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A while back, I published some articles about "beating cancer."

"Like werewolves and vampires, bacteria have a weakness: silver." - Nature

My intention was for the articles to be a public service to the Steemit community. I intended to "Decline Payout" on all of those articles.

Well, oops, I managed (with no less than five of those articles!) to fail in my intention. Yep, I hit "POST" without setting the "Decline Payout" option. My bad.

Giving Back to the Steemit Community

Giving Back to the Steemit Community
Photo courtesy of David Everett Strickler and

I promised to make up for those lapses.

I tallied up the earnings from those five articles and I asked the Steemit community to help me identify a fellow Steemian with a health issue. I planned to gift those unintended earnings to said Steemian.

While there were a couple of suggestions in response to that article, I ultimately (on my own) discovered the perfect candidate for my gift. When I read about @anotherjoe's dog Joogsie, her story tugged at my heart-strings. I think if you read Joogsie's story, you will understand what I mean.

Great Danes are Beautiful, Fragile Creatures

Great Danes are Beautiful, Fragile Creatures
Photo courtesy of Robert Jones and

In case you missed it, here is Joogsie's story,

as recorded by her "person" and lifelong friend, @anotherjoe:

Joogsie - A Friend Few Will Know
For our Joogsie - When it's Time, Decide and Don't Look Back
Joogsie July 4, 2007 - ... Not Looking Back
The Privilege of Weeping for a Dog

When I learned that Joogsie was recovering from surgery,

I realized that I had a better, more valuable gift for her than the modest amount of cash accrued from my "accidental" paid posts. I remembered that I had something that could be directly and immediately beneficial to Joogsie's recovery.

I had the gift of silver.

My present enterprise is fabricating and promoting the SILVERengines proton, a high-tech device that efficiently and automatically brews a mix of ionic and colloidal silver. I really wanted Joogsie to have the benefit of that "nano silver." Ionic/colloidal, a.k.a. "nano-silver," is a high-quality antimicrobial. I wanted to make it available to aid in Joogsie's recovery. Even though the proton is considerably more valuable than what I "owed" the Steemit community, I was happy to send one off to @anotherjoe.

Joe has been giving Joogsie some of the silver water made by the proton with her meals, and has also applied it topically. While in Joogsie's case, we can't report "dramatic" results, we are very glad she continues to improve and heal. Joe reported today:

"I did put (the silver water) on her wound, which seemed to have a visible effect. It healed nicely and some of the puffiness seemed to subside."

Joe also told me that he plans sometime soon to write an update article on Joogsie's progress.

We will of course continue to "pull" for Joogsie and pray for her recovery. May God grant Joogsie many more days of life in which to bless Joe and his family with her presence.

We are running a special promotion for the Steemit community.

For a short while, we are making the proton available through this link to fellow Steemians at a below-market price.


The SILVERengines proton
Original image by @creatr

With the advent of superbugs,

we do truly believe that every family would do well to have a proton in their medicine cabinet. Having the means to make your own high-quality nano-silver automatically at home will serve you well in the event that you or a loved one have to face this far-reaching epidemic of drug-resistant bacteria.

Users of the proton have reported life-changing results.

Our little machine has literally been extending lives (read "Sent Home To Die") and changing lives significantly for the better.

Having a proton on hand is sort of like a "resident insurance policy" against these opportunistic superbugs that have been taking over.

Please feel free to ask any questions about the proton or about ionic/colloidal silver in the "Reply" section below.

The content of this article has not been evaluated by the FDA.
Nothing herein is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Thanks for your time and attention.
You are why I'm here on Steemit!
I have very eclectic interests and hope, over time, to write about them all.

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I am so glad you were able to help her, I love my furbabies and would do anything to save them, your such a kind person who I look up to. Keep doing what your doing @creatr your the best :)

keep up the good work, you are a real community builder.

Glad i am following you

Thank you very much. ;)

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Great post.
Thanks for sharing.
Upvote and Resteem.!!
Steem on.

Thank you very kindly! ;)

Let me know if I can help! Great article...upvoted & resteemed!

Hey Rich,

Thanks so much.

The greatest help you could be (personally) at the moment would be to follow the link to my "Steemit Special" promotion and pass that along to anyone who you think would value the device I designed and build. ;)

Marketing is not my "strong suit," which is frustrating because I have a really life-changing product that could potentially benefit almost everyone! :)

I really appreciate that you've stopped by and also that you've re-steemed my story! :) ;)



OK... Tell the idiot which icon is the right link lol!

Sorry, Rich... Here's the link...

And, plainly:

I told you marketing wasn't my strong suit! :) LOL!

Joogsie looks like a good dog!

From what I read, she's a really good girl, and a highly valued family member! :) :) :)

very interesting !never heard of doing such a thing

Hi! I appreciate your stopping by and responding. ;)

I'd be happy to answer any lingering questions... :)