New STEEM... It's not like OLD STEEM

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As many of you know I am not a huge fan of the EIP economic changes. However, I am a fan of Steem and the change IS marketable.


People think Steem is dead the last they heard from us was the Layoffs.

OLD STEEM was dead, sad and lonely.... Filled with Geeks who want to talk about MATH

NEW STEEM is Fresh and new and exciting. It is filled with humans who want to engage, contribute and help grow and develop Steem. Everyone is onboard on NEW STEEM

We are not making changes because we are sad and scared.

We are making changes because the changes are awesome and FRESH.

I am calling for a full relaunch and Marketing Campaign.


New community funding -SPS
New Community Tools - Scot tokens and sites
New Scalability - Mira
New Economic Model - EIP
New Leadership in SteemIt Inc one of our funding and development companies
New Attitude - Thriving


Rude, Scammy, Bad Economics, Too much GEEK.

We need to package the idea of New, Exciting and Alive Steem.

Please help. It can be done in memes, stories, community-wide and outside.

Once we get some graphics, Posts, Blogs... and yes Memes...

We will start a full community-wide Marketing Campaign.

Personally I don't think the Math matters it is our actions and attitudes that matter.

Time to stop fighting and GET ON BOARD


Outreach ideas so far. (mostly small, need more...)

Steemit Inc

What else can we do without a budget? Please brainstorm.

OLD STEEM: Didn't work

It's a great campaign designed after old coke and new coke, those of you who tell me you liked old coke better are missing the point, because the campaign is still talked about today!

Write up or Mock up your Ideas and let's build a Community Marketing Effort! We do not have a budget and we need your help and your support!

Use the tag #newsteem

We may never have this many changes at once again, at the beginning of a new bullrun. Let's not miss this opportunity!



I'm liking this!!


  • Get Rich Quick and Schemes
  • Non intuitive sites (meaning sites that were confusing UI)
  • Focus on one project


  • Focus on a diversity of projects
  • Successful money making projects
  • Focus on a diversity of economies with several tokens etc
  • New tools that support projects. Like hivemind.

You could possibly mention communities which are coming sooner than most people think because here's the deal they're just making changes to the Hivemind and some protocols and we don't have to wait for them to make a UI for communities. All the other projects can jump on it as soon as they make the non-blockchain stuff active.
So i'd have that as part of the marketing. Steempeak will jump on the communities quickly if nothing else.
So i see this as:

  • A new focus on there being one company not trying to do everything
  • Also point out companies new focus to live within their means... starting with SteemIt cleaning up their financials.

But I like get rich quick schemes. Steemit was more fun when people made money tbh.

claro,,,, la idea es que todos podamos contribuir para mejorar cada vez mas ... saludos

Can someone direct me to a link so that I can learn more about this "New Economic Model - EIP"?
I'm just curious. It's been awhile since I came back here...


Upvoted for blatant self-aggrandizement!


I agree with the sentiment, I am looking forward to the changes. Communities are my thing as I have my community idea but it would only for the UK as worldwide it would be too cumbersome and this is one of the problems for steem as it's far too noisy and posts tend to get lost among all the clamour, something that would be relevant for a small region does not always translate to a worldwide stage but at the same time you can on board people just as much by making content relevent.

Yeah me too.
Have you gone to the new post by steemit and per chance looked at their new document explaining what they're thinking about doing for the backend support? I wish more people should respond there.
I worry people will come in after it's done and say... "why did you do it that way?" And we'll be like... "ummm we were asking about it". haha

OldSteem thinking.

If we embrace and work on newsteem, oldsteem falls away.

You make content relevent with eyes on the site and upvotes and downvotes.

A free market approach.

From grass to grace

Love this initiative. While recognizing the pessimistic past, looking forward to an optimistic future.

One of the most brilliant marketing that I have heard of was done by a Russian band of orphans Laskovy May. This is what they did: This took place the mid 80s believe. They had a truckload of cassette tapes (literally). They made copies of their album. Went to the train stations and started giving away these cassettes for free to travelers and train conductors. It is believed that is how they became popular.

