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@jenkinrocket Cryptocurrency for Absolute Beginners: ....So What Is Cryptocurrency, Anyway? (Part 1)
@barciszRząd: gwarant czy wróg wolności?
@acreolNew COMPETITION on Steemit! Can you guess all of the cities?
@rubellitefaeSteemIt Game Night: — Announcing SteemIt eSports
@ballinconsciousTrained by Corporations
@majesStars come out for A Billion Lives + 50 free tickets to the Hollywood Premiere
@mdcomesDel Cuerpo al Microscopio: ¿QUÉ ES UNA PAAF?
@mojojojoTechy Steemit Wallpaper ( Free to Use )
@cloh76I Dream of Steem
@beginningtoendPaying Homage to Pulp Fiction
@nelypLa aviación, un mundo maravilloso (VI) - La historia (4) ✈️
@slayerGenome Editing - This Will Change Humans Forever
@solarguyI Landed in China and Found New England. What a Surprise!
@supergoodlivingSuper Good Living: FOOD – Stew vs Chili – No SP Distribution Game!
@verbal-dThey Didnt See It Beneath Them Chapter # 4 (Original Story)
@favoritEverything went according to plan, but fate decreed otherwise...
@mamelBeautiful views come with a prize ! ;)
@movievertigoPylon Beauty
@shortcutIch müsste denken [german poem]
@techslutPinking Out Loud - How I Stop Being Scared and Embraced Who I am
@ianboilHow to make fake pumpkin with their own hands / Как сделать искусственную тыкву своими руками
@jessamynorchardPhoto Journal: 2016 Springfield Reggae Fest ft. Josh Heinrichs & Skillinjah, Zack Mufasa, 77 Jefferson, and Max Dab [includes photos and external links]
@shadowspubMajor John McCrae -- The Story of the Poem "In Flanders Fields"
@tee-emAfter We Fall: How to Find the Path Back to Success After Chaos
@veryricoHack your credit score: An easy way to a 800+ credit score
@virtualgrowthⓐ♠ⓚ♥ⓠ♦ⓙ♣ Vote to stake me in poker as a different way to monetize your vote 10/25 ⓐ♤ⓚ♡ⓠ♢ⓙ♧
@lemouthQuantum mechanics lessons on Steemit - 2 - particles, interactions and conservation laws
@michelle.gentIt’s a Wolf-Eat-Hume World - Deadlier Than The Male – Exclusive for Steemit
@steemitguideSteemitguide: Tutorial on How-To use Unicode Characters on Steemit Raw HTML Editor ! Includes Cheatsheet on Smileys, Icons and Symbols
@ace108🍰Now, that I have my cake, how do I eat it?
@beanzThe Steemit Bar is Getting an Upgrade & Moving to Discord! (Instructions & Tutorial inside)
@getonthetrainTowards Freedom [Original Poem]
@gonzoBraille – An Original Thought
@juvyjabianLegend of the Candle, The light of every souls
@lily-da-vineHelping An Englishman With His Tea (How to make Sun Brewed Tea, Acapulco Style)
@mweichMaximum warp - Engage!
@naquoyaPOETRY: The Game
@orcishPirates ❤original art❤
@scaredycatguideScaredyCatGuide to Real Estate Investing – Part XV – Closing On A Property When Buying Cash
@whatsupCan You Be Friends With Those You Disagree With? Let's Talk About It.
@future24🐒 Apes/Monkeys in the Berlin Zoo Part 7: A relaxed Baboon! (English/German)
@mikkolyytinenMidnight experiments but it's only eleven.
@kyriacosNature Photography in the Marshall Lake, Arizona Area Plus Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Photo [Original Work]
@onetreeEspecially for cat lovers - a true story straight from the African bushveld, outside my back door!
@prufarchyDrive-by Skin(Original)
@reneenouveauZombie Coworking and Management Strategies
@sulevFirst Snow!!! [ 50 pictures for the joy of Winter ]
@justtryme90The Future Treatment Against Antibiotic Resistant Superbugs May Be Inside of YOU Right Now
@merej99Best Practices for Steemit Newbie Artists by @merej99 - a 100% Power Up Post
@royalmacroOur Great Festival Durga Puja - Series Photography [Maha Nabami] #14
@anca3drandomA splash of color and the Vinca symbols - BeyondBitcoin Fan Art
@brianphobosHavasupai Falls (Part 1)
@faddat[ESSAYS BY JACOB GADIKIAN] Startups in Vietnam: Is economic standardization appropriate?
@blueorgySteemit Photo Challenge #14 📊 By The Numbers
@winstonwolfeWe need content from within Steemit to go internet-viral.
@richmanStop Throwing Money Into A Garbage Can: How To Resurrect Your Rechargeable Batteries
@thecryptofiendWestgate Hill Cemetery - photos for you to use in your Halloween posts
@bacchist[SFHL] Financial Report 2016-10-25
@krishtopaMonte Carlo simulation - the best risk analysing method
@krnelBelief Bias - Cognitive Biases (Pt.10)
@razvanelulmarinI'll wear this awesome t-shirt at Steemfest! ( and so can you! )
@opheliafuDay 15- SteemFest Art Giveaway.
@officialfuzzyE178 Beyond Bitcoin - PeerPlays, Steemtrail, Gridcoin, Steemland, Zigbee & Sollywood!
@knozaki2015Frequent Traveller #15: Airberlin Statusmatch
@marialinA Fisherman's Day(An Original Poem)
@anarcho-andreiThe Stellar Wild - Chapter 11

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You put a lot of effort into advertising the steemprentice members, you deserve a lot more thanks for it then you get too.

This post alone is a lot of work, you even put everyone's correct robot avatar!

Did you check all the robot avatars in less than thirteen minutes!?

I know several of them off the top of my head, all of which are correct to each user. Too many to be just lucky guesses :)

No reason to assume you would put the correct robot avatar for some but not the rest. Even less likely that the ones you put correctly would just happen to be the ones I know. LOL

You might have a point there. They are all right. maybe I should make a mistake on one next time? XD

Excellent.. this list is always inspiring.

Once again, you have done a fantastic job highlighting authors and helping the community grow. Keep up the awesome work!

I should definitely follow the steemprentice channel more closely to get interesting meat to read (outside my favorite science category :p ). Maybe next week :)

this means you need to vote more . 😆


I like @acreol challenge

Thanks for featuring my article, always appreciate the exposure you give me. Keep up the great work ^_^

Thanks again for including me @virtualgrowth! :)

Thank you so much!!!

I've gotta stop by and thank you guys. You are AWESOME. Words can not express my gratitude...

Yeah! Thanks for mentioning me :)

Thanks for including my post! It's in Polish, but the English version of this article is also available on Steemit. Here's the link for those who want to read it in English.

thank you so much :)

Woop woop! Thanks man!

Ah @virtualgrowth, I was pleasantly surprised to see I made the list. Thank you so much.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for including my Photo Journal of Reggae Fest in your spotlight!! I am humbled and very appreciative of the support!

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