Intro: Jessamyn Orchard - songwriter, thinker, creator

I'm Jessamyn. I'm a songwriter, amateur photographer and mixed media artist, a vaper, as well as a philosopher. I enjoy creating lots of things, and sharing those things with people. I taught high school English for 4 years and I love meeting new people and enjoying the symbiosis of life. I am excited to be here with you.

I've been making music and obsessed with words for as long as I can remember. Even before I ever touched an instrument, I was always writing songs. When I was finally exposed to the piano at age 9, my life changed drastically as I was opened up to an amazing tool for musical expression, and I began fusing those words and music together around age 10.

I played music actively in my high school band, and discovered the guitar at age 15. It was an obsession, and an outlet to express the incredible angst that makes up the fabric of my being, even now at age 32.

I play the acoustic guitar, piano, along with a variety of percussive instruments, and have been recently combining those elements with the use of a looper. Looping is a performance art that involves building songs on stage, piece by piece, and part by part by taking segments of music and looping those on top of each other to create a full band sound capable by one person. I'm so excited to continue honing these skills, and you can check out some of that music in future posts.

While I am trying to make it as a full-time artist, I also work at a vape shop in Southwest Missouri and I am very passionate about vaping advocacy, and have spent alot of time honing my skills as a coil builder and vape trickster as well. I will definitely be blogging about vaping advocacy and other random vaping journeys as they occur. August 8th changed our industry in a lot of ways, and I'm sure that I'll check in regularly on that subject.

Thank you so much for joining me here. I was brought into the world of Steemit by a good friend, and look forward to interacting with all of my new friends here. Let's enjoy the journey.


Welcome. I think I heard about you on the podcast:)

@thecryptofiend Thank you for the welcome! I'm always nervous when any kind of reputation precedes me. Hopefully @quantumanomaly wasn't too hard on me. ;)

All good things! Been working on getting you here for a grip but I'm so glad you finally took the plunge!

No worries this is my first impression of you anyways ;) - liked what you said here, following. I was an e-cigger in 2010 for awhile - how's the industry going these days?
Best, Guy

No need to worry. He was very complementary:)

Welcome to Steemit!

@anns Thank you! I hope you follow along the adventure with me.

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What's the best way to spend $1,000,000?

Welcome aboard! I hope you enjoy writing and sharing on this platform and wish you the very best with it! :)

@firepower Thank you! I'm looking forward to it!

There you are! Congrats and welcome to to steemit!

@quantumanomaly You got me here! Now get ready to field my million questions! You are now my official liaison!

Im ready and willing, but if ever im not available dont forget to check out #steemprentice !

Ignorance is the night of the mind, but a night without moon or star.

Welcome ! and GOOD luck !

@jstreetman Thank you, and THANK YOU!

Welcome! You sound cool and I think you'll love it here.

@techslut Thank you and thank you! I think I'll love it here, too. Had a good friend trying to talk me into this for a while, and I'm so glad I made the jump. I hope you Follow and keep up with the goings on! I'm always coming up with stuff and love to share it.

You got yourself a follower. :)

There you are! I wondered when I'd see you pop up! I know @quantumanomaly has been talking to you about getting on here. :D
Can't wait to see what posts you have in store!

@winstonwolfe, I'm finally here! @quantumanomaly finally got me on board and I'm so excited to be here and to start sharing my thoughts and creations with the community!

Bienvenidos, buena suerte!

@gringalicious Gracias por su bienvenida!

Welcome to Steemit Jessamyn, Would love to hear you jam at the Steemit Open Mic Night You're going to love it here.

@luzcypher Thank you for the welcome! I just learned of this Steemit Opem Mic Night--great concept! I'm excited to participate and excited to be among a community of creator-minded people. Incredibly refreshing to see this kind of sincere community interaction in a social-media style space these days.

It is pretty cool, isn't it? Will be good to see you there.

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Welcome to Steemit!I´m a musician myself, and I´m listening to your album "The friendship confidential" right now. I really like it!
Is it possible to buy an album(for downloading) from you directly? Cutting out the middleman is always great..
Anyway,great stuff,
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@kooshikoo I will be recording a proper album in December, and until then, I'm sharing a more in-depth experience of my writing process along with exclusive videos of new songs and works in progress for my Patrons at

Thank you immensely for digging what you hear. It means the world to me to have support for my passion, because these songs are my soul.

Is vaping tailored to marijuana or something to quit smoking? I don't know a whole lot about it, but it seems like a very interesting (slighlty controversial) subject of which I have little knowledge beyond smoking a hookah, which I enjoy but assume is a bit different.

Great question/comment. It is definitely tailored to help people quit smoking, and I definitely wouldn't consider the act of vaping very controversial at all, regardless of what media headlines throw at the public. The average age of a vaper in the US is 55. Real people are getting real results after feeling let down by so many other methods.

Thankfully, we are at a point where it doesn't take us 50 years to figure out cigarettes are literally killing people and filling them with poison. The stats in favor of vaping are great. British Health in fact just endorsed vaping as a stop smoking method nationwide, as are other countries.

The only country not getting on board is the US, and I worry that is because of the amount of money the FDA receives from Big Tobacco & Big Pharma is hurting because not only national smoking rates are down (and moved correlationally to the increase of vape useage), but also when you have fewer smokers you have fewer sick people, which is definitely not good for Big Pharma's pocketbooks.

Also--depending on the shisha you use, the hookah you smoke, also depending on the frequency, can actually be worse for you than cigarettes. Tastes a lot better but wrecks your lungs.

Here's some additional info info you're interested in reading more about vaping in general:

Very informative! Thanks for the solid reply.

I enjoy a hookah occasionally and a cigar once in a great while, but haven't ventured out much past that.

Are you a recovering smoker or just enjoy vaping? To me it seems like a great alternative to smoking cigarettes and I believe there are quite a few no nicotine types of vape liquid.

Interested in seeing a bit more from you.

Keep up the good work! Vape on :)

Hope you appreciate this reference.


I forgot to hold my sign with my verification info so I did it on the 6th. You can see that post here:

'Cigareets and whisky and wild wild women...' Well, I gave up all alcohol four years ago, but the other two are tough to resist!!!))) Cigarettes are bad news for sure - 50 million croaked between 1950 and 2000 from tobacco-induced illnesses. That's a holocaust and no other drug comes near in terms of deaths caused. Vaping is all the rage where I live and I hope it will help those with a smoking tendency to live longer. Damn, I love a Marlboro Red though!