So, what I would suggest is some groups like @steemonboarding or @steemalliance or anybody else creates media kits for marketing so that every Steemian can use. Then anybody can print them out and post them at every bus stop, stores, message boards, schools, universities, work, etc everywhere around the globe. Designate a day every season to take action. No need to talk to people, no need to make pitches, just post the printed marketing material.

Of course, this would only work if there was a fast sign up system. Steemit Inc never resolved this issue even with free RC account creation. If people need to wait a week or two to get an account all efforts are useless. In this age, nobody waits that long to create an account.

We will get people signed up... Many of us including myself have accounts.

@justinw, I don't know who to tell, if you guys need help.. Come to us.



New community funding -SPS
New Community Tools - Scot tokens and sites
New Scalability - Mira
New Economic Model - EIP
New Leadership in SteemIt Inc one of our funding and development companies
New Attitude - Thriving"

You forgot about
New look (to the page) and
New roadmap

just for you :D

I likes it!


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:D Almost passed the exit

Hahaha :)

Ha, ha, ha I love it @soyrosa

Can I drive backwards on the highway? I think I missed my exit.

@whatsup -

This post has been sitting open on my desk top for a couple of days and I've only just got to it now. I really like the positive tone. I admit to having been one of the nay-sayers when I first started reading posts about HF21, and, I admit, specifically in relation to the creator/curator split. Like everyone who has a vested interest in Steem appreciating in vlaue, I was feeling hard done by. I get the difference between those of us (as in @ats-david suggests in his post), who haven't used fiat to buy Steem, and those of us who have used the platform to generate (a bit of a head of) Steem. My reaction was that we have created and thus invested our time and contributed in a different way to the develoment of the platform. The time spent on creating posts (people's opinion of the quality aside - that is another matter), is nowhere near what I could charge in my day job (and no, it's not what you think! lol). I was beginning to question what the hell I was doing.

I will also nail my colours to the mast: I prefer the creative process to curation. I would love to be doing more of the latter, but I have a day job that pays the bills...

Which brings me to my next point: I have not powered down - ever. After HF20, and I was paralysed, I received a small delegation (now returned) and I have given two small delegations - in the spirit of both pay-back and paying it forward; I have used some Steem/SBD to buy SBI and to host my website so that I can use @steempress (I'll come back to this). In the grand scheme of things, though, that's negligible. As is the tiny head of Steem I've managed to build so far. So again, the question arises: what the hell am I doing?

It comes back to what is, for many, almost a mantra:

I came to Steemit for the money and stayed for the community

Which for someone who is not a herd animal, is quite something and thanks in no small part to the big-hearted small community lead by @jaynie and @zord189, @steemitbloggers aka #poiwerhousecreatives and its members.

So, back to my question self-examination: It was @ats-david's provocatively titled post, Oh, No! Hard Fork 21 Will Kill Us All! that nurtured a niggling feeling that whatever happened with HF21, I'd hang around (as I think it did for @nickyhavey?). The reasons have as much to do with community as with having found two dapps that work really well for my purposes - both on Steemit and "there". Using @share2steem and @steempress allows me to reach not just a bigger audience, but different audiences, including some that would do not have the remotest interest in Steemit or crypto currencies.

So, as a person for whom investing in Steem is unaffordable (even when it was at its lowest), I am going to hang around. I'm beginning to warm to the new Steem especially if it deals with some of the nasty, bullying and bot behaviour that has made some Steemians lives miserable.

Thanks to you and @ats-david for a different and more positive perspective.

(aka one of the little guys

Well said Fiona!

I've made plenty of comments elsewhere on the platform so not going to spend much more time on it. Here's a time-lapse of my thoughts in comment form:

HF21 - hated the idea, woe is me, author rewards slashed, wait I'm getting something for my time and I've not spent any of my own money, that's still good, changes are coming, I'll do some more curating to get more, still got friends on the platform, still getting more than fb, twitter and YouTube combined. Staying, buoyant.

My HF21 lol

Nicky (another little guy)

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You are right. When I read his short novel of a post I was highly impressed. I am proud to say that @ats-david is another of my esteemed witnesses and has been for some time. My voting power juice is not very high, but I like your comment so much I am going to send...


