A journey into the unknown. Planet "Z". Part 7

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Part 7



And from behind the door to our nose stretched such intoxicating aromas... I knocked loudly on the door to Peter's room, and it swung open as if someone were waiting for us.

– Come in, dear guests! Do not stand on ceremony, come in, take your seats according to the purchased tickets, - laughing and making comic curtseys, the hospitable host greeted us.

I sniffed the delicious smell wafting from the kitchen, and, as if mesmerized, went there.

– Hi, Vickie, – Lee greeted me happily, his smile wide and radiant. – Good to see you."

– I'm glad to see you again, Lee. Besides, – I smiled slyly, – I want to taste your delicious dishes, the magical aroma of which I felt as soon as I came out of my room!

Lee's smile widened at my praise, and a flush spread over Her cheeks.

–Thank you, you are so kind to me, – he said, – it is almost all ready, all that remains is to serve the dishes and we can serve them on the table.


– Can I help you? – I asked the most talented chef in the Universe.

– If you like, – he said, – I'll do it alone much faster than with you. You just do not take offense, but I have to digress to explain to you how to properly decorate a particular dish. You can watch me do it if you want. And-this time don't ask me what these dishes are and how to cook them, I won't tell you. Let this will remain secret, and the me you impossible will become amaze)), – and Lee laughed, looking on my confused face.


– Well, I won't, – I laughed back, – if you're so greedy."

Peter interrupted our banter. When he opened the kitchen door, he looked at us menacingly, noticed that Lee had not yet begun the final stage, and shouted:

– What's wrong? The guests are already gathered and languishing with impatience, wanting to quickly satisfy their hunger, and they are sharpening their lies here! - and winking at us with one eye, commanded:

– Lee, one foot here, one foot there, five minutes for everything. – And you, my dear, – he turned to me, - Come with me to the other guests, there is nothing to distract our chef from his work.

Peter took me by the elbow and led me into the hall, where in addition to Arthur and Sam was my boss – the head of the laboratory, Robert.

Noticing my surprise, Peter asked:

– What's wrong? – I thought it would be nice for you to talk to your superiors in an informal setting.

– Nu, that you, I quite not against this, simply as something suddenly broke a...

– Well, you know me," the Joker laughed contentedly, – I like to do unexpected things.

After greeting the chief and exchanging a few pleasantries with him, I walked over to Arthur, who was visibly sad. I even thought he was getting jealous of Robert. "Well, that would do him good", I thought with satisfaction.

A few minutes later, Lee emerged from the kitchen, carrying plates of sliced meat on a tray. Deftly placing them on the table, he again disappeared into his inner sanctum, and a moment later appeared with a cart Laden with all sorts of delicious-looking and emitting a divine aroma, dishes.

Soon we were all seated at the table, silently devouring the exquisite viands, pausing only to raise another toast, delivered by our honored toastmaster – Peter.

To be continued...

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