Steem How-To: Deposit Steem & Steem Dollar to Bittrex

in steem •  3 years ago

It's a bit too big for a Gif, so I recorded a short video.

Let me know if you got any questions!

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#bittrex #steemdollar

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I feel the guide is incomplete without some instruction on how to use the market itself.


I agree. Also some voice telling what's happening would not be bad (I didn't understand completely, even if I'm less lost than before).

Thanks for the helpful video :)

This is all way too easy!

Were you successfully able to Power Down your Steem into Steem "Coins"?


I'm not powering down :)

This is very helpful thanks :)


you're welcome! thx :)

Thanks, very helpful!. Even though the music makes me sleepy ;)


LOL thank you. I know, but it's better than a silent video, right? :)


yes, I thought the same meanwhile. Just as feedback for the next one. ;)

Nice too me forever to figure out how to withdraw lol, hint you need to use your private memo key lol

Thank you for the guidance :)


you're welcome :)

Great video, it's helping lots of people.


thank you!

This was actually very helpful. Thank you.