How I Made $12,000 In One Month On Steemit

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Friends and acquaintances have recently been bombarding me with questions about how I managed to make a large sum of money in such a short time on I hope this clears up some of the mystery.

When I discovered Steemit in the beginning of June, 2016, I could see the future laid out before my eyes. I understood the powerful nature of such a new system:

tie a financial reward to those who are most useful to society and soon, you’ll have even the baddest of boys opening doors for blind men.

Then, you’ll have a world worth living in.

Bad behavior, like trolling has no economic reward in Steemit, so people stop doing it. It’s the most ingenious, "evil" masterplan for world domination ever. I can hardly stop thinking about Dan Larimer’s genius.

I employed many strategies and tactics on Steemit in order to maximize profits, but as you will learn, I did not worry about the specific rules or details of the reward system within Steemit. I did the opposite of what everyone else was doing and I focused on creating killer content. I will explain why I did this.

Main list of tactics:

gut-wrenching, honest writing
consistency (2 posts per day)
learning Steemit philosophy
belief in pure magic
going “all in”


This concept is greatly misunderstood by many people. It means simply doing to others what you wish was done for you.

Gut-Wrenching Writing

Once I had collected enough data to convince me that not only was Steemit a viable new social media model, but a potentially revolutionizing force for people, I began to radically expose my own truths about everything. I had a very strategic reason to do this: I figured others would be too scared to reveal their innermost thoughts, being such a new platform and all. I knew if I did this, then my posts would have a better chance of being upvoted.

The second reason I did this: want to live in a world that is more transparent. When we talk freely about our deepest truths, it has the effect of making those around us reflect upon themselves in a new way. If we muffle our deep thoughts, we risk the future of society not moving forward. People talk about the tech world as if it were the solution to all our problems. It’s not. Most of the problems lie squarely in the hearts of men and women. They are emotional in nature. Pain, suffering, feeling trapped, etc., are mostly connected with not living in a radically transparent way.
This video illustrates what happens when a society feels they cannot discuss what is truly going on:


I posted two articles on Steemit every day. No exceptions. No days off. Sometimes I posted 3, sometimes 2.

Learning Steemit Philosophy

Steemit’s philosophy is based upon the concept of non-violence. Dan Larimer, the cofounder of Steemit is committed to creating non-violent solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. In Dan’s words,
“I use Austrian Economics to engineer the economic incentives which make freedom and non-violence profitable.” -Dan Larimer’s blog

I learned that the more useful and helpful one’s posts are, the more economic rewards one receives. There are exceptions to this, of course, but as a general rule, this is the case. Not all well-executed posts get high rewards though, as popularity comes into play. But the usual click-bait type posts that lack substance are thrown to the gutter in Steemit.

Abuse is handled by a vigilant, dedicated group of very smart people. Those who plagarize are swiftly called out, and they are instantly outcasted. Steemit operates on the principle of reputation. If you abuse others or steal artists/writers work, you’ll be stripped of any possible earnings so fast you won’t know what happened. You cannot create fake Steemit accounts either because they are tied to your facebook or Reddit accounts. And if you don’t have Reddit karma, you cannot even use that to open a Steemit account. This ensures that Steemit remains free from abusive individuals who seek to profit at any cost, whether that be illegally or immorally. We don't want Steemit to become a shitcoin.


The most obvious reason I decided to enter Steemit in a fearless way was that I knew it needed women, lots of women. The digital currency space, as well as the miners is currently a man’s game. But men will go wherever women are, so I made it my #1 priority to show women the door to this new world. I needed back up too! It’s funny though, because the more I was in Steemit, the more I realized that my backup were the men who were actively making Steemit a great place. The investors, miners and cryptocurrency dudes became my allies, because of this one reason: they were making a shit ton of money from upvoting my posts. I was their veritable cash cow. It was in their best interest to protect and nurture me. At least that is how I felt.

This is shape shifting technology and philosophy!

I decided to sacrifice myself for other women, girls, outcasts, artists and misfits. To help them become free, too. I knew the sausage party could get out of control and make it a miserable place for women. Think of how many women get stalked, harassed and threatened online? Bad juju. But you want to know what turned it all around for me? A man. Dan Larimer. I began to notice that he was interested in people feeling safe. But he did it in a way that was non-violent. From that day on, I began to peel back another layer of Steemit, and what I found, I realized could change the course of history and enslavement on a global scale. I became unafraid from that day on. Thanks Dan.

