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This is a drawing I just drew a second ago. It is based on an original format that I began drawing around 1995 in Oregon back when I was ten years old. I begun by brainstorming things for a Joey Entertainment System. I was also drawing pictures of video games and of video game consoles. I was coming up with ideas for having universal super computer systems that could play cross-platform or cross-console games from SEGA, Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft's Xbox, Atari, computer games, etc, etc. Here is the Joey symbol below. I have been drawing this for years. I've drawn different versions of this Joey Hook Symbol, but they're all basically like this. I'm Original Oatmeal Joey Arnold. I was born Feb 11 of 1985. This is a beloved icon of mine. I would draw it as a stamp that says I wrote or drew or did something. It would go with my signature.

Just Joey Icon 0001.png

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