Tags replace Topics / Categories on Steemit

in steem •  3 years ago

Effective immediately, posts can now embed one or more #tags into their body.

The topic/category is now the default and most relevant tag.

This post is now tagged with #steemit, it will show up under both https://steemit.com/trending/steemit, https://steemit.com/trending/tags and https://steemit.com/trending/steem (because the category is steem).

Be careful when you tag a post, because it more likely to get downvoted it has off topic tags applied to it.

If content is Not Safe for Work you should tag it with NSFW. Content tagged with NSFW will eventually be filtered unless the user opts to see it.

Have fun!

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I just edited a few posts and added tags to them. It works great.

BTW, how about creating a week feature recap or Steem Release Notes? I think this would be helpful for the community.


I know it isn't much, but I upvoted you because you are participating and helping provide valuable feedback :)


As of today it will be much more ;-)

This is awesome. I agree with being careful with your tags. Making your tags relevant to your content helps with google indexing your post. plus you should not over do it with them.


thanks for the valuable input. :)

Cool feature.
There is one problem though, tags with dashes in them do not display and link correctly.

For example #steemit-ideas

Very useful feature. When we fill in the tags field, should we mark with hashtags or not? Also, should the tags be comma delimited or something else?

Thanks for the tips.

I was stumped as trying to put tags in the field at the top - now see they're to go in the body. Thanks for sharing!

Is there a way to change a posts category? I screwed up and put mine in the wrong category...


I have spent some minutes looking for a way to do it but I haven't made it yet :(
I will be more careful when I choose the first post tag.

Hi was looking for info on this and although the post is old it still seems accurate. I am trying to figure out how new tags get added to the list.

For instance I really want to write a post on dealing with Chronic Pain. It would be great to have a tag for it rather than using health. If I use Chronic-Pain as my tag will it show up as a new tag that everyone can see. If not the post wont't get seen. I am new so perhaps I'm missing something.

This is does't work to me. First tag was "Cillout" in my post. And second "music". System places post into "Chillout" category.

When I tried to change "Chillout" to "music" system places "Chillout" at the first place always.

If I try to delete "chillout" from category list, system adds it again. So I don't have ability to change category for the post. Terrible....


The same...

So can I delete the old post with the old tags and write the new one? How about the comments?