Belief in Pure Magic

I know magic is a silly word. I am an atheist and my religion is the unknown imagination. Magic is defined by me in this way: when you dream up something fantastic in your mind and then throw it out into the world, that is magic. So, it’s not really magic in the most common usage. It’s the world of pure imagination that is lived out. This is my highest goal and driving force in my life. Imagination is synonomous with freedom, at least for me.

Going All In

I knew from reading books like Zero To One by Peter Thiel that it is essential to reinvent the world in some radical way that has never been tried before. If you look at Elon Musk, you’ll know what I mean. Elon had everything against him, but he refused to give up. Some dreams are worth fighting for. I decided to fight. I knew I would never be free unless I went all in.

Some basic tools you need to convert your Steem Dollars into fiat currency, like USD, Euros, etc. (But I wouldn’t take out one Steem dollar now, because you could make a lot of money if you invest in it).

There it is. I just paid for my hotel room with my Simple bank card using the digital currency I received from Steemit.

Here’s the conversion process for Steem:
Steem → Bitcoin → US Dollars

Also, here’s where you can find the market cap for Steem:

Here are the accounts I have that make this money conversion possible:


Simple Bank


I’m not an expert in financial matters, but I am learning at lightning speed from experts in Steemit who are. I would recommend using the above accounts for this one reason: I used them and I had no problems. They were easy to use and navigate.

See you on Steemit.


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[black swan]
[golden tickets]
[the factory]

Read about my superhero status here:

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wow !! you motivated me !!
i'm just noob -__-

Your magical experience will be very useful for many people. I congratulate you with great success. This will give many people around the world as an example!

As a new person to Steemit less than a day here, I really love this post and I found it very informative thank you so much.

I can feel you in your writing.
I just love to read more from you.
Its like time you invest in making good post is equal to your reward.


your writing inspires me a lot.
so thank you @stellabelle

I have upvoted this post just because it introduced my to the Simple Banking website. Thank you! (Not to detract from your post, which is also very good)

Thats some serious motivation @stellabelle. Look forward to some kick ass work from you. Thanks.

· was a bit like hitting the jackpot in the early days. Things have changed!


definitely and this makes us all the way more attentive towards them.


Hi! Your Craft beer article is what got me to look at steemit as I found it there from Medium. I loved it by the way. I am actually going to find it after this post so I can up vote it. I'm curious, how have things changed since the early days? Can that question even be answered in a reply such as this? By the way I just bit the bullet and signed up about 15 min ago. You were THE person I wanted to make sure to absolutely follow since you kinda got me to come here!

Hi @stellabelle :) I'm pretty new here and first of all, I want to thank you for this text. Very inspiring. I had very similar thoughts when I was joining here, especially about karma and fearlessness. Keeping that in my mind, I wanted my first "big" post to be both about the area that I know and motivation to others. So, I created the text that I had in my mind for some time, thinking it will really get atention and help/motivate some people of our community. I posted this text yesterday and I heard it is too long... I had to be honest, it demotivated me a little bit. Don't get me wrong, I know those are my first days here, but still...

Can you please take a look and maybe tell me what I did wrong there? Here is the link

Thank you in advance, I will follow you from this point :) Wish you all the best!

Woah @stellabelle,

I absolutely loved reading this.
It just resonates so much.
I am missing the women in blockchain/crypto world too!
I am going all in.
Igniting the fearlessness with me to move fully into this.

Most of all,

this post just makes my heart expand open and melt at the same time.

Thank you for your raw honesty and authenticity!

BIG love,



listen carefully to what I say: WORDS ARE MAGIC.

IMAGINATION is a powerful word.

I MAGE NATION ~ MAGE = MAGIC - the MAGI - the magic of the third eye
Nation is a relative to a nation of all people, also of creation and action, movement, causing to become.

