How to Liven up your Steem Posts with Markdown

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There are many basic walkthroughs on the internet on how to use markdown. I will simply relay some basics here for those interested.

Tutorial Links:

Markdown Tutorial
Markdown Cheatsheet
Ultimate Guide

Here are some quick tips:


Using the pound sign "#" up to 5 times in a row "#####" will give you Heading sized text decreasing from largest to smallest with the number of "#" used.
# example
## example


Simply surround a word or phrase with a single asterisk "*" on each side or surround with an underscore "_"


Simply surround a word of phrase with a double asterisk "**"


Use the format [TEXTgoesHere inside brackets]( httpLinkGoesHere inside parentheses)
[exampleTEXT](httpLink. com)

Pictures alt

Use the same format for a link above and place an exclamation "!" in front. The TEXT inside the brakets is "Alt" text used to assist the blind. You can leave it blank if you wish. The link to the picture is placed inside parentheses like above.
![example seeing impaired TEXT](httpLinktoPicture. jpg)

New line without new paragraph

In order
to do this
you need
to place
at least 2 spaces
at the end of each line.

That should be enough to get you started. Refer to the links above to learn more and in greater detail.


How-To Post a Video in Markdown

[![IMAGE ALT TEXT](]( "Video Title")

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This is great. Too bad they must have changed it so you no longer need to know this information :/

Very helpful, definitely appreciated! Will bookmark this to share those that ask in Slack.

Great post!

this was very helpful to me as i have not been a big user of any social platforms in the past
So thanks heaps :)

Awesome tips thanks a lot!

Well, I bookmarked this post--next best thing because it includes the links to the tutorials! Great job!

You can! Just drag the tab onto your browser's toolbar. I've already got toolbar folders on mine for 'Steemit,' and 'Steemit to Post.' To make a toolbar folder: right-click toolbar: New Folder -Steem On!

thanks, these small tips help

Ho to you post a picture in your post summary? So that you will show a picture in the trending timeline.

Steemit must pull the first picture from either the summary or the body automatically. I didn't do anything special for this post and the image shows up in the trending timeline. My image was in the body of the post though. Maybe it doesn't work if its in the summary? IDK.

This is correct. It takes the summary and puts it at the top of the page. So if you place an ! + the markdown, it will post it at the top of the page before your text begins.

Oh almost forgot. It seems to work both ways :)

Nice, terimakasih banyak atas support nya
saya masih harus banyak belajar tentang cara penggunaan "applying markdown"

Thx, very helpful

Thank you for sharing :)

Still shows a broken link in the preview when I enter in everything right. Weird.

Quick and easy!
Thanks for helping me become a valuable contributor!

Awesome post, I was looking for a resource on this. Time to start livening up my steemit posts.

not helpful enough! no description!
u guys always forget that not everyone has been using this stuff aslong as you! we neeed instructions steo by step!
so now WHAT do I do withthe # sings? five times in a row? WHERE? see u TOTALLy forggot to explain AT ALl how thayt works!

Pretend like none of us have ever used mrkdown1 ok it wwasnt like we were taught it in school! please correct the post!

haha k itsa year old, its ok im just playin with ya

very nice article! i mut admit its way too short and missing so much and i am just frutsrated beause i still STILL cant find a SIMPLE english explantion n HOW TO MAKE TEXT BIG
#is that it?#
lemme try this#####
no? see dude this is frustrating and makes me mad, i search for a guide and u just make it like a puzzle that i still have to figure out, thats not a guide!

make my text big damniT! lol

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I referenced this post in my recent blog about formatting.

Thanks- I'm a newbie so this is helpful.

I don't understand. Why do we need this when you can just click on the boxes in the Markdown section?

This was really helpful mate! Thanks!

This is awesome information and I love how you follow your own advise and made it so easy to read! Def following you! :)

Thanks to the article is very thorough! I wanted to add a trick to further improve the writing here on Steem; I created a post where I reveal them here

Thank you, I am trying to learn markdown and apply it to my posts!

So, The formatting is pretty similar to Reddit!

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and Big Thanks for always support for me🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🤜🤛

thank you for the knowledge

Awesome - thank you! :o)

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