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Yesterday over 1250 New users joined steemit! So I want to give some of my secret tips on how to earn on Steemit. I thought about keeping these tips to myself but I think it will be good for the community if this info is shared. A lot of people join steemit and don't exactly know how to treat the network so I think these tips will help a lot of people. With that being said here are some of my TOP SECRET tips for Newbies towards earning Steem Dollars (SD) and Steem Power (SP) here on Steemit:


Yup you read right! A big misconception around Steemit is that you can just vote and make decent money on Steemit. This is true.........if you're a Steemit Whale (Steemit whales hold millions of Steem Power(SP) and get the most Steem Power and Steem Dollars for their votes. ) but for us newbies who have been on Steemit for a few weeks or less, this isn't so true. Although you will get SOME SP for your vote if the post you voted on earns, it will not be much unless you are first to vote and the post earns thousands. So you have to have very good taste and be extremely lucky to earn by voting in the early days of your account. Creating content is the best way for newbies to earn and it leads me to my next tip:


Steemit is a social network that pays its users for participation through the use of cryptocurrency. Key word? "Participation"! Although some users are making thousands of dollars for their posts, we must notice that none of the thousand dollar posts took less than 1 minute to prepare. Maybe not even 5 minutes. They took their time and really dug deep to put their thoughts to "Paper". Steemit is not the place where you will get rich off of selfies and funny quotes or pictures. Don't be lazy! Put in some time and effort!


Commenting is one of the most underrated ways to earn on Steemit. I've had comments on some of my post earn between $10 and $50! Only because they took into consideration of the second tip. Not being lazy. But at the same time I've seen 1 sentence comments that earn $.50 to $1. Its not going to make you rich but if you spend enough time on the platform and comment on posts that catch your interest you can build your SP balance gradually. Remember, building your SP is the most important factor with Steemit and we need to build that number by any means necessary, and commenting on posts is one of the easiest ways to do it. I recommend looking under tags that interest you, so when you leave a comment you will have some expertise on subject.


This is a simple tip but it's a BIG one. Most posts on Steemit that do not include an image, get skimmed over. An image in your post lets the reader know you took initiative of my second step and were not lazy. An image also gives the reader a clue of what to expect once they click to read what you have to say. Seriously, images are deal breakers for me when I'm browsing around. Often times I don't click a posts that doesn't have an image because I just didn't see it. My eyes, and I'm sure other users eyes, have been trained to only see post with some type of image beside the post. If you are not sure on how to put an image in your post then visit . Just upload the image you want to use in your post, click in once it uploads, and copy and paste the images url to your post where you want the image to be located. The first picture in your post will be the default image for that post.


Stay active and consistent and build a reputation. Post daily but do not spam. 1 to 3 times is my daily goal but I make sure that those 3 post are put together well. Spread them out over a period of the day. Once in the morning, then afternoon, then one at night. Your consistency will gain you a loyal following and people will come to your page to see what you are up to and whats new with you and your thoughts. Inconsistency will hurt your image and you will also miss out on SP and SD. Think like this: "If I post 3 times a day, with 3 blogs that are well thought out and put together with intelligence then that increases my chances of being seen by more voters which means more SP and SD." But do not over do your consistency. Do not spam because that will give you a bad reputation and people will not click your post.


One secret I have started implementing this past week is planning ahead for my posts. When I'm out and about I think of ideas for my next blog post and put them in the notepad on my phone. On the next day I pick 1 to 3 of those ideas and begin to write and at the end of that day I'm already planning what I will blog about tomorrow. That way I never go a day without a post. If my ideas start running thin, I post less that day and save some for the next.


Last but not least. This is my biggest tip and it shouldn't be a secret. But if you're new you may not know the importance of hoarding your SP. Steem Power is what effects EVERYTHING you do on Steemit. The more SP you have the more you have the chance to earn. It's like super powers. It is very tempting to want to power down and cash out all of your steem power and go shopping but if you ignore the temptation and hold on you will be very glad you did in the future. Your steem power is always growing, even when you aren't doing anything. And the more of it you have, the more it grows. Think about it like rolling a snowball down a hill. Or when a train gets rolling and starts to pick up "Steem".

The faster it goes the faster the potential to earn. If you hoard all your SP for months and years to come, you will be a whale who can just sit back and get paid to upvote. And thats my biggest motivation for keeping mine in my wallet to keep it growing!

I hope these tips help and send you in the right direction. I promise if you use these secrets you will be a lot more successful on Steemit than you think!

