The Secret Formula to a Successful "IntroduceYourself" Post...And The #1 Mistake to Avoid

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The Secret Formula to a Successful "#IntroduceYourself" Post

...and The #1 Mistake to Avoid

by @Cryptoctopus


Steem is the first cryptocurrency that attempts to accurately and transparently reward an unbounded number of individuals who make subjective contributions to its community. This dynamic brough an interesting phenomena on since it's inception. People started, slowly first...then at an accelerating pace to introduce themselves to the community via the hashtag #introduceyourself. So much so that in terms of rewards, it became the second most popular topic. In the following article, I am going to outline the principles that makes for a great introduction, why it's important and the #1 mistake you need to avoid in order to make a good first impression.

“You never get a second chance to make a great first impression.”
― Olivia Fox Cabane


Like I outlined in my latest article "The Truth About Ridiculously High Steemit Payout", the highest currency you have on this platform is your reputation. Reputation is built upon a foundation and that foundation can start with a well written post to introduce yourself to the community.

Also, as human beings, we are wired to respond to storytelling. There is something magical that happens whenever we share our personal story with our peers. Bonding, respect and appreciation is built when we reveal our history in an eloquent and elegant manner. This may be why that tag has become so popular.

The Method

1. Transparency is Valued

Many people who are on the bleeding edge of technology are extremely protective of their identity and seek anonymity online. But it is difficult to build a relationship or trust with someone who is anonymous. Not impossible of course, but more difficult for sure.

Signs and signals of transparency involved sharing your real name, having a picture of yourself in the post, the sharing of your story and letting people know about your goals and dreams for the future. Someone went as far as proving his identity by taking a picture of himself holding a paper saying "Hello Steemit! 6/13/16". (link here)

2. Showcase Yourself as an Asset to the Community

The value of Steemit is intimately link to the value that each member brings to the network. When people hear that you have skills, talents or connections that will enhance the value of steemit, they will be excited by the fact that you've decided to join "the club".

It is a good time to ask yourself "What is it that I am here to give?". This type of question will put you in the right mindset to write your #introduceyourself post. The allure of money making can attract people who are here to get rather than to give. Fortunately, this mindset tends to jump out of the page.

If you are a film-maker showcase some of your work. If you are an entrepreneur, tell us about your excitement about sharing your knowledge and experience. You get the picture.

3. Showcase Your Attitude

When you meet someone for the first time, do you want them to think of you as an upper or a downer? Optimism, interest, excitement, gratitude and fun create a strong first impression. If the first thing you talk about is how bad and shitty your life is...then you are not off to a good start.

I'm adding a caveat here. If you've went through terrible events but you've somehow found power within yourself to emerge better and victorious...this type of story is what people get truly inspired from. Please share if you have that type of story.

4. Be Genuine and Truthful

People have an innate BS detector and Steemians are incredibly smart. If you lie, someone's antenna will perk up and they'll call you out. They will look into the dark corners of the internet and share their findings in the comment section below the post. That would be catastrophic for you and your reputation. Being honest is the only sustainable way to be successful on Steemit.

5. Make Your Post Stand Out

Apply the tips that I've shared in "The Truth About Ridiculously High Steemit Payout". Make the snippet that appear in the feed stand out...make it irresistible to click on. Also, make sure you provide more value in your post than 99% of people.

Don't Be That Guy

You may have reservations, questions or be completely lost about how the platform works in the fine details. But an #introduceyourself is not the place to put them.

Under no circumstance write something like this:

I have to be honest, I am not excited about STEEM because...

That's just starting on the wrong foot. It's like if someone showed up to your party and said to you that he think that your place stinks and that they are being honest by telling you so. It's simply is not the place to write that stuff. Keep your skepticism at bay UNLESS you've found a genuine issue and that you have a possible answer to solve it. Even then, that kind of post doesn't belong to the #introduceyourself category. Maybe the Slack Channel is a better place to share those concerns and get quick feedback.


I've distilled in this article what I believe are the core principles for you to get started on the platform in a way to put your best foot forward. Make sure to follow me if you've enjoyed the information I've shared with you.

Enough said, it's time for me to wish you best of luck and let you steem on!


Please also consider not to post too much private information or even your CV here. It's going to be stored in the blockchain for your entire live.

New to Steemit, and diving in to figure it out...thanks for the article!

Most helpful post. Thanks

Do you think having a profile page on Steemit with links to other social media accounts and contact info would be beneficial for verification purposes? I'd think the ability to contact each user at the other platforms would be a nice step in building legitimacy behind the user name.

It will come! It simply not the #1 priority during the beta.

I originally was going to down vote this post just because it (among a growing trend of posts) seems to be creating a false sense of reality. Differences in opinions are not "bad". Its ok to be you and not totally agree. Sure, maybe your introduceyourself wont get thousands of dollars in up votes... but you will be real and genuine. Im here to contribute reguarless of what I earn. Yes I hope to gain more up votes than down votes but I won't be disingenuous for money.

Superb and clear advice as always cryptoctopus.

I must confess I smile whenever I see an 'introduceyourself' post. I remember suggesting the tag to @mummyimperfect after cajoling her into verifying her identify to the Steemit community. It's like watching your little baby go viral!


Oh nice, we even have the history of it in the comment section. It was a strike of genius! I'm pretty amazed by your contribution to this platform.

Spot on. Although I followed most of the tips when I wrote my introduction, reading your post would have helped me make a better one.

A great article for a new user. Can I add it to the guide I'm curating for newbies?

for sure! You are welcomed to use it.

Very timely! I have a friend about to make their intro-post. I will pass this along, thanks!