Thank you @sgt-dan! Going to check Shade out. And your recommended witness...

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Okay... I've been here only since March. I've done well, but I have a certain toleration for being able to do what I need to do in the midst of head-spinning situations (thank you, teenage migraines), and picked up key support early...

But I read @penguinpablo every day on his Steem stats report, and Steem has three HUGE problems that interlink. Massive power downs, DAILY, in an environment in which activity remains steady and new signups are tailing off and HAVE BEEN tailing off steadily. The power downs, I don't have a suggestion about -- out of my minnow league (but hey, @streetstyle, getting folks to power up on a GRAND scale is your league, so maybe come speak on it).

What I do have a suggestion about is needing to find a way to onboard people and show them a path to success -- engagement, some kind of steady drip of cash -- SOMETHING. The stats show the system is losing steam -- there is no way around that, because if you have 1,400-1,500 new people coming in every week but engagement stays roughly flat, that means 1,400-1,500 have STOPPED engaging in that same time period. We are bringing fewer people in the front door while about the same amount are going out the back, along with those massive power downs.

Here's how we solve this: get high-value prospects on a curation trail at the start, just for them. I stayed because a kind orca/whale (I don't know the exact breakdown, but thank you, @carlgnash) delegated me enough SP so I could thank all the people who came through on my first posts, and that led to some decent early payouts in Steem terms for a red fish as those that I engaged with decided they would follow me. That was my early trail -- but that was not guaranteed. Let's make it guaranteed for those for who bring quality to the blockchain.

I came to this epiphany this week, when I realized: a lot of my support is from curation trails from different communities of Steemians ... I sort of backed into this position, not knowing what was going on. Now, all I have to do is maintain quality, and post regularly ... those trails provide me some income, and I realize I can now go take quality work and introduce myself to new communities that have trails. Not that many people are staying around to go through the process of backing into this position, and we can't afford not to retain the quality people among the 1,400-1500 a week that are coming in. So, start folks off right: get them onboard, watch how well they perform with #introduceyourself and just after, get them on a dedicated quality newbie curation trail, teach them how to position themselves to find other support.

We need to be INTENTIONAL about this, and the stats don't suggest we have a ton of time to figure this out. At the present rate of decline, we will have a situation in which more people are going out the back door than coming before the end of the year. Don't believe me? Here are the stats again; scroll down until you see the stats of new users, and tell me what direction they are clearly trending in. Engagement, combined with a little steady cash, will give new users incentive to stick around and see how great Steem is and can be -- we can solve this problem within existing resources AND, since HF21 gives more to curators, even make that an advantage to EVERYONE.

I agree with you. This is not an easy place to be. It is not just social media or a nice platform where you find a warm welcome. I left and came back after months. I know many who came with me and they left.

I find it hard to promote something I hardly understand myself.
Many contents about steem start in the middle of... and you need to be an insider to understand how or what.

Another problem is the language.
The faq is not easy, it's all in English and to most English is not their native language.
The step by step guide is missing, so are the ways how to be able to post and comment.
Not able to do so if you are new is the most ridiculous thing a platform can have.

There is no way you can search for "how to power up/get more SP", " why can't I comment on a post". I know it cost me a lot of stress.

I believe many switch steemit for palnet now (although it beats me how to stake and sell/buy there) and who knows steemleo or publish0x suits more people too.

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Hi @wakeupkitty have you tried some discords like PAL ,or Steemchat discord ?
You can meet a lot of great people. It can be sort of rough on Steem to get traction with people.

This may surprise you, but at under 5000 SP myself I am a minnow :) But I was happy to delegate some SP to you at the beginning of your steem journey, and happy you are still here.

I think in general, people need to be careful about conflating users/retention with value for Steem, and also about conflating STEEM (the token) with Steem the blockchain.