-Trevon James

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What you said is exactly right. I can believe in you when I see the votes and your earning, I understand the truth of what you said. And it is the real motivation to proceed. Thanks a lot for your advice specially newbies like us.

this article teaches you how to make money at Steemit, good guideline, and I will teach you how to transfer your Steemit earnings to PayPal or bank card?

This really helped me out as a newbie.


idThe whole steemit idea is now getting clearer to me. This post helps even though it's 2 years old. Thanks.

Exactly. Who do you listen to? I would suggest that you listen to people who have been where you are now and who have what you want (they have the results in physical reality). And ultimately, listen to yourself. I'm definitely listening to Trevon's insights about earning steem!

I agree with you. I felt motivated when I read this post. Thanks @trevonjb for your helpful post :)

What a great post. You clearly belong here, creating useful content! Come join the Steemit Slack Channel at . I'd love to chat with you about your work.

Joining now!

hi trevon , as always you are helpful as ever, thank God for the tallent.

I loved your post, I'm new at this and you cleared up some of my questions about SP

Wow, Just realized you saw the future coming way ahead of time, two years ago???.... Jeeze, that's super amazing.

Currently I see most of the people that have earned enough sp just delegate to upvote bots or sell delegation for sbd and steem, and that is way better than putting your money in the bank.

I pray I get the soon before things start getting crazy here

This is an awesome read! So SP is important. So do I lose SP by voting? I am not quite sure how the concept works around powering down or upvoting on peoples post.

The whole concept of steemit is to be active, but people want upvotes. Should I just hold off on upvotes and just focus on creating content and commenting? I know these are broad questions but two sections that require "powering down" confuse me greately.

I want to be one of the top accounts on here. I appreciate anyone who can input on this subject. Thanks so much!

just joined steem..
this is inspiration for me
thanks for valuable tips..

This is a really great post. I must admit, this would really help me as a newbie in this forum. Thanks!

Thanks @trevonjb for this straight-to-the point post. I just joined Steemit, and it feels like 'hey you came late to the party'. I didn't understand what to do and how to gain more on the platform.
Your post gave me a lot of insight. Now I know where to begin.
Thanks man!

you good at this, you could probably earn steem writing a blog for another steemer, like he/she pays you steem up front for the blog, then try their luck getting it upvoted

A good formula to earn

Wow, thanks for the load of info. These would really help me improve my learning curve. I am a newbie here and i am looking forward to build a good reputation on this platform, thanks to you my friend!

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You are great content to view both on Steemit and on Youtube @trevonjb . Did you ever show that logo of yours on a T Shirt? I was the one that made that comment on your live stream asking about making a group for the blind red monkeys 😛

These are good tips and easy to follow.

I like when someone follows truly their own advice!! Good job, friend! Take my cent and my respect :)

joined today and have no idea what this site is all about, i was browsing flip and got in here .. will give it a try and see the result


Dude these tips tht you just give are golden, even tho they are 2 years old.

Nice - I joined today and just read all infos I get about it... also decided to start to write my 3D printing guide here on steemit. Already wrote 3 articles :-)

I really love this site and community - thanks for your article!

Thanks a lot, very helpful post.

Hey nice post mate i am new to Steemit so this will be really useful when i start blogging over weekend =]

Yo yo how you been bro, I truly hope all is well💯 And I don’t think I’ve ever told you congratulations on your new born 🤫 lol you gonna have to kick a lot of buts seeing that you had a girl lol... but on the serious not bro you and the family are always in my prayers I trust wish you the best fam and hopefully we can get more post from you in the near future 🙏🏾

Awesome insight and useful tips for new Steemit members like myself. Looking forward to practicing these tips and getting involved in the community. Full STEEM ahead!

I JUST joined and you have no how valuable of a platform I see here. Valuable content like this. Will be saving and promoting this post.

Thank you for the tips.. It is helpful for newbies like me :)

Thank you for this informative advice. Looking forward to applying it!

thanks for the info. i learned something.

Very helpful and much appreciated. Thank you for the insight @trevonjb

I am a new member and i found this to be the BEST advice to get started so far! Thank you. i will be sure to repost.

Like others here, I am also a newbie. Steemit approved my account today and I am putting extra effort to feed my brain first about the site. This content really a great help to me to easily get an idea about how Steemit works. I learned a lot from reading your content and I hope that you continue writing more contents focusing on helping Steemit starters. Thank you so much.

