YouTube videos now auto-embed!

in videos •  3 years ago

Disregard using markdown for YouTube videos. If you post a YouTube link like:

It will auto-embed like so:

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The "share link" format will be supported too (it just missed this release though). Also, the video is not going to try and reload every-time you type new words in your post (YouTube will be happy about that).


I tested with a time-coded link (see Colbert on Bitcoin video in bitcoin category) and it worked flawlessly too.

AM I the only one who noticed You used the very first video uploaded in youtube? "Me at the zoo" where one of the creators talk about the giant dick of the elephant XD
I'm looking for a way to embed the video but in a way that I can resize it, let's say to 400*400Px, can it be done?


Unfortunately the embed size tags aren't whitelisted on Steemit so you're limited to the default formatting.


yes i had also seen

Haha, so much nostalgia!!
How many of you guys know that this "Me at the zoo" was the first ever video to be uploaded on Youtube.

Thanks! They need this function for d tube.... I wanted to add my d tube video into the post but couldn't find a way so I just went with youtube.. which is kind of weird considering they are competing products....

I did notice they auto embed but I can not figure out how to stop the video from being at the top of the post.
What if I want a paragraph of text then the video then another paragraph of text?
How do you do this? If we can not please allow us to.


Before you put the code for the video in your post put the cursor in and make sure it's at the top hit return a few times to bring the cursor down then paste the link to your video then go back to the top and start writing.


Thumbs up!


Nice, thanks. I'm gonna try this later because I'll be posting a lot of videos in the near future.


I'd like to see this as well. Make a post in the steemit or steemit-ideas topic!


I've been trying to figure this out myself. Its another thing I need to research.

pfunk? This is valuable information. However, what I need to know is whether there are any copyright laws I need to beware of before I embed someone else's YouTube video into my Steemit article (post). Nobody seems to have a definite answer about this.


Embedding is not copying.


Actually, I found that out not too long ago. But thank you for posting a reply to my comment anyway. It makes perfect sense that it is legal to embed someone else's YouTube videos in our articles, because we're sending online traffic their way. Therefore, they're getting more business.

Waouh great, it's so easy and useful! thanks for the info! :)

Thank you for posting about this. I have just embedded my first film :)

Thanks man! It works...

w00t, thanks devs!

Awesome thank you for the advice.

This embedding is great. I'd love to have a place on the submission form where a user can clearly post a link, since it still isn't clear.

Easy peezy! I like it! Thanks!

good job developers, whats next? vimeo or facebook video?

Very nice

Thank you so much! Because I try to do it with html code! But I can use Markdown as well!!! Upvote you!

Nice post.

thanks. i was looking for this