

mmmm ... the world cup is over and I really like the contest you made this. I hope this contest continues even though the World Cup is over. yes for example a very powerful contest is taking one of the top European leagues. I'm sure the steemians will also be very happy if @steemitboard will make a contest for one of the top European leagues.

how to be winner and what the task to be done

This contest is over. You will have to wait for the next contest to participate.

ok but what task will be there for example?

Wait for the annoucement

badges 37

I find it hilarious that the winner's name is '@bidbots'!
Congrats to @bidbots haha

It was a great competition! And participation is very easy! Congratulations! I bummed out a bit that I saw your competition have already been completed after a few games. But happy to participate in this! Expect to see similar in the future with other competitions! :).......

This was among the top contests for worldcup 2018. Participants were much excited about the winners announcement. I congratulate the winners. Keep up the good work

what is this? i can't understand.

Your Bolg Is grate bro Awsome info Thanks U
My reputation just 38% i am new User on steemit and i am Best upvoter and commntes

i am very happy to be part of this contest..kindly whenever steemitboard arrange another event kindly inform us through our accounts.. because we are also registered.. really enjoy this contest hope for more like that.. thanks

Upvoted !!

Request you to please upvote & comment on my blogs too as I am new here & need help of you guys to grow on Steemit.

Thanks, my steemit visited ^^

:D hey que buen post @steemitboard puede apoyarme en mi blog :D

Congratulations to the winners but unfortunately I didn't participate but I hope I will see more such contests and I will surely participate. Great initiative @SteemitBoard

Thanks for the contest @steemitboard, see you in 4 years!

I hope you will be able to participate in one of our next context before 4 years ;)

찾아와 주셔서 감사합니다. 많은걸 배우겠습니다.

Congrats to all the winners and they sure deserve to be the best indeed !

welcome very nice postanimated-flower-images-and-wallpapers-8.jpg

thank you so much


This is a nice contest but this contest ends.