Thank you for your advice :) Good job :)

Helpful material.

This sure thing helps a lot in understanding for a newbie like me. Will make this as my step by step guide in my journey here in steemit. Thanks a lot sir :)

This post is so useful for newbies like me. Thank you for emphasizing about the posting of selfies and funny quotes, honestly before this post I really planned of having post like that instead of preparing blogs but now I know. Planning ahead, I do that also, whenever I think of a new idea I immediately write it down on my notes. I might be slow right now but is learning. Cheers for this post! Hehe

wow!!! Thank you very much

Wow this was 2 years ago... Can we get a revisit? Did you make Whale staus?
I hope so... thanks for the article, I still don't know what I am doing on Steemit yet, but I am going to hoard my steem power so I can be a whale someday.

I learn many things from this blog :-)

hahaha that very cool

This is incredibly inspiring actually. I'll admit I've been in the crypto world only for a short time and had you pegged as the Bitconnect guy which made me a little Leary to watch but this was sound advice and has completely changed my perspective of you and really how much work you put into this. Well done. I am now a follower and will be interested to see what you do on this site.

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Wow I'm so sorry to hear that. That's is more money than I've ever even seen. I had gotten into Bitconnect to try only three weeks before it went down and thankfully only had 8 coins, which was basically all of my investment money I had raked together. I'm now also looking for other ways to bounce back from that but I'm working toward recoup a heck of a lot less funds. Good luck!

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Wow I wish I had known that before I went and sold all my coins for peanuts...I got just enough to make a couple plays on ICO's coming out and now I'm just going to ride those two out long terms and see where they take me and if I can gain any money back from market gains on those over the next year or so or whatever.

I think we all can agree now that your an official blogger now. You have great post, and you keep the readers attention. Good Job Trevon.

Thank you so much for your post. I am new to steemit and have been trying to figure out how it all worked and the difference between voting and curation and posting and how to earn the most.

This is very helpful for us newbies thanks your the man!

I'm one of those 1250 new members :) I've read a lot today about Steem and Steemit but i dont understand one thing. If everyone is making money, where does it come from? Nobody loses money?

Thanks for your tips :)

At least where it comes from is more legit than when the banking cartel that is the Federal Reserve prints Dollars out of thin air. :)

A very good article!

Great postdownload (4).jpg

@trevonjb, an eye opener post for newbies like me .

Thank you for some tips newbie here found it rly helpfull where to start.

good post really ! you took your time ;)

Excellent post, Trevon James! I just joined and found your tips helpful. I'm excited to learn and also share knowledge on Steemit!

you go Trevon been watching you spit the crypto game since bitconnect :)

Okay, so far this is the best information/advice given, that I've seen, on how to accumulate wealth in this community. Simple and to the point.

Great article. What do you think about video inegration in your articles? I guess that could give a lot of likes too. I am preparing atm my first steemit- german video with intro /outro and for sure helpful content in german:-) Much succes to you.

Thank you for the article! :) Good to have a helping hand while starting here.

One question:
In which form do you get paid? Steem, SteemPower or SteemDollar?
I always see the $ sign under an article. So is it SD? Thanks in advance

Your post is so helpful for me. i don't know much about steemit because i m a new stemian. I learn a lot from you. thanks Buddy

Thank you so much for taking the time to strengthen the conclusions I was starting to draw through experimentation, and to offer new ideas I wasn't even aware of at this time.

I am new to the platform and my only concern is about the quality of the content and how people will adapt to this, I can see all sort of posts already and most of them are of very low quality.

People should not focus on the money as a whole, in fact their main goal should be to publish something good that other readers would feel like coming back to read or to follow that particular person.

The more successful the platform becomes the more chance it will succeed and for that to happen we need genuine users that can produce good content; not only content to make money, but content that are of great importance and quality.

I can see the potential of the platform, let's only hope that the developers and the audience can come together to provide good content and service.

Great post. Most importantly, lots of GIFs!!

Yep i'm one of those new people too, this post is great for us.
Thanks heaps for the tips!!

Solid, nice tips man.

Nice suggestions for newbies like me. I always tried to create some valuable posts like you . But they are not so easy to me. Still learning to start from short paragraph.

Nice work. Although steem power will grow slower than overall steem if you don't post slash curate so again don't be lazy

Very good suggestions 👍🏻

This is a great tips for me as a rookie in steemit. Thx dude!

good tip for newbies. had some of my questions answered

Glad I could help!

