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In order to prevent identity theft, identity deception of all types, and content theft we like to encourage users that have an online identity, post for a website or blog, are creators of art and celebrities of all notoriety to verify themselves. Verified users tend to receive a better reception from the community.

Any reasonable verification method is accepted. Examples include:

  • A post or tweet on an established facebook, twitter, Instagram or other social media account with a link to your contribution on Steemit.
  • A reference to their Steemit account on their website or blog.

Thank you!

Here is a link to a tweet from my twitter account. Please consider this my verification.

GeddesRya Ryan Geddes tweeted @ 30 Sep 2016 - 13:43 UTC

DIY Wall Mount Guitar Holders — Steemit… /

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Thank You! ☙

We are harassing all new users to verify their identity right away now? Hmm I don't like the way this is headed.

The above content was copy/paste from another site. The reason they were asked for verification was because their username was similar to the name of the original poster.

We'd like to give users a chance to verify the content is theirs rather than posting a comment about plagiarism if there is a chance they are the same person.

Thank You! ☙

Okay that makes sense. I thought this might be some new verification comment going out to all the new users.

Those look great and a bargain price. Good work. I love having my guitars on the wall where they are easy to reach down and play

Good work. Up voted. Your up vote on my new joke will be appreciated.

Wow, awesome DIY tutorial. I've always wanted to keep all my guitars on the wall but have never fully had the space.