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This article is designed to help Steem users find new members and to help new users get started with Steemit and answer some FAQs

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Welcome to Steemit.com!

We are a community that rewards your efforts, whether you're voting for articles you appreciate, or you are the one creating the content!

The Steemit community does its best to support new members, so introduce yourself in the comment section below and perhaps tell us how you found us and what you hope to gain from the Steemit platform.

Make sure when you put up your first couple of posts, use the hashtag #NewToSteem at the end of your post, this will help members find you and get you earning straight away.

Well crafted, well thought out posts tend to make the most money on Steemit, so remember to take care and present your content in an easy to digest way to ensure you get maximum rewards for your efforts.

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Steemit Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Steemit Work?

Steemit works using an algorithm to work out the value of each user's contribution, the more a user contributes to the platform, the more their influence grows. Users can be curators, contributors or both; curators read, comment on and vote for content and contributors create content, either original or by link.

Is The Cash I see in My Account Real?

The dollar value you see in your Steem wallet is the estimated value of your Steem Power.

Will I Get All The Money I see At The End Of My Content?

The money seen at the bottom of your content, represents the total amount of money generated by your content. Half is shared between the people who have voted on the content and you.

When Will I Be Able To Cash Out?

Steemit will be doing an early payout on July 4th 2016, as a contributor you will receive half of your rewards in Steem Dollars and half as Steem Power.

What Are Steem Dollars?

Steem Dollars are the currency of Steemit, created by the Steem blockchain, Steem Dollars will be pegged to the value of the US Dollar.

What Is Steem Power?

Steem Power is the voting currency of the Steemit platform, the more Steem Power you have, the more influence you will have on the Steemit platform. You can convert your Steem Power to Steem Dollars, however this will lower your influence.

How Can I Convert Steem Dollars To My Local Currency?

You will be able to trade Steem Dollars for Bitcoin, from there you will be able to convert to whatever local currency you use.

What Is The Difference Between Steem, Steem Power and Steem Dollars?

Steem are the tokens that allow you to enter the Steemit platform, you are then able to power down your Steem to Steem Power (SP), which gives you influence. SP can then be down converted to Steem Dollars (SD)

Is This Too Good To Be True?

In order to profit on Steemit, you will need to put in time and effort, if you do this and your content is engaging then you will reap the rewards.

Where Does The Money Come From?

The money on Steemit.com is a cryptocurrency that has been created by the Steem blockchain.

How Can I Find Out More About Steemit?

Click the Steemit logo at the top left of your screen, there you can browse the Steem whitepaper and other options.

Are There Forum Rules?

Steemit is moderated by it's users, the rules are very much like the rules of life, try not to be an asshole and treat people like you want to be treated yourself.

Are There Limits To What I Can Post?

Technically no, however if your posts are what most users consider grossly offensive, your posts will be downvoted and will disappear from the Steemit timeline. However the record of the posts will remain on the Steem blockchain. Theoretically, forever, or at least untill our sun expands to become a puffing red giant and consumes the inner planets in the dying stages of our solar system.

What Next ?

Remember to add your name to the comment section below and add the hashtag #NewToSteem to your first few posts, so that other members can find you and help you start earning immediately.

Voting and replying to this post will keep it at the top of the feed, which will increase the chance of you being noticed by other Steemit users, so vote the article up as well as replying.

Thank you and on behalf of my fellow Steemians, welcome!

Till Next Time



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Thanks for these helpful tips. I'm still a bit confused by everything, but I am really excited to be a part of this new community. I'd love any tips anyone has for a newbie like me that weren't already mentioned in this article.


Thanks CryptoGee, complete newbie on Steem so any help is appreciated.

Hi guys..i am atul j...i am btech student...i am new here..i don't no how this work yet...i need more time to figure it out...please KINDLY upvote me



welcome to steemit

Hi. #NewToSteem I aim to bring you guys decentralized street fashion from the streets of LA. If all goes well on SteemIt, then hopefully the funds can support me going around to other major cities and showcase their street style as well. I was already doing this on instagram a few years ago but stopped. This new platform seems like a good reason to start up again, however. We'll see what happens! :)

This is fantastic - when I joined a couple of days ago I managed to snore through a couple of sections of the whitepaper (I have no idea how I got through my degree - I can't read scientific documents any more) to get a vague idea but this is exactly the sort of thing that gives just enough information for people to start learning by doing!


Haha, use it or lose it I guess :), glad to be of help!


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I really like how you worded "Where does the money come from" .. A few things...

  1. Comments share 1/2 their rewards with the poster (the post does not share rewards with comments)
  2. You can convert Steem to Steem Power (not Steem Dollars)
  3. You can convert Steem Power to Steem (not Steem Dollars) by withdrawing it in 104 equal payments (2 years)

Steem Dollars is 1/2 of your paycheck (power is the other half). You can keep them as dollars and use them.


Thanks JSC, will amend now

I've added this to the list of useful guides & tips - at the very top! This article is really useful for newcomers.

cool post! followed you

#newtosteem and looking forward

Hello cryptogee, thank you for the information. I'm a fiction writer and I look forward to adding content and working with other creators. Any writers out there, feel free to pay me a visit and let's make something new and bold! Peace. #NewToSteem

Hi Steemians! I'm @igwentertainment, your new neighbour, and I'm looking for platforms to introduce myself, as well as present my posts for your kind perusals. Without wasting much words and more of your time, let me start from the very beginning -- by attaching the link to my very first post in Steemit. Hope you like it. I'd appreciate an upvote if you can spare one. Here goes: https://steemit.com/steemhigh/@igwentertainment/steem-high

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You what?


Ah, I just got it, slow this morn! Arg, down vote by mistake, sorry!