This is a very concise and informative post. I will take all of your advice into consideration when I post.

Great choice!

This is very helpful. Thank you

Thanks a lot, great post that I needed to read. I thought voting worked as likes on FB, I have done it if I liked what I saw. But a plan sounds like a good idea at this point. The not being lazy point is most easy for me:-)

trevon james thanks for sharing such a tips. These many days iam just upvoting and have not earned at all, now i like to fillow your tips for growth thanks

This was so helpful. Thanks a lot, you do a good job helping newbies.

hahaha had a laugh and learned alot with this! truly helped my first blog as well.

I am new here and just been here for 3 days. Nothing much is happening to my blogs so now I know we just continue blogging and post. Thanks.

Upvoted you
Great post

Thanks for simplifying it. I was searching for something like this :]

Thank you for good tips.

Thanks for the tips

this was very helpful...Thumbs up

Thanks for these tips! Although, the one about hoarding your steem power sounds good. I'm concerned if in the future the whole steemit thing collapsed and the value of steem and steem power collapses. I'm not sure what the probability of this happening is. But wouldn't it be good to take out some SP in cash as you go for diversification purposes? Or do you think Steem and SP is that much of a sure thing that the dollar value isn't at risk of going down in the future?

Well laid out post. I love it. You just thought me all I needed to know to really get the ball rolling. Thanks for this great post.

Hello. I'm new to steemit and I'm doing research on how to earn sbd and power. Luckily I have found your post. Thank you so much!!! 😍

A great post for the steemit newbies like me.

Thanks for sharing this

Great advice but I'm such a lazy fucker so I'll never get by tip 2!

Thank you, very helpful. :)
What about the re-steems, how many per day would be recomanded?

I just signed-up on Steemit 2 days ago, and I'm still trying to find my way around. This is exactly what I was looking for, as I didn't even know what 'Power Down' was. I have a feeling I'm gonna love it here!! It somehow makes you feel like you're more a part of the network with everyone else, and not just a user of some companies site, service, or app. Thanks for your thoughtful post.

Very nice post, have a good day sir!

It motivated me, thank you very much !

Thanks for the "steem power" tip trevonjb. I think this post deserves my vote.

Awesome post, iam new i learnt many new tips surely those gonna help me alot. Thanks for sharing, i really appreciate your effort hats off ☺

You are right, since the day I have joined what you have said in you post I have practically found all those your tips awesome, in fact the more you will be consistent here the big you will earn.

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@tammyfit95 daghe un ociada, xe in inglese ma te spiega ben come pratica come te disevo ieri, xe de tegnirse stretta la steem power e no tirar fora i bori xk xe effetto palla di neve, più steem power te ga più bori te fa ma se ti te vol tirar fora la polpa te tocca darghe de power down e te perdi potenza...mi voio diventar una whale lol

I'm very late to this post! Thanks for the information, I've been voting on things and not understanding what was really going on for the last week!

This is my first comment in the Steemit platform.... It feels really good to put an effort to earn..... That too on a social network like this where people write thoughtful articles and share instead of merely copy paste articles like on other popular social media platforms.... I feel like I can earn right from my first comment... :D

Thank you so much @trevonjb for sharing your earning secrets. I'm new to the community and is currently doing engineering. Your post really helped me to learn more about the platform. :)

nice tips and really insightfull post. if we follow your guidance I think we can make a really good steemit community with a lot of usefull posting information to developed better steemit

This is such a great post!! I'm going to bookmark it for future reference as well.It gives such amazing and useful insights on ways and techniques on making money on steemit specially to newbies like me.Thankyou very much. :)

Wow! what a great post. You had given right direction to sail Steemit. Thanks buddy. It will be a great for newbies like me here. Thumbs Up. Keep the good work.

After I was curated by a whale for a photoshoot that I had posted, I was very curious about what it all meant and wanted to know how to be very effective and making money. This has taught me a lot! Thank you so much for sharing this with me.

As a newbie here this is one of the best articles i have read about understanding how the steemit system works thanks for the work.

Thank you for this highly informative post for newbie like me. Can i ask how you start building your image.

Great post.I am new on steemit.Its a very useful post for me.Thanks for sharing with us.

Thank You so much @trevonjb because I really want to earn in steemit but the problem is that, the site was very confusing, now i know some of the strategy. Thank You so much for this helpful post. thank thank :)

So isnt better to make tons of content? it is more reiable to make cualitu content?