Users who power up Steem add value to STEEM the token, while users who power down and sell lower the value of STEEM the token - but of course, in both cases, by far the major driver of price of STEEM is speculative investment (or in the case of STEEM, lack thereof, currently). It is important to note that simply being an active user is neutral to price of STEEM, what matters is how much STEEM is held vs. how much is sold. I am of the personal opinion that the current situation with low STEEM prices and major holders powering down is actually good for Steem, the blockchain. For the first time in the history of Steem blockchain, the wealth distribution is improving. Whales powering down and a growing lower/middle class of users powering up = good for Steem the blockchain, even if it is bad for the price of STEEM the token.

Well, @carlgnash, you may just be a big minnow, but you have the heart of the noblest of whales ... your kindness tokens are off the chain ... or, I should say, on the blockchain for as long as the world lasts!

I really appreciate your taking the time to explain STEEM the token vs. Steem the blockchain ... so, the thing to watch for is speculative investment, which us newbies have no idea about on this side of the looking glass ... I'm glad to have the clues to use before I go look at the stats again. I do see in those stats what you are referring to in terms of wealth distribution also; there ARE a lot of mid-sized and small power-ups, and the fact that posts and comments are staying stable means that even with folks coming in the front door and blowing out the back, the committed Steemians might just be able to hang on and keep powering up enough until investors pick up on what is being done on an improving blockchain, and get involved in a sustained way -- which will then bring up the token.

I hope that you are right, @carlgnash. I still think it would help to onboard people in a way that gives them incentive to stay around long enough to figure out how this all works so that they, too, have something to power up sooner, and more often. But at least I don't have to be as concerned about what looks like a slow-motion crash and burn... and since I wasn't going anywhere yet anyhow, I suppose I will just take my newbie self away to go create my next post...

BTW I certainly wasn't meaning to imply that there was no need to do what you say and onboard people in a way that they stick around. That is actually one of the clearest and easiest paths forward that I see, and unfortunately, one that the new "economic incentive plan" proposed in the hardfork will make much tougher. At the top with the large stakeholders who make these decisions, there is a general opinion that the smallest accounts really don't matter. This is actually ignoring the reality of the situation, which is that the smallest accounts are the only thing working currently, and the best thing that Steem (the blockchain) has going in terms of users. There is a tremendous incentive to power up when you are a new user. The 15 SP delegated to you doesn't even allow you to make more than a handful of comments, so the first 50 SP earned or so is almost always powered up by an account that wants to be able to transact. Onboard a thousand new users into communities of supportive folk and they will power up 50,000 SP in short order. One new whale investor that earns 50,000 SP from delegations to a bid bot will sell that amount. I personally am fine with the price remaining low and the larger stakeholders selling, while the small accounts grow. Steem has always had a terribly uneven stake distribution right from the beginning, and the current system and price of STEEM is working to help solve that.

But ultimately, it isn't investors or small accounts using Steem blockchain as a social media / blogging platform that is the future of Steem the blockchain. It is DAPP development. Price of STEEM being low is actually a great thing there, it allows DAPPs to buy enough resources at a low price for their users to record custom json transactions to the blockchain. Until/unless the demand for SP to provide resource credits for DAPPs exceeds the short term profit possible from leasing SP to bid bots, Steem isn't going anywhere. When that point does come though, bid bot problem will solve itself.

@carlgnash -- I did go on and make my new post... people like me just don't understand giving up, and even under the new EIP, I expect to do well. I don't expect that you expect to not do well. What I don't want to see, down the line, is folks talking about "Steem is great, but there was no way for newbies from summer 2019 to find a way to enjoy it." I don't want that to be the case on Steemit -- HOWEVER, I do see that perhaps it could be another DAPP that will get the job done. I intend in the very near future to start exploring Steempress to publish more extended writing works, for example. Perhaps the Steem journey could best be thought of as a relay race... the whole team wins in the end.

About bid bots I have nothing of great intelligence to say, except that I know from those stats that they account for only around .44 percent of transactions. That must be a powerful .44 percent, if they account for all those massive power downs -- and yes, there is no way for Steem the token to rise significantly under those conditions. That said, it makes sense to just hang on with Steem the blockchain and just stack STEEM and power it up at this low cost -- especially before the EIP, when it is easier for authors to do that stacking. To me, nothing will be lost; the discipline it takes to do enough to get rewarded around here pays off everywhere. What will be gained by HODLing if things turn out well will be quite wonderful. So, off I go to start planning future posts... the stacking WILL continue!

