If You're New To The Crypto World And Now Find Yourself In Possession Of A Few Steem/Steem Dollars, Take A Watch On What You Can Do With It!

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Hey my fellow Steemians Nogravity here,

I figured I'd make a few short little videos showing how to move steem around through the various exchanges, into Bitcoin, into Legal Tender, and back again. I'll also quickly show you how to use the internal exchange on Steemit, as well as a very quick demonstration on moving Steem Dollars around selling them for Steem and Powering Up.

There seems to be a few posts about people not knowing what to do with their steem, or mixing up account names and numbers so I'm hoping this will help to bring a little clarification into the situation. I love Steemit, its fantastic and I personally wanna see it grow and thrive. So without further ado.

Here's a few little rules to live by in the crypto world.

1. Be Careful With The Account and Memo numbers and names, Always Double Check They Are Spelled Correct

2. Make sure you have backups of your passwords and private keys they are everything (look into paper wallets, cold storage, ect)

3. Always use different passwords for your various accounts, keep track of them use a password safe, write them down, whatever you so choose but always research products before use

4. Just genuinely Be Careful, you are your own bank, there are no third parties backing your financial decisions, sometimes if sent to the wrong address you can get it back, sometimes not so much, either way once you've sent it the decision is out of your hands at that point

Video #1 Showing Steem Through Bittrex Into Coinbase And Then Exchanged For Legal Tender

Video #2 Shows How To Exchange And Acquire Bitcoin, Exchange For Steem, And Power up

Video #3 How To Use The Internal Exchange Of Steemit

Video #4 What You Can Do With Your Steem Dollars

Let me know what you think down below. Suggestions, comments, complaints fell free to drop a line. If you'd like to see a video using a different exchange let me know and ill gladly oblige if possible. I hope this helps, be safe with your currency, and To The Moon!!!

For Additional Information On Steem, Steem Power, And Steem Dollars Check Out:






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I'm putting a .25c royalty on that image starting today. =b


Noooooooooooo not the original author claiming his just rewards!?! lmao

Ill gladly pay you royalites, I'm setting up a miner today so royalties on this image is a small price to pay for the answers I may seek from you or @pfunk .

Actually quick question I'm going off this guide https://steemit.com/steem/@tuck-fheman/how-to-mine-steem-in-windows anything been changed that would be handy to know? Or is it all good? I'm just downloading the blockchain as we speak now.


It's all good. I've been updating the post as things change.

Ill gladly pay you royalites

You're in luck! I take royalites too. =b


I do have a question @tuck-fheman are you running your mining computers using pfunks Ubuntu way quickening the hashrate? Essentially is this still the best windows way to go? https://steemit.com/steem/@pfunk/guide-maximize-your-mining-hashrate-in-windows-by-mining-steem-in-a-vm

EDIT never mind found a comment saying the hashrate was on par now, I'm gonna fuck around with both methods and see what I come up with.


Ya I'm on Windows since bitcube's Win miner was giving me same or better results and I was unfamiliar with Ubuntu.

2 years later, did you ever find the key to the dogecoin wallet? no telling what that coin is worth now!!

Great post!! I'm definitely gonna be coming back to this post to learn more about the transferring and shit. Unless you have a YouTube channel I can follow?