Adding Images To Your STEEM Posts

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STEEM is great but it can be confusing and a bit tedious to add images to your posts. This guide will walk you through using to store your pictures and will show you the special markdown characters you will need to use to reference it.

Let's Get Started

Navigate to Once there, I prefer to upload images securely, so choose the https:// link in the center of the page. The home screen should now look like this

You can either Browse Files or Upload from the Web. For consistency, I will either take a screenshot or download images from the web onto my local machine, so I always choose to Browse Files form my local machine. Once you have identified a file and downloaded it to your computer, click Browse Files. This bring up your file picker.

I am choosing to upload a headshot.jpg. Make sure you click the Upload button underneath the image.

Next, click on the image itself. This will open up a new tab with just the picture and the address to reference it in the URL bar of the browser.

Copy that URL (shown in blue above). Now paste it into a specially formatted bit of text like this within your document


Like magic, the image will appear in the preview area of the text editor. Keep in mind that this guide assumes you are in the markdown editor, not the fancy HTML editor. I hope this guide helps someone.


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Thanks, I will check it out. I always prefer distributed solutions.


I tried this and it did not work. Is it because the URL you get from doesn't have a image file extension?


not accessible, any other recommendations?


thank you. This works great. All you gotta do is post the link in your post.

· is down? or veeeeery slow?
at this point in time this option doesn't seem to work for me

and you already made $3 on a non working solution???? WFT? how did you do that?? I also want money for my BS one day. :-)


I will check it out. Just starting out with steemit. Thanks @hipster for sharing.

Thanks, that was very helpful. I appreciate you sharing this info and including the screenshots.

Thank you very much for taking the time to write this Bill - it worked a treat mate;)

Thank you @billbutler, just used this and it worked like a charm!

Thank you very much, Bill.

it is not working amigo !!!! thanx for nothing.

I have been wondering why steem does not use whyswygt (What You See Whats You Get Text Editor), so a non technical member like me can easily posting blog with image or video.

Thanks. What happens when the link to the URL is no longer valid? Does Steemit cache the image and only use the upload via URL?


I have the same question. Did you ever figure it out? Thanks, powederskier

Thank you!


seems to be no way to delete images from

OK, I finally managed to get pictures to show up in the preview area (and when you click on the post). However, I still can't seem to make the picture show up to the left of the post in lists. It just keeps showing that little blank default image... :-(

Is imagesafe still working? It says 'page is lost' when I click on the link.


UPDATE: I'm using now.


I can't get anything to happen when I click on start uploading. Any ideas?

Thank you for sharing.

Is there a reason why I can't link to an image I have on my own wordpress site. I just did a post and linked to an image and got a broken link. Not sure what I did wrong.


most likely it's your server blocking hotlinking.

So is it only can do on PC? Becoz I don't know how to attach it by mobile phone. Thanks.

Thank you so much for this guide, really helped a lot !

I will try posting my profile picture using ImgSafe. Thanks.

Thanks that was very helpful. You just got me unstuck.

Very helpful thank you. Is there a way to format the pictures in your post, make them larger or smaller?

Thank you! Wow! As someone who is technically challenged, I wasn't expecting your instructions to actually work....more me than you. However.....2 minutes later I have uploaded photos! You are a gem!!!

Thanks so much for sharing! This made it easy for me to make my first post and add a picture :)

Very helpful for new comer like me

Nice article. Wondering how to get my text to come along side the image rather than only above or below it?

How you do it, where do you put the link, I Just can not do it. I am getting frustrated. PELASE HELP


Try to save it as jpeg, then just drag and drop to your thread. The website will format for you. Please reppply if it works.


Brouuuuuu I did it Thanks for your help very exited to be on this platform

Thanks for the info. I've been trying to upload photos the last two days and came across your post. Worked great. Thanks again!


Great it worked a treat uploading my images for Steem Kudos

Thank you my friend! This was very helpful.