I don't want to rain on your parade but as long as the main stakeholder dumping steem en mass on the exchange, don't expect positive results.

Stop dumping and bring steem to $2 and we don't need any marketing. Masses will flow in like back in good ole times.

Until then is just a waste of time. long as the main stakeholder dumping steem en mass on the exchange, don't expect positive results.

There's this and there's also the likely additional downward pressure on prices that we'll see from new "projects" dumping tokens acquired through the SPS in order to fund "development." So, it seems that HF21 might just be a wash in terms of STEEM demand and prices.

so much rain... We need demand either way, people control money. Excitement and fun bring money.

It seems to be helping create a slightly more level distribution and stake holding. If one wants stake there seems no better time... though that is not financial advice bla, bla, bla. 😎

Great to hear and always love your ideas! Love to help in ways that I may. Am always around some (where). Inviting people here and there too like @brockpierce for example and handing out some steem monsters cards and looking for more ways that may be rewarding to myself and others so we may grow together in community and more.

Hi @virtualgrowth! I enjoyed meeting you at Steemfest2. I know exactly how you can help Steem out. Coinmarketcap would love to have their Steem account which you seem to have the keys to. If you'd like to help onboard a big name in the industry who's literally asking to be here, you can help by giving up the keys to the @coinmarketcap account - and not just the posting keys this time please. Thanks!

Ha, yes this would help! PS. They are really dying to be here?

We've spoken with them at least a few times over the last 6 months or so about this - I believe they recently asked @birdinc about it again while he was respresenting us at a bitcoin conference in SF last week.

Hmm...some people only want to "help" if they can name-squat in order to "protect" the big names...and then sell the keys if/when those people finally show up. I wonder if that's the case here.

The huge thing about the SCOTs is that they pay out 100% liquid, they give people the choice of what to do next. Power up/ Stake and invest or transfer to another project, turn to Steem or simply sell. The power is back with the individual.

Please give a shoug out to Sportstalksocial...,.its truly social, people are engaging again there, fighting....about their favourite sports and teams. This is NEW Steem in action and I want more people to join cls I have enough staked Steem to give big Sporty upvotes lol. The other nice thing there is that people are voting for each other, helping to build stakes and rewards. Its brilliant! as is Palnet and the other SCOTs. The motto should be:
RIP Old Steem and welcome to SCOT Communities (finally!)

Final thing. I'm proper proud that you got a post pinned and featured, well done Ma'am :-)

Have you not heard about @likwid, yet? For a small service fee you'll never have to stay invested in the platform with any steem-power-rewards ever again...

Not sure if that's innovation or just a great farming tool for the bid-bot gamblers, though?!

It will be a farming tool unless the operators cooperate.

That was mostly just a rhetorical question. Maybe there was a little too much salt in my sarcasm?!

Allthough if the operators would just not pay out to farmers... lol... ethically even more questionable than the whole farming thing to begin with... but oh my would we get some popcorn!


Daddy likes lol

Now that is funny.

I will back this effort with upvotes. Great initiative whatsup! Whoever post their ideas on this post will get an upvote from me, the well thought ones get the biggest upvotes!


One idea I had was that we should be able to add and verify our Steemit accounts with Brave Rewards, like you can with youtube etc. It adds another way to make a little without requiring us to post through 3rd party website etc.

As this is a crypto related website then I would imagine a vast number of users are using the Brave browser... Makes sense to me to add this option.

Also should verify themselves with Brave Rewards as another income stream for themselves too (better than viewing the ads, and also people using brave that the ads are blocked then it gives something back)

I know this isn't a game changing idea for Steemit, but it will create an additional revenue stream for users without any hassle really.

Keep up the great job and support!

Here’s an idea 💡- try and reach as many influences (social media, or YouTube IG ect) and have them help us promote Steem. Why do people know who Dan Bilzerian is? Marketing. Influencers. Hot models. Idk if Steem needs hot models per say... but Influencers - YES

Agreed! Go to some influencer events in and out of blockchain. How shall we best go about this? :)

I think the solution is more geeks. But we need geek diversity! Fashion geeks. Fitness geeks. Science geeks. This will give us a vibrant ecosystem of passionate content creators that will continue to expand!