Imagination truly is magic. Dont be an athiest, be an A thiest. GOD is real, but God is not, and religion is false. You are part of GOD as are all humans, sadly most bicker over a name or form for the infinte that can never be named and is formless - the true A ALPHA and OMEGA. A = the triangle, representing again, your THIRD EYE. :) I hope this kinda tunes you in more to your own power. WONDERFUL article!


Neville Goddard? Is that you!?
Loved the kind words old soul


We are one so read the comment I replied to the person above. Notice how both your comments are similar? Very similar brain waves, all fractals of the same soul.

Much love to you, appreciation is reciprocated! <3


YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME haha. That's awesome, I actually just commented and didn't read all that much. Check out my post I just made about synchronicity.. you may like it


also, why convert steem to bitcoin to USD? Just get a shift visa and you can spend your bitcoin anywhere visa is accepted, negating the 3rd USD step and keeping it simple: STEEM -> BTC


also, thank you for the genuine compliment. You deserve equally as much recognition, for without intelligent ears that hear and recognize truth, the words might as well not exist.


ha ha! Well said. I like it!


No, I am King Tyler. We are ONE so the resemblance is usually uncanny with awakened ones.

I am the first of many Kings here to cleanse mother earth from evil POLITICS. Politics = Poly or multiple and TICKS = Blood sucking parasites.

Who wrote the bible? Humans who claimed visions from GOD. If they could commune with GOD, then we all can - and most of my information is channeled from the highest of high. Our brain is merely a receiver :) Godspeed!


right on brother. The U.S. is a FREAKING corporation, holocaust gas chambers are a lie, Las Vegas Shooting was a shit show hoax! Pretty much EVERYTHING we KNOW is a LIE. Have you investigated Flat Earth? I am a born again christan from an atheist at age 47 WOOOWWWWWW!!!! in boble it says NEW EYES and a NEW HEART and me and my brother BOTH after lerning flat earth saw the WORLD DIFFERENTLY INSTANTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! The "THIRD EYE is REAL!

This is a very helpful article! You have described, very clearly, what worked for you here. This can be used as a starting point for others, and adapted for their unique personality. I will be sharing this one on Facebook and Twitter, etc.

I think I am starting to be fairly knowledgeable about Steem and Steemit, but I am always learning new things. In this article I learned why a person could not just make a ton of reddit accounts to spam the site:

if you don’t have Reddit karma, you cannot even use that to open a Steemit account.

One thing to fix though -- the link to Dan's blog does not work. I have heard you mention his blog and am heading there to read, as soon as I can get a link to it.

Thanks for another high quality article that helps the entire steemit community!


Thank you!!!

Well you keep posting great articles. The question should be why aren't you getting paid more.

Congrats on all your success here!

Hi there,
I have another question. You can "follow" someone...but where would you get notified of them posting? I can't find a "followers" section anywhere on here. Can you know if people are following you? Thank you!


The devs are working on this feature. Keep in mind, steemit is only 3 months old! There are many features coming, and are in the works.


Okay, cool. Thank you! I'm just so new to things here, that I didn't know if I was missing it. :) It's exciting being in on the ground floor (or maybe 1st floor - I wasn't there at the start) of any new venture, and especially one this big!

And.. You continue to bring superb content. I love it! Thank you very much @stellabelle :)


you're welcome.


thanks. I've been trying to write for newbies to help them when they first get in here. It's overwhelming. There are many layers, and it's both scary and complex in the beginning. I advise everyone to open accounts with Coinbase and simple bank first. Get that going, because it takes several days for the accounts to be active. Learn each step, and when you feel overwhelm, you'll need help. In order to get help though, you have to make friends. Friends love and support eachother. The real value of steemit is human.


Stellabelle this is great! If it weren't for all your posts on the CY Facebook group I would never have found this awesome new platform. I've been telling everyone about it! And because I'm about to bring over my community of chronic illness writers, I created a post that breaks down the whole system in simple terms and gives step by step instructions for writing your first post. Maybe your newbies will find it helpful as well:


glad to hear about the illness writers arriving. we need the empaths.


Definitely. I was trying to think of a good way to relate it to healthy people. We mostly have the same struggles, just amplified exponentially. More fear. More anxiety. More adversity. You can learn a lot from the people who deal with issues like this and never give up.


