Steemit: How to Send Another User Steem Dollars!

in steem •  3 years ago 

That's it!  You can send real digital dollars to anyone in our community for any reason!  Let's get the new economy started!  (Note: You can use a similar process to transfer STEEM to others)

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nice tutorial, thanks for information

Tks for help @steemrollin!

Allready did it. Great to send a message with it too.

Great to hear! Yeah the memo is actually a good way to DM people!

wow good news

It would be great if we could transfer Steem Power too!

Steem Power it is necessary to deserve, and so there will be modulations.
Steem Power надо заслужить , а так будут переливы.

I think Steem Power has been made nontransferable on purpose.
If it was transferable you could dump it easily whenever you want.

Yes I guess.

Also reading this comment made me realise that if someone where to get hold of your active key, your SD would be vunerable if it were transferable. Probably a good idea that it isn't.

You can do that but it will take longer :) Just power down, receive the STEEM then send the STEEM which the receiver can use for him to power up! Simple as that! :)

Thanks for the tutorial man :)

Sweet! Someone can send me some SD now XD

I agree great tutorial Steemrollin I only wish I saw it sooner. I really need everyones help please... Here is my situation:

I accidentally transferred my steem from one of my accounts that's called @ovanesian into another account called savings not a savings in the main account @ovanesian but to a separate @savings I need to transfer steem back but for some reason I can't transfer it back.

A little bit more in a detail description:

Originally I thought I would transfer to savings as in savings within and account of @ovanesian but I made a mistake transferring it to another account called @savings where I can't transfer it back. Someone please help Id be happy to share some steem if anyone show me how to transfer it back to main account @ovanesian. Thank you.

Hope that made sense.

Thank you for the great information.

best tutorial . i search it and exactly with what i need . thanks . upvoted

Very helpful, thank you! It makes the memo field for some message clear to me. So it was possible to give a SBD away to another user who made a nice picture!

Very helpful tutorial, I was trying to figure this out. But it's not as apparent as you would think it might be. This newbie is still learning.

Highly useful.

Greetings, solid rundown. What's the easiest way to buy Steem / Steem Dollars via paypal / cc / USD currency?


Thank you. This was very much needed! It worked

Thanks for the info

I was wondering about this. Thanks for the info.

Thanks this helps a lot

Thank you!! I really wanted to pay a whale for support before my first (introduceyourself) post. THis minnow appreciates you :)

great info thanks!

For anyone reading. NEVER use your password. @steemrollin should edit the post to say use Active or Owner key as stated in the screenshot. NEVER use your password. Bad.

Thanks for the help! I really couldn't find how to send SBD before reading your post :)

This is valuable info for us new to Steemit. I was frustrated trying to figure out how to do this basic task, it seemed everyone assumed everyone knows this. Thank you so much for making it clear!

hi thanks for the info. i was wondering about fees as well but it looks like theres no fee to transfer SBD:)

Thanks mate

Thank you for this tutorial as I needed to send SBD to another user and do not know how. Followed.

If anybody wants to try out the tutorial, I'll gladly accept any transfers.

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