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Okay, geeks are welcome, but they can't bore us with Math Curves.

No one is excited about Math Curves. Except 10 people.

At least give us some charts! I love a good chart!

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The geeks on steemit are not even excited about these curves....

chair2 - Copy - Copy.jpg

.....which is shame, because the rest of the world is .
(well, nearly half of it) ..... and is worth billions of $ annually...

The virtue signalling 'woke'soy boys/girls is one of the reasons I'm not putting my venture here on steem. (There are other reasons to).

aaaaaaaand back to the 'understanding of human behavior'....or not, as the case may be.

I am now feeling very New Steemy now!

Check today's eve's post for curves.

Those are nice curves. I officially approve them and will test them out ASAP.

And then mail them to me.

I really like the idea of new steem , nice to see the platform moving forward

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I’m down to help. This initiative aligns exactly with my attitude.
I’ll commit to making an attempt at a funny video in next 2 weeks... new steem vs. old steem.

I would also like to voice my very strong opinion that a main thing that holds steem back is the bullshit trending page. It’s a well talked about subject. But it seriously hurts us. So many new people look there first and leave. We desperately need a ‘real trending’ that shows actual popular content that is spreading organically not paid for.
Would be amazing to rally a resteem callout initiative ....pointed at the front ends... like @busy @Partiko @steempeak @esteem
Time for waiting for steem inc to fix this obvious need is over. Like steem engine did with SMT’s time to beg borrow and steal to make this vital need a reality. (Pet peeve rant over). 🔥 to new steem!!

And market this as a focus on Diversity and DECENTRALIZATION.
Multiple interfaces to this one application of Steem shows a push towards decentralization of content. How silly for a place like medium to only have one centralized interface that doesn't even give you options on how to consume the content people make.

Turn the tables. y'all

Let’s together make our NEW STEEM more powerful

Six months in crypto is very long time and my vision is to make $7.77 STEEM

We STEEMians need to believe in ourselves first before we believe in STEEM

We want to close this year with $7.77

Yes, and please ask your people to use the tag

#newSTEEM on twitter. Talk about New Steem.

I welcome New STEEM

Every single minute I'm thinking over and over again what can I remove from PushBook model & Seven77 Challenge

SPUD came and went
STEEMClan came and went

Seven77 is here to stay months and years to come with STEEM

I've already saw few STEEMians are suing #newSTEEM on Twitter and I'll use in few of Tweets as well. However Seven77 Challenge remain same without any addition of new hashtags and continue to add STEEMians every single day

They are literally suing? Did you say sue, as in legally in a court of law or what does that mean?

When you take ownership of all your flaws and weaknesses, you ve won

I'm constantly cultivating to blame myself for everything

Sometimes I blame others to push our STEEM and STEEMians forward

As long as the blame is a form of inspiration.

Definitely all my blames is a form of inspiration

Thank you! I support 777 and I support NewSteem

meme 02.jpg

I just told eight people they can now get paid to watch me make an ass out of myself. Explaining STEEM has never been so easy.

Yeah, I just tried it out.

“Hey, guys! Come join Steem and get paid to create or interact on blog posts!”

“WTF is Steem?”

“It’s NEW!”

Fingers crossed!

Thank You for the laugh!

yeah, I'm not even a fan of the changes but I can see where it is a win for some.

I'm very happy with the changes in the last few months, and optimistic with what's coming ahead. However, I advise caution and not get too carried away with marketing yet. I'd rather see things being delivered, than remain as promises. When everything is ready and polished (user interface, user experience, SMTs, communities, blockchain scaling/optimization, dealing with abusers, etc...), then we can go full speed on marketing: look investors, see what we are today, join the party. Then, and only then, we will see STEEM's value skyrocket.

Staying positive is good in #newsteem, but I don't want to see history repeat itself.


That is OLD STEEM thinking.

NEW STEEM delivers.

Also, many projects market as a work in progress and that is exactly what we are.