@mindover, I am interested in your community of chronic illness writers. Are they people with chronic illness that also write or do they specifically write about chronic illness? I have COPD and Psoriatic Arthritis and would like to join.


Hey Pangur-ban. Well me personally, I have Meniere's disease and I also run several blogs. I have a community that has built up around those blogs (really followers). But I also have networked with a bunch of other people who are chronic illness bloggers. So it's not exactly a community of chronic illness writers, but a group of people who have chronic illnesses, who I'm encouraging to write about their experiences on Steemit. Hope that makes sense. (This is my call to action post:

Thank you so much for this posting. I have been lost up until now. I may not be where I need to be yet but this got me going in the right direction. Accounts are all set nd now I start the 2-3 day wait. Thank you again.

You really are awesome thanks for being so open!

This will definitely motivate more people to open up and share their own stories here :D


radical honesty is the only way forward.

I usually like your posts but here I have to disagree on one thing:

"Going All In

I decided to fight. I knew I would never be free unless I went all in."

Now you are just sounding like a salesperson or someone trying to gain as much from others going "all in" as possible. And I know this is ironic coming from an account who with their last btc bought 200 steem and the memo said "all in", but this is still an investment, its still beta. So don't tell people to go all in or give up. Only spend what you can afford to lose, and try giving your time and energy to it instead and it will pay you well enough in the future.

Just my 2 Steem.


Early adopters who put in the sweat always win! Good job Stella!

Oh wow! I just signed up in here because my husband mention this one to me and I got curious. But before I can move forward I realy needed something like this to help me understand more and things that I need to know. Thank you so much for this great article that would really help newbies like me.

you were early bird... you could have made 12.000 by investing only 200 dollars

The way you write is a breeze to read. Thank you for these insights, I'll let them sink in. Now the introduction to Dan's philosophy intrigue me. And the introduction to Austria's economics. Much reading up to do. :-)


Once you get into the rabbit hole, where I now live, you will become enlightened, to a degree. Most people on Steemit do not possess the depth of the philosophical wizardry that drives the Steem machine. I decided to go deep, to really read the hard stuff from Dan's blog. It shattered my mind. I'm still shattered. It blew it up. Anyone aware of the free energy concepts outlined by Nikola Tesla and decentralization of power will understand the deep ramifications of the Steem system. Most never open the tiny door at the end of the corridor because they are distracted by their mirror images. Their accounts get in the way.

some will say money is evil

Utilizing money properly is a way ration resources, however some have taken advantage of improper valuation of things to funnel money to themself (0.0001%)

when a true valuation of things can be found, a true value of the money and different things can be found.

Donating/Volunteering has an an emotional type valuation on it for the giver, but a live saving valuation for the receiver. A fair price cannot be placed on a transaction like this in USD or any other fiat currency.

The more we can value peoples contributions the more others will contribute, and the better off we all can be.


correct, yet in the CORPORATE WORLD (notice how similar corporate is to CORPSE) creating value and being different is frowned upon, shot down and FIRED

Fantastic! I have plenty of thoughts to get out but sometimes I feel like I'm shooting it off in the wrong direction. Writing to connect on an emotional level is still something that I'm working on. Will be sure to try some of your keypoints out.. I'm looking to double-triple my Steemit account in the next 1-2 months to get on a better financial situation, sort of..

Thanks for always writing!

Thank you for sharing stellabelle. You helped a newbie. I am looking around here to understand how can I contribute. You helped to clear many of my doubts. The world is good. People like you make it so. Cheers.

The passion you put into your posts radiates to your readers. You truly are a great writer. I still remember the first day I stumbled on your Medium post with fondness. Being on the richlist is an amazing feeling. Thanks @stellabelle

Really impressive!!

Very nice written post. I like it, even if i never would be as good as you. :-)

Great post! Todays my first day hearing about Steemit.. I like it! Im wondering if you can tell me how to put pics and videos on a story? I can't seem to find the upload option... Thanks for your post! chi-ching!!!!


use this for images
and just use http link for videos


Thanks @stellabelle. You are answering all the questions I've had for the past few weeks! I didn't find your article until now. Why does one need to have more than one crypto wallet? I just signed up for coin base, but you are suggesting get simplecard too? Thank you!

