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I like to discover awesome lists on Github! Here I'd like to share curated list of Steem resources.


Starters FAQ










I feel that is a matter of (short) time when wiki-type consensus emerge for posts. But before it happens feel free to comment if something should be added.

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There is also for Golang programmers.

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Great list! I'm so glad you put this together in one spot. There have been other good lists before, but this one seems to cover everything. Thanks for doing this and sharing it here!

Awesome @hipster! I wanted to do such a list but yours is so much than what I would have done. I'm really impressed. Merci!

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There is nothing here!

This post is freaking awesome!

Good ! Thanks too

I'd add this write up by @coinfox to your list - it explains the Steem concept in a very balanced way:


I just now announced RSS feeds for Steem, hosted by, powered by piston.

Would be great if you added it to the list!

Added to curators section. Agree? :-)

Agreed! Thanks!

Thanks for the goldmine. Time to go prospecting!

Probably the most useful post on steemit so far.

What a great list to have on hand. Resteeming for that purpose.

Очень хорошо. Добавляю в избранное./ Very good. Add to favorites.

I'm looking for a good explanation of the user registration process for a new website I'm building on the Steemit platform. Do you know of any?

holy moly! thxbro!

Very useful! Thank you!

Thank you for your curation effort.