Steemit for Dummies. 5 Simple Steps from Beginner to Steemian 80 lvl. 50+ useful links (2 edition)

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150+ upvote for the first edition and support from @cryptoctopus were two thing that became my motivation to improve this guide, because first version was just a simple list of links to my friends. 

Start to use Steemit and make sure it is not more difficult than any other social network.

This step by step guide will help you to learn quickly and to start using all the capabilities of the platform. 

Authors had done a great job on Steemit and had written a lot of good posts, which will help you quickly sort thing out. In this guide, I have gathered the most comprehensive list of useful posts, sorted by steps.


Step 1. Just do it

If you are a beginner, just start with the publication of the first post. This will allow you to understand how it works here in practice, not in theory.

The best idea to start will be the publication of the post "IntroduceYourselve". It’s like a tradition here. We are a young community maybe, but we already have our traditions.

If you want to see posts of other participants, you can use hashtag #introduceyourselve


The Blog Editor is convenient, but for some users, may require small hints in the beginning. If you have any questions about the registration posts, then use these recommendations. 

Success stories

While you are waiting for comments on your first post, read some inspiring stories from successful authors on Steemit. If you do not have enough motivation to write the first post, read those inspiring stories, because that is what you need right now.

Step 2: How the hell does it work?

If you do the first 2 steps, then perhaps you have a lot of questions: How does it work? Where did the money come from, and who pays for all this? Excellent! Welcome to the new world! The time has come to understand, look under the hood of our Steemit and understand how it works.


Read a couple of steps which will help you to secure your account and earnings.


Do not let SteemDollars remain just numbers on your screen. Everything is real and it is not a computer game. Withdrawal your money and do something nice for yourself, buy coffee, pay for an apartment or go to a restaurant. Have a blast and do whatever the hell you want! This is a great motivation for you to write more and better.

Step 3. Vote and comment

There are no moderators on Steemit, and only users must decide what content should be rewarded.

When you're a little bit experienced and figured everything out to pump up your Steem Power, it's time to start voting for the posts of other users and participate in discussions. This will help readers to find good content for them, and for you to increase your Steem Power. After reading this material, you will know how to work as efficiently as possible.

Step 4: Your way to success

I think you are quite accustomed. Good Steemit writers are creating a truly exciting and useful articles and getting paid for it with great rewards and gratitude. If you feel the strength and desire to try yourself in this role, now is the best opportunity to do so. Community is only in the beginning of its career and the competition between the authors is not very high. A few notes from famous authors will help you create the best posts.

Step 5. Steemians 80 lvl

After reviewing these materials and starting to use the services of this section, you will become a Steemit-guru and attain true power of the Jedi! ;) 

Thanks to all the authors who created these articles for you. Put as many as you can upvote for their posts;) 

Personal gratitude for @cryptoctopus for the supporting my initiative. 

Feel free to comment, if you have something to supplement to my guide. 

UPD. Pay It Forward. I’ll pay 50$ to three people for your undervalued posts

Have fun!

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