These tips are great and much appreciated! Your success here gives your words a lot of weight.

Thank you @kus-knee , I really appreciate the compliment.

I'm so glad you're on this platform Cryptoctupus, each one of your posts makes me raise my game; really nice article, look forward to the next :-)

that's a lot coming from you @cryptogee!

How gracious of you. Thank you very much. I love this place.

Another great post! You're right be an asset to the community. Most good things in life happen as a consequence of providing value to people.

Just started here on steem! Now trying to figure out, how it works. Thanks for the post! And also for all Steemians, any tips are welcome. Greetings Stonewall

Thank you. I will be referring to this as I finish writing my #Introduceyourself post. Excited, nervous, open and willing. Inspired me to quote Rumi "Whoever gives reverence receives reverence".

Спасибо за информацию. Удачи вам !

Hello @cryptoctopus, thanks for the useful tips here :) one question as I did not post my introduction in the right category do you know how can I link it to the introduceyourself category somehow? Thanks in advance!

You spot on! Thanks for sharing. This is a nice and very informative post.

Great post mate. That is my second one on Steemit, after this platform was introduced to me by a friend. I will definately do an introduction post using tips you gave and I very much agree on transparency. People are scared and close minded even though they post their drunk pictures on Instagram every week :))

Btw, bring smiles (emoticons) to Steemit and user-friendly Android app.

very good post, I advise all on steem to read your post.

Just joined and posts like this are very helpful to those of us just starting out, thanks for sharing!


What would you have done different with this post?

Golden. 👌🏼

posting your information and CV is very importance because of the security issues. it is ok the identify us all to build a better world. l believed the world have to be united in information sharing and block-chain is here to store it

hmmm I haven't made an #IntroduceYourself post. And, I've been here for over a month now and wonder if it's too late now.

Trying to add my first introduction but the icon has a stop button upon hovering. Any suggestions? Thanks

This was extremely helpful and I will be sure to use all your tips. Really glad that you feel this way : The value of Steemit is intimately link to the value that each member brings to the network. When people hear that you have skills, talents or connections that will enhance the value of steemit, they will be excited by the fact that you've decided to join "the club". I have been building my social media for last three years and my friend felt I could make the platform even better and bigger by introducing myself and sharing my knowledge. If you dont mind, I would like to include your article in my first introduction post and I will be following you :)

Great post full of information i have been looking for. I'm new, haven't written anything yet as wanted to learn as much about here before I started. Thank you

спасибо за статью, она как раз кстати, работаю над этим в данный момент)

Awesome post, thanks for the tips, helps the noobs like me ;-).

This is something I have yet to do. As you say, I need to "Just Do It" -- but I find it hard to talk about myself. Almost feels like a sleazy e-dating ad mixed with linkedin profile sprinkled with crypto secrecy. Lol, but seriously I need to do it, and this post certainly reflects the benefits of it. So thank you!

Thanks for the tips! Just getting my feet wet on Steemit, so trying to gobble up these types of posts.

This is very helpful. I am going to take in your tips while creating my first posts. Thanks for sharing!

Very nice!

New to the platform as of this week and super stoked to get started! Thanks for taking the time to write this post, it is very helpful!

These are really good suggestions! Thank you for taking the time to share them!

In other words, introduce yourself the way you would to someone you want to be friends with, yes? Thanks for posting this.

Great post! , new here and found it helpful .. Thanks Cryptoctopus

Amazing how you can apply this advices also on your real life ;)

Happy to have found your article before I do my #introduceyourself post:)

Happy to have found this post before doing my #introduceyourself post:)

Oh...yeah... read the directions! GEE who ever heard of such a CRAZY thing like "Read the Directions"! I seem to always be to interested in them rabbit holes that got strange pills, where you end up with the evil one, and head hurt , Hangover Movie Mugshot! Did I say that. Okay Great advice... is anyone out there? How do you get back from the Dark Side of the Moon!?! Oh Yeah & Read the Directions; or your going to have to go on a Long trip & talk to OZ!

Thank you for this priceless information, cheers!!

Wonderful write-up, thanks for sharing!

Little late since your post, but thanks, I'm reading up on it all right now.

Thanks for writing and sharing this @cryptoctopus! A lot of awesome tips on how to properly write a​ #introduceyourself post. If only I had seen this before I posted mine a few days ago.

Steemit forever!

Thanks for the great advice cryptoctopus. I am working on my intro now and will definitely use your guidelines. Thank you.

Thank you for such a great tips. Your blog could be happily called WELCOME ON THE STEEMIT BOARD and please use thus guide to do the best first impression. Love it :)

Thanks for sharing these tips - I'm looking into writing my #IntroduceYourself post and you provided a good roundup/analysis. This is literally Day 1 for me here on Steemit, and I'm just trying to figure out if I should hold off on my intro post until my reputation is higher than the starting level of 25. When I look at what's trending, it seems like a lot of people don't post an #IntroduceYourself until the score is 40, 50 or even higher. Thanks again cryptoctopus!

People only pay attention for the first 30 seconds and that’s where you have to make the catch with interesting and valuable information. I’m glad I read this before posting my “introduced yourself ”. It’s true that the first impression and reputation is really Important. The quality of our writing should show the effort because people aren’t paying money to read good and helpful content. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you and God bless you

New to steemit. Thanks for this great article

What a helpful post ! Joined on July 2017, but now only started to write some posts. Hope it's not too late for me to read this post ~

Thank you a lot, this is really useful, I have two posts but I'm always doubting if maybe I'm wrong with what I want to share. I'll follow your advice and show who I am to people.

Good information

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