Thanks for sharing your story of how you did it. Appreciate it.

Thanks so much! Just signed up, you posted this in the Choose yourself group on Facebook and I appreciate the info... Love the idea of Steemit and look forward to the experience here, whether I make any money or not. I am a big believer in the decentralization that is happening and giving more and more power to the indivdual. Thanks again @Stellabelle

Great article, I was already following some of your points but good to know the others :)

Very good. I'll make $ 1000 with this comment, show that it is possible!

wonderful advice, love how you frame this and how positive I think this space will be for users. Steem forever!

I'm going all in, full steam power ahead, that much I'm sure of. This platform is ingenious and legit.

Many people ask? many receive information.
but are afraid tear off ass and do something

genial eso es excelente!!

you used a video by TEAL <3 well done

You are the first, and so far the only, inspiring person for me on Steemit. A pleasure !


Great work Stellabelle!! This is the best post I have read on steemit so far. Keep up the consistency and great posts.

Thanks for this! :)

i wish i was that lucky, i hardy got any attention with my posts, think im gonna quit :/

You had me at Teal Swan haha


Love Teal Swan. She is the consciousness of YouTube :)

Love your post. I am trying to explain to my wife who knows nothing about cryptocurrencies how easy this platform is and how easy it will be to monetize say her artwork which actually happens to be something she is passionate about...thanks for the post, will make sure she reads this when she gets home! Yes Steemit needs more women:)


i think there's many, lots here now.

Wow! Congrats to you on your success, and having the foresight to see this amazing new concept in social media/branding.

Cool! :)

give us some numbers, i think when you sell your steem they had small price, are you satisfaied for transaction,
now you could be more rich??!!
it s true?


when i cashed out, I only got $.60 per every Steem dollar. If I had waited, it would have been much more, but I needed the money, so I did it.

I am getting my mind blown to see how new to this you super successful writers are! I just started this a few days ago. Have done my intro post and last night kind of layed out some of my skeletons and didn't get a single up vote. I should pour my heart out twice a day like that to get noticed? Would you consider reading what I wrote last night and telling me if its even worthy of being added to this community?


I would recommend using photos and also formatting to make your post better. It's hard to read just text. Notice how I make some words stand out, like in bold. It helps draw people into the story.


Thanks for you reply! You're the first person to acknowledge me in the past week on here! I tried adding some pictures into my introductory post as well as some slight formatting and it still didn't garner any attention. I think I'm just not cut out for this medium.


Here's the Secret writer info:
It has to be your secret. If you have one, this might be a good way to earn some revenue. I cannot guarantee, anything though.....because the people upvote what they want.


don't give up. You really need to dive deep, expose yourself and go all in. There is one other way to earn SD, and that is if you have a secret to share. I created the Secret Writer profile to help people earn money here, and expose their dark secrets too. I'll get the link for you shortly.


Thank you very much for the encouraging words. I really don't care about making money. I'm going back to college and the VA is paying me a nice monthly stipend to do so and I make a decent income as a nurse. This is more about my just wanting to contribute to an online community and feel that my words matter.

Hello @stellabelle ! I love this post! Your fearlessness & open heart are definite game changers! I've just joined the Steemit community & I am so excited to join in, be myself, hopefully inspire someone & meet some lovely people along the way!


Thank you! Being fearless is an option available to everyone.

I got introduced to steemit by a friend of mine, so I am learning about steamit every day now. Thank you for this post, It's gonna help me and many new steamers a lot! X

Awesome job Leah! We are all rooting for you at Interesting Engineering :)


thanks. glad you joined. i look forward to your posts.

maybe yes maybe no))

Will try to do what is in the instruct

thank you for this info! this sounds like a community worth contributing to. I find the values of it's creators inspiring. let's go!

Very helpful! Thank you!

Yes, more women in crypto! You make an excellent point right there. I'm going to shoot for your "two posts a day" golden rule and see how it goes for me.

I've already got the "gut-wrenching honesty" thing going. lol


make sure and send me a message when you post. It's getting crowded in here. On twitter, I'm @stellabelle...


I could use your assistance... #awkward

@stellabelle, i really enjoyed your post, i'm new at steemit and this information is very useful. thank you for sharing and keep on steeming :)

Thank you.Your article is inspiring to be honest and open. Like the project itself.

Hi @Stellabelle, thanks for the post. I especially like your vision about society. I can tell you are a compassionate person. I'm intentional about the people I invite into my life and your ideals are attractive. I'm very interested in the Steem experiment and am seeking to host a Steemit Mastermind Strategy group to explore, understand, and ask better questions together.
The ultimate goal is to build a team of leaders who can join together to create a positive, profitable, and unstoppable force within Steemit and beyond in order to promote abundance for all humanity.

I want to wrap my head around this whole Steemit movement to better lead my decisions and actions moving forward. Right now, I'm just reaching out to a few people on Steemit that might like to mastermind and brainstorm together. My initial goal is to just get a few of us on a Google Hangout, begin discussing, share some thoughts and some laughs, and see where things go from there.

Let me know if you are interested in participating.

Please email me at if you'd like to be involved.

Looking forward to it.

Very Helpful for me to make my imagination about learn how to post something on steemit. Thank you stellabelle.


you're welcome

thank you for your sharing. i had learn more information

good read, keep them coming! :)

I found this randomly. So glad I did. I needed to read it. I DO believe in magic. I DID come here for transparency. I came here to open myself up...To be real and raw. I have a ways to go. Thank you for sharing some of the Steemit philosophy. I look forward to learning more from you. See you Saturday. :)


great! see you soon

Your lyrics are poetry, music, are the Latin sound of 'E Pluribus Unum': the eternal struggle of good against evil, your words are swords of the Archangel Michael, spears of the spirit of St. George written with the pen of sor Juana inés Of the cross, a spark of world revolution for individual freedom that recompenses good and condemns evil, after justice, freedom, the pursuit of happiness, you are the Lady of The Liberty, the France of the Revolution, the 'E Pluribus Unum' for steemit.
I'm escorted as 'Notre dame' of The Steemit's Republic!

. You now what is the sound of E. Pluribus Unum

Tus letras son poesía, música, son el sonido en latín de 'E Pluribus Unum': la eterna lucha del bien contra el mal, tus palabras son espadas del Arcángel Miguel, lanzas del espíritu de San Jorge escritas con la pluma de sor Juana inés de la cruz, una chispa de la revolución mundial por la libertad individual que recompensa al bien y condena al mal, tras la justicia, la libertad, la búsqueda de la felicidad, eres la Dama de la Libertad, la Francia de la Revolución, el 'E Pluribus Unum' de steemit.
Te escolto como 'Notre dame' en 'La República de Steemit'.

P.S. Tu sabes cual es el sonido 'E. Pluribus Unum'

Hi! I'm newbie and this really helped me a lot. From now I'm GOING ALL IN. :D

One year later though, I am coming finally.

This post should be RESTEEMED Monthly! (maybe even more often. ) WOW, Chills.

Do You think a BOOK can make itself? Like do you think from out of nowhere ink and paper and the writing and the glue and binding it all together, -SERIOUSLY Do you think that can HAPPEN spontaneously?

I REALLY LOVED your POST. You are on a JOURNEY of TRUTH and YOU SMELL the Deceipt, the WORLD IS controlled by EVIL "magic" whatever you want to call it. The beliefs I hold today are ALMOST ENTIRELY NEW developed only over the last 12 months. The U.S. Government IS a corporation and what ever is control of it has ENSLAVED US.

Please look up sedm path to freedom on google or youtube, another excellent resource on the deception is anna von reitz, hope you look, it will ANSWER many questions you may have I think . Peace

Wow, incredible write-up. I could see the writer @stellabelle face to face while reading through the write-up. So inspiring and helpful, I read it twice. Thanks for the piece, I really appreciate.

Thank you for your articles. I read it twice. Especially the part of the "learning steemit philosophy". It let me learn a lot and know more. Thank you so much.

any tips for fine artists? I am @revelationart here for two weeks so far.

thank u.


thanks this really motivated me.i joined steemit way back but gosh i have been so lazy that i didnt even post a single time yet because steemit seemed confusing.but your post helped a lot. thanks

superb info.