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What is EOS Super Node

Super node in EOS refer to those nodes that collect transaction information and pack it into blocks. These nodes are also referred to as "Block Producers (BPs)" in the EOS white paper.

Since its release, EOS has been a star project in the field of blockchain. This is because its white paper promises many attractive features such as millions of TPS, no fees, etc. The DPOS algorithm is one of the foundations for implementing these features.

According to the plan of the white paper for EOS, the implementation of the DPOS algorithm requires 21 super nodes and 100 spare nodes.

The super node is mainly responsible for the following affairs:

  • Collect transactions in the network;
  • Validate the transaction and package the transaction into the block;
  • Broadcast blocks to other nodes, adding blocks to their local blockchain after verification;

It can be seen that the super node determines the stability of the entire ecosystem of EOS, so the requirements of the node operating team will also be exceptionally high.

The SuperONE team has over 4 years of abundant experience in in-depth research and operating graphene-based node in graphene technology, and has the ability to develop products( that serve the community. It is a team with a very comprehensive ability. The SuperONE team will participate in the election of the EOS super node with its own advantages.

Recently, BiBi News also made interviews with the SuperONE team about the EOS election campaign, and users voted of SuperONE team is far ahead.

SuperONE Team Campaign Declaration

1.The EOS node reward is reduced from 5% to 1%, calculated by an EOS of 40 CNY, and the node revenue is reduced from 100 million CNY to 20 million CNY, and the revenue is reduced to 80%. will this matter affect the enthusiasm of your campaign node?

Of course, this will not affect us. We have already been part of this ecosystem for a very long time. Our products are based on EOS. No matter how the income changes, it will not affect our enthusiasm to participate in the election campaign. Besides, the qualified candidates should first consider what can be done for this community, and then the community will naturally give a reasonable return on your efforts.

2.The election of EOS nodes is as competitive as the election of some small countries. EOS nodes are highly competitive. What do you think is the difference between Chinese and foreign nodes? Compared with Chinese nodes and foreign nodes, is there have an advantage?

Actually, there is no essential difference, People in different regions all come to compete. It just shows the internationalization of the project and the popularity of the audience. Everyone is in the same starting point to compete fairly. This is also the spirit of the blockchain. If you have to say that there is an advantage, then the user community of China’s EOS will be much larger than that of foreign countries. The graphene-based products we have developed also have a wide range of users, and may have some advantages in the ballot.

3.What are the biggest advantages of your competitive node? More token? Great influence? How much can you contribute to EOS? Can you explain briefly?

We are the first group of people who participated in the community of BitShares (the first blockchain project by EOS founder) and were the ones who knew BM the most. We have in-depth research graphene-based technology of EOS kernel for more than 4 years. We have developed the BitShares mobile wallet with graphene-based technology( and has a wide user. We are also developing the EOS-based wallet and will become an excellent project of EOS community and serve the EOS community.

4.A token is like a kingdom. There is a saying in Kennedy’s inaugural address. Don’t ask the country what it can do for you, but ask you what you can do for the country. If the election is successful, what will you do for EOS?

Our products can better serve the community and bring services outside the community, let more people to understand the blockchain, understand EOS and use EOS.

5.If the campaign is successful, how will it respond to firewalls and cheap DDoS?

Actually, the kernel of graphene has an anti-DDoS mechanism. Even if a hacker can find the IP of our node, the current cloud host has enough anti-DDoS capabilities. In addition, our team has members from Fortune 500 foreign banks software R&D centers and domestic well-known internet companies. We have rich experience in preventing hackers. We are not worried about this. As for the GFW firewall problem, we will deploy backup nodes in different regions and have the ability to switch automatically.

Super Node Deployment and Operation

Testnet and the initial stage of mainnet

At the testnet and the initial stage of mainnet, the EOS network load will be relatively low, we adopt of the cloud server solution after comprehensive consideration.

  • Block node: 64 cores 256G memory 1T SSD hard disk * 2 sets, at Hot-Warm state, have the ability to fast switching
  • API node: 64 cores 256G memory 1T SSD hard disk * 1 set

Growth period of mainnet

It is expected that after a few months on the network, with the increase in the number of DAPP smart contract deployments and the increase in node traffic, the super node server load will increase.

  • Within the cloud service provider, we can use virtualization and CDN technology to horizontally scale nodes.
  • Subsequent according the load of the api node and block node changes, we even consider to create physical data centers and provide the ability of remote disaster recovery.

The product of SuperONE

Mobile wallet is an important part of the blockchain ecosystem. The SuperONE team is a community-leading development team. SuperONE ( is a blockchain-based digital asset investment management platform. The goal is to provide users with more secure, more transparent, decentralized on-chain transactions and digital asset management. In addition, EOS wallet is also in full swing development.

What are the advantages of the products we develop? Let's take a look.

SuperONE video introduction:

EOS wallet video introduction:

What are the characteristics of the SuperONE wallet that is already online? Specifically:

Trading speed is comparable to centralised exchanges

With blockchain technology, we eliminate trusted third parties and conduct point-to-point transactions through the automation of processes and protocols. SuperONE takes full advantage of its BitShares system and has the characteristics of fast transfer and low transaction fee. At the same time, we also carry out groundbreaking innovations in the UI design of product, which greatly improve the user experience.

Secure and transparent decentralized transactions

Decentralized transactions enable users to control funds by operating blockchain functions to achieve safer and more transparent transactions. SuperONE ( has a simple user interface and rich trading features and ensure the security of user funds and personal data via decentralized capacities.

Integrated access channel of legal currency

In the later period, we will select the top-line exchanges for outstanding projects in the world and gradually open up the one-key recharging functions such as Alipay, WeChat, and bank cards. By then, the user access to the legal currency will be more convenient. At the same time, SOT as token for SuperONE (, you can register for 100 SOT.

Scan the QR code to download SuperONE wallet

Scan the QR code to download SuperONE wallet

Note: Android and iOS versions of SuperONE ( are available for downloading.

About SuperONE

We are the earliest enthusiasts of blockchain technology and we are the technical flow and aesthetic flow in the blockchain field, focusing on the management of blockchain assets and smart contracts. The SuperONE project sponsor (community ID: crazybit) is a senior participant in the BitShares community and has in-depth research on the kernel of graphene. As a community-leading development team, the SuperONE( wallet is developed to meet the needs of practicality and convenience of commercial applications, providing users with more secure, more transparent, decentralized on-chain trading and digital asset management platform.

Social media

SuperONE Info Channel:
SuperONE Official Group:
WeChat Official: superoneio(WeChat ID)
Sina Weibo:


With the strong technical strength and operational capabilities of the SuperONE team, we believe that we will be a powerful contender for the EOS super node and wish the SuperONE team to campaign successfully and jointly promote the development of the EOS ecosystem.

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