So it looks like we got an Error 521 web server is down, i really want to finish my post im just not sure if there is any other site like imgsafe?

solved the problem! thank you and Upvote!

Thanks for sharing. In reality its not that tricky and other sites do use similar systems but your post was very welcome

Does this work in the reply section? I can't seem to add a photo or gif in my replies.

Is there a way to upload pictures directly to steem posts and comments or do they have to be externally hosted always?

If they always have to be externally hosted, then the FAQ seems a little unclear.

This can be done by uploading it to a Steemit comment or post, or using a third-party image host such as Postimage.

If you can upload it directly, how can you do that?


I upvoted this comment since it links to the FAQ. however the FAQ solution doen't work for me, Ctrl+V does not seem my clipboard for some reason and it does not offer an off site decentralised / crypto solution


Just drag and drop your pic right in the markdown/html editor, it's strange that it only works in the markdown/html editor, afterwards you can continue in normal editor mode.

"Now paste it into a specially formatted bit of text like this within your document" -You need to elaborate this is unclear and not helpful! :)

Thank you so much! That was incredibly helpfull :)

Seems to be impossible to upload any image to from a smartphone... Even with an account. You have to use a computer. Or am I missing something ?


Ok seems now you can upload directly your pictures to Steemit with the "Drag and drop or select item" in the editor when you post.
This article is one year old, and apparently it wasn't possible at that time. Now it is.
Proof in 2 of my posts :


So, no need to host externally :)


thank you :)


good to see it should be possible however i cant seem to get this to work for me yet


Almost all my images until now were posted this way. Just drag & drop your image in the text box while editing and it will automatically upload it to a Steemit server and insert a link to the image.

Good article. I can't connect to the link though. hmm.... is down right now, but anyone can use in the meantime!



haha ok, lets forget about imgsafe, it's not decentralised proof

Great info! I am new and confused!!! This helps so much- upvoted :P

Thanks Bill...this helped a lot

follow me

please i would like to know how you can place your images from left, center and right...thanks

informative, upvoting and following @billbutler

Pretty handy!

Is img safe decentralised?

What if img safe deletes / puts sensorship on your images... then your post gets damaged. And your revenue will drop due to third party bullshit.

BAD solution.

Or am I missig something?

Is this working if I use or open using a mobile browser? Because mine isn't. Help. Thank you so much in advance.

i found out that you can also just upload your pic right in steemit, just drag and drop your pic right in the markdown/html editor, it's strange that you have to switch to the markdown/html editor for that, afterwards you can continue in normal editor mode.
This way you don't have to upload it on a 3rd party website


I took the time to make it happen by one of our own steemit writers. I recommend using steempic

I am a little angry I had put some pictures in (Good ones) and they just disappeared off my hard drive and now not in my images. Something isn't right, what gives?


I found them... I was the one at fault not them. I am just learning and now enjoying. I am posting picture of UFO's, Mushrooms in Washington State and other areas. Peace

Flawless. Thank you! :)

You just have to add url of the photo to add the picture to the text. I mean in Markdown.

I need to know what 'image size' and 'resolution' to use her on Stemmit for best view - I can not find that information. Since PHOTO is kind of my thing... I want it to look the best as possible. Thanks in advance. :)

Thanks for the info. It’s day one for me and this is valuable info which I’ll try out as soon as I finish waddling through this mountain of introductory material!

Thank you, this was really useful! For a newbie like me, it's good to have things explained clearly :)

Thanks @billbutler sometimes the simplest things can seem the most daunting, always great to find the answers you are looking for.

I recommend to use for the speed and quality

It gets very irritating when you've followed more than one persons directions and it still doesn't work....

What do we do now when imasafe isn't working? I click on the link and there is a line of red computer code below it, it won't let me select it and it doesn't take me to a new url link like it did in the past.

Sangat menarik untuk di pelajari mr. @billbutler

How do I manage to make the size appropriate to my blog? somehow I couldn't control it size when I used the said format

Thanks for this nice sharing. Now I uploaded my profile photo with the help of your post.