SteemWatch, the Notification Center for Steemit, Version 0.3.0 Is Deployed!

in steemwatch •  3 years ago

SteemWatch is the notification center for that anybody can sign up to. Today I am happy to announce that I deployed version 0.3.0 into production.

Release Notes

As usual, you can find details on GitHub, but let me go through the most interesting changes.

New Event Kind: transfer.made

I added a new event that you can watch for. transfer.made is triggered when a transfer is made from or to an account you are interested it. Like this you can easily receive a notification when someone sends you money.

Transfer Made

New Event Kind: descendant.published

Another event kind added is called descendant.published and you can use it to watch for any content descendant published. What does that mean? You just enter any content URL as copied from, be it a post or a comment, and you will receive a notification when any descendant, i.e. reply, is added on any depth. Optionally, you can also limit the depth you are interested it, i.e. limiting the depth to 1 will only trigger a notification when an immediate reply is added.

Descendant Published

The notification format is the same as for the comment.published event.

What Is Next?

I am thinking about adding support for email notifications. This will take more time to implement, but the user value would be huge. Not everybody is interested in Slack messages. Emails would be probably batched somehow, not really real-time, to prevent too much spam and also save some emails. This will probably require some paid mailing service, but I guess that I will simply pay for it from what I make on these release posts for now.

I will also keep looking into issues open on GitHub.

Support the Project

As usual, any support is greatly appreciated. SteemWatch is a free service for now. You can just upvote this post, or send some money directly to @void if you feel like doing so.

In any case, have fun with SteemWatch, I hope that you like the improvements!

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Very cool, can't wait to get into some steem dev experiments this weekend so I can join you all in delivering cool products like this.


Same here. If only work wouldn't eat so much time of the day. But who knows maybe the decentralisation of things and all the Tech 3.0 can even change our approach to work one day. :)

Anyway its weekend now, just starting up my machine to play around with steem!

@steemwatch I think this is a great idea, of course, this feature is necessary for the user here

Big plus for being open source. And (to others): Guys.... c'mon... give them a star on github!

BTW, could someone mention me in this thread. I would like to test, whether I configured everything correctly :)


Thanks @noisy :-) You can mention yourself as well to test it ;-)


works! :) great.

I think it would be good to prepare an extension for chrome, which could listen specific feed url.


Yeah, an extension would be definitely cool, but you see, not enough man power right now :-)

Usefull post! very well!



Glad you like it :-)

I wish there was a client like this for iOS.


Well, the service is rather young, but I will keep extending it. But perhaps we will have a Chrome extension before any kind of native apps.


I like the subjects you featured in your user transfer picture.

Awesome stuff.. I need to hurry up and learn to code more. UPVOTED!


@void tried to look innovent but failed.



awesome stuff!


Enjoy ;-)

Interesting concept , excited to see how this all works.


Very nice to see more innovation and growth around the STEEM ecosystem. Please take a second to view my project.

we need all the help we can get. Good luck in the future I have upvoted your post.