Great meme @drakos... although your comment could have been copy and pasted from 3 years ago. Don't market till we're ready ... Will we ever be ready!?


Will we ever be ready!?

I guess that depends on what we mean by "we" and "ready."

The blockchain, in terms of functioning as a currency, has been ready for a long time. It has all of the needed and marketable features to reach those people actually interested in useful cryptocurrencies:

  • No transaction fees
  • 3-second block times
  • Large storage capacity and scalability

Why isn't this ever the focus for marketing? Why do we need to wait three or more years to market the chain? The content rewards system is just a bonus feature (although an important one), in my opinion. That can be marketed separately or as a secondary set of marketable features.

The secret sauce for Steem is the speed, storage/scalability, and the free transactions. But that won't be much of an advantage forever - and marketing it this way may already be too late. Shouldn't we at least try it though? The content/rewards aspect doesn't seem to be working out too well anyway.

Whilst I agree they should market, I think it is Steemit they needed to market. No transaction fees, fast block times and large storage do not interest the average person on the street. What does interest them, is a new type of social media site whereby you can make money...

However the horse has bolted and Stinc are trying to shut the barn doors. The time to market would have been 2 years ago, now I think these efforts are too little too late.


Wouldn't it be lovely,

if the big Steem owners (who like to sell their huge stake)
offer it to people - who understood that three powerful points you made -
if this people
do a lot marketing for Steem.

The result would be, that the part they did not give away, will have a way ore higher value and all win together.


That happens in life.

This is a great idea and the leadership from @nathanmars and @theycallmedan and others have been great.

I am sure their intent was to have folks rally behind them but also strike out on their own. If we are all leaders and making the charge to advertise steem, that is the marketing we need and you hit it on the head.

I usually do my marketing in the form of one on one which would make it more sales I guess. What would be great is a nice place for plankton to land and make immediate friends. To have a few other plankton as friends and a few dolphins and whales to drop occasional upvotes as a bonus to get them excited and producing good content. #powerhousecreatives is an awesome group but made up of mostly veterans and not a welcoming ground for newbies.

There are probably groups like that out there but something official or structured would be cool.

So not just marketing, but care and feeding of the new folks who come because of the marketing.

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New STEEM will help out new users. And yes I agree we need to support onboarding efforts and curation efforts.

I think that is an excellent idea ... if we add a curation trail to the best new content producers so they see consistent reward, that will incentivize more good production from all those coming on board. The stats I'm looking at say we're getting 1,400-1,500 news folks into Steem every week ... imagine if we had them all engaged and regularly producing and powering up and excited to be here!

100% agree with what you said and the meme explained all! One more thing that I tried to tell at the community feedback forum is bring the true experience of social media like FB, Twitter posting into STEEMIT! Yeah that might not work with current rewarding system, but blogging gets rewards and we absorb FB like social media platform into us with a new token!
Anyway now i feel we are moving forward, with SMT and etc we will move to top 10 CMC ranking as well!


New Steem is exciting, it is fun it is moving forward.

We know it isn't totally fixed. But it is NEW and Better!

I'm into it. Seems like a lot of folks (myself included) just lost interest in this place. Obviously the extreme downward spiral in terms of the price of Steem didn't help, but it's not 100% attributable to that. This place just needs a breath of new life and all of the changes going on are great.


Love the positivism regarding THE NEW STEEM would give you more SHADE, but I am running low like with my SP voting power.

Hi brandonp the SHADE tokens are on the way.
Thanks for sharing SHADE
To view or Trade SHADE visit

I'm a walking billboard for STEEM!


I've been around for a little over two years, and be it old STEEM or new STEEM, I'm in this game for the long haul!

I'll see what I can throw together in terms of marketing materials, and I've had a "Why STEEM?" article planned for a couple weeks that I could use to start my new wave of trying to get friends and family involved. I'll post everything I make as soon as I find some time around work and being a full time single father 😉

Wow - you're the first person I know of that has Steem tats! Amazing!

I didn't even know you were that hardcore man haha... yes, we got some exciting things going to come down for NEW steem just watch! I'll let you know so you can include your "Why STEEM?" piece. Good to see you around! Hope all is well buddy.

How did you of all people not know about my steemtats? 😁

I've been getting better. After having my head turned inside out by the love of my life, I'm finally putting the pieces back together and regaining some of my old motivation and creativity.

Good to hear from you, bro! Hmu on discord anytime!

Keep up the good work as a writer, worker, and father.

That's the Old Steem logo. You need to update to New Steem logo.

So just white out what I have, and fill in a circle around it? Meh.

It shows how long I've been down I suppose 🤷‍♂️😁


On New Steem Justine can Meme! :)

😂 I did meme it up today! New Steem is magical! I can even meme!!

I’ll just drop these all here...





Ok, ok.. I should slow down.. I don’t want to hurt myself. #newsteem on!

Haha... New Steem Fever.

You've got me chuckling here! 🤣

Hello granny. Cute.


We will never return to OLD STEEM

It was not a nice place.

I have a TokenBB forum set-up for #NEWSTEEM if people want to memorialize their ideas around it and strategize around it. Keep things going!

All aboard, the NewSteem Train

So... electric train?

Haha but i like it. We need a good image of an epic unstoppable train billowing out tons of steam but not dark dirty steem. Some nice billowing white clouds and a really tough train.


NewSteem is where it is at! Old Steem is dead. It takes some longer to get it, but it's just true.

Old Steem vs New Steem


Invest in Steem.JPG

Mmmm... right idea, but still some room for improvement as woman on right still not that hot...

Perhaps something along these lines, with updated for of “old Steem / #newsteem” :




Old steem:

If you think that our community is the equivalent of a Wikipedia article about Steemit

New steem:

No hype, no fluff, just walking the talk as the most active blockchain.

New steem = old steem for me.


I don’t get it.

You held a meme competition many moons ago. That's the one I made and stuck under your post. I didn't win.

Yeah, I remember it. I just don’t get it. Still.

You need to power up your meme game, bro! This is New Old Steem!

There was nothing to get. I just felt like doing that. Dude, this is New Steem. We can do anything, and it's awesome, by default.

Get with the program!

I thought I was with the program! You’re telling me I’m not?

How Old New Steem of you! For shame!

Seriously, you guys are my favorite Steem couple. So stinking cute.. love coming across your on chain tiffs .. makes my heart happy

Eww!!! Cooties! Get outta here!

Nope, too late. I must rubbed my cooties all over you and @nonameslefttouse. get used to it 😎

Cheers to #newsteem 😀

Forward momentum!

Let's NEW this!

You know what your problem is ?

You make too much damn sense....

best of luck to us

Really nice post dude. I think new steem is really good for all of us. The direction now is aimed to curation and holding more steem and tokens. Sounds good for everyone, who wants make investment. I like the changes on dtube with avalon, where we got 100% curation reward. Palnet work too with 50/50. So i see good future for smart tokens and new hf21. Steem on!


It's fresh has a new attitude. (I'm not a dude, but no worries)

Yes!!! No scams on the new Steem..

I would issue a dramtoken.. or sarcastic token :)

Honestly it’s got more viability and possibilities, but it’s all in the daaps.

Yes it is in the Dapps. It's in the mood.

A new era of STEEM has arrived. Get on board.

oh I'm on board sister.. I'm commenting and upvoting like I did...I mean like for the first time I joined 2 years ago!

Now if I can only find a circle jerk errrrr community that provides a token to give to each other even though it's based on the old Steem.. errr New Steem.

Oh out with the old in with the new. I'm not sure what is a new other than an attitude change (or lobotomy ). I'll rigorously upvote and comment differently. I rarely downvote.

we can do engaging I think if we don't have budget. Just double the effort to earn

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*Blind, crippled, crazy? We take them all!

Quoting my Marine Corps Recruiter when I was denied enlistment into the Army Special Forces.

Everyone has value. Even this silly meme. It is all subjective.Quality Content? That is determined by the consumer (curator) not the content creator. Why do I even bother stating the obvious? Well seems it is necessary at times. was done for some laughs, ALL Aboard: The Crazy Train: