What Makes A Successful Story: The FIVE Winning Ingredients For A Highly-Rewarded Steemit Post

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More than once, it's been asked by newbies on Steemit:

"why is there so much of a difference on what I make on each post? Why do (the payouts on) posts differ so much?" ~ posed by @bigs21024*)

The answer is simple, though not always 100% clear.

Without spending a decent amount of time in the Steemit ecosystem to familiarize oneself with the territory and read into the underlying cultural values driving the production of the community's most active & influential content, it may not make sense why some posts that don't seem all that special get rewarded hundreds of dollars, while other good ones get pennies.

It's easy for anyone to join Steemit and make a post. It's not as easy to consistently keep producing highly-rewarded stories - at least not without an understanding of the key elements of a winning post...

The more time a person invests in Steemit - in opening themselves to learning from others in the community, getting a feel for what types of posts become popular, what people like, and what patterns the successful contributors follow to consistently deliver content that is well-appreciated and rewarded - the better they equip themselves to adapt to this new cyberspace environment and themselves contribute in ways that will be well-received by the community.

There are predictable patterns and constant formulas present in the highly-rewarded content. It just takes certain understanding and skill to see them - or some guidance from those more experienced, to help point out the keys which can massively accelerate a newbie's learning curve.

As such - what follows below is not so much a particular recipe for success, but a framework of fundamental principles that once a person really gets, may serve to direct the content creation process to generate predictably consistent, winning results & outcomes.

Ready to save yourself massive time & headache and learn what it really takes to formulate a winning post?

Here we go. I promise, this won't take much of your time - but will have a huge impact on your Steemit success if you put it into action...

Back to the opening question of why the payouts on posts differ so much...

Simply put:

Reward figures are a measurement of how much VALUE the market perceives in the post. The more VALUABLE others find a post, the higher the rewards.

Now, there are alot of different factors going into what constitutes value. Of course, value is objective - as what seems valuable to one person might not be valuable to another. Every person has their own values, priorities, personal tastes, and preferences. Not everyone may agree that a particular post is valuable to them. But, there are certain qualities & characteristics inherent in ALL value - that once understood, can be used like ingredients in a recipe - each recipe making for a delicious nutritious dish of its own, guaranteed to not please everybody at the same time, but may have the precise fusion of flavors to satisfy certain people's tastes at the exact moment it's served...

Types Of Value

While value can be created in an infinite variety of forms - impossible to pin down a single thread of commonality between them all - one could look at all value as falling into a few basic foundational categories:

  • Informational/Educational Value = content that communicates knowledge which is of use to people in better helping them understand something important/interesting to them and/or that contributes to a foundational understanding enabling the advancement of a skill set important to them.

  • Entertainment Value = content that makes a person smile, laugh, feel good and adds some humor or excitement to one's day.

  • Inspirational Value - content that uplