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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents


~There is much truth in the imagination~

The New Teleportation Machine... - A ~Very~ Short Science Fiction Story
"Future Historians Celebrate!" - A Two Sentence Sci-Fi Slam...🚀
May, 2027; "Free To Move About The World," Part 1 - by Duncan Cary Palmer
May, 2027; "Free To Move About The World," Part 2 - by Duncan Cary Palmer
"My Little Margie" - A Theological Fantasy, Part I
"My Little Margie" - A Theological Fantasy, Part II
"The Olie" - A Work of Fiction, My Culinary Dream
"Numbers Game" by Duncan Cary Palmer - Part 1
"Numbers Game" by Duncan Cary Palmer - Part 2
"Numbers Game" by Duncan Cary Palmer - Part 3
"Numbers Game" by Duncan Cary Palmer - Part 4
Dreaming My Way to San Jose...
How To Deal With That First, Rough Morning In Heaven...
"Occult Antarctica: 2023" by Duncan Cary Palmer
The Fictional Worlds of Duncan Cary Palmer
"Too Much of a Good Thing" by Duncan Cary Palmer
Whispering Hope - ~Forbidden Tales~ From Your Bright Future (#1)
~ #2 ~ #3 ~ #4
~ #5 Work
~ #6 Relationships
~ #7 Sex In Heaven?
~ #8 The 'Noes'
"Jesus Wept" by Duncan Cary Palmer
"Old Friends" by Duncan Cary Palmer
"Justed" - A Glimpse Into The HardFork Universe of 2029
"Pulling Strings" by Duncan Cary Palmer
"Baby, It's Cold Outside" by Duncan Cary Palmer
"Baby, It's Cold Outside" - Part II
"Baby, It's Cold Outside" - Conclusion

Table of Contents

True Stories

~I know because I lived them~

"JESUS LOVES YOU - But I'm His Favorite"
My Home-Made Aqualung - A True Adventure
"The Nine Billion Names of Dog"🐕
Where It All Happens - A True Story
Going Out With A Song - A True Story🎸
How I Finally Realized The Importance of 💰Capital💰 - A True Story
The Insufferable Arrogance of Larry King - A True Story
Nostalgia Strikes Deep... 🍿CRACKER JACK!🍿
My Walk On The Wild Side - A True Adventure Hitchhiking
Los Angeles: The Left Armpit of the Universe
A Snake In A Tree? Seriously?
Park Circle North - A Childhood Adventure
Giving Back to the Steemit Community - Mission Accomplished!
The Day The Fat Lady Sang 🎤🎶
"Chaos-Brain" vs "Library-Brain" - Which Is Better?
Shake, Rattle, and Roll - The Sylmar Earthquake of 1971
Which Would YOU Rather Find In 🐛Your🐛 Pepper?
"If You .Must. Leave Your Dog 🐶 Home Alone...🐕
My Great, 😱Secret Fear😨
Celebrating Marc Chagall's 🔷"America Windows"🔷
"Ata Ata Archontos..." - A True Story
⌨A Commodore 64 Christmas, circa 1983?⌨
How I Was Captured by a Surprisingly Unusual Cat
Surfing The Time Wave
"Content Creation" Is Hard Work
The Mystery of the Old Stone Well
"The JV Canals" - A True Tale of Invention
Residue of A Day's Wearying Work...
Well, Today It ~WAS~ Rainbows and Unicorns... 😉
Top Brass Want *US* At The 2017 San Diego Maker Faire
San Diego Maker Faire Was A ~Gas!~
More from the San Diego Maker Faire
🤖~Cardboard Combat Bot Competition~🤖 at Maker Faire San Diego
Indoors and Outdoors at the 2017 San Diego Maker Faire
How NOT To Drive - My Rant On Respecting The Passing Lane
Our Supersonic Flight to Boston
Prop-Making for Beauty and the Beast
The SpaceX Falcon Heavy Test Flight Brought Me To Tears
How I Made A Chicken Play Tic-Tac-Toe - A True Story
Crashing Dad's Car: A True Tale Remembered...

Table of Contents

Reviews and Interviews

~Great books and authors~

"The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress" by Robert A. Heinlein ~Book Review~
John J. Geddes — Author, Poet, Saint
📚Book Review📚 - "Epiphany" by John J. Geddes
Science Fiction Book Review: Gateway by Frederik Pohl
Science Fiction Book Review: "Lord Valentine's Castle" by Robert Silverberg
"Walkaway" by Cory Doctorow - A Science Fiction Book Review
"Last Year" by Robert Charles Wilson - A Book Review
Up Close and Personal with @creatr
by @nextgen622

Table of Contents

Assorted Stories

~Possibly slightly embellished~

Is The Customer ALWAYS Right? - True Tales from the Trenches, #1
Reflecting On My Steemit Week...
I Will Write The Stories, Celebrating...
The Most Popular Person In Heaven...
Introducing The New, Improved, Emerging Me
Why Am I Here?
SimplicityRevisited: Minions Wanted, Apply Now
"'Ampa, Tell Me A Story" - 🐑A Shepherd's Christmas Tale🐑
Meet Someone Who Is Absolutely, Positively, Unequivocally, YES!
You're NOT Going To Like This Short Post...
My Favorite "Christmas Puzzle" Of All Time
TIL - Today I Learned that "Click - Bait" Titles Can Be 🌩️Dangerous!🌩️

Table of Contents

Stories by Guest Authors

~Some of my favorite writers appear here~

Solo Female Hitchhiker: Yes That’s Me!
by @acrobutterfly
Spaceship of Theseus
by @baerdric
The Day I Almost Died in San Antonio. Texas... (Always Listen to Your Instincts!)
by @denmarkguy
Up Close and Personal with @creatr
by @nextgen622
Visiting the Water Park With @creatr and Getting In A Little Trouble: A Steemit Diner Story
by @marxrab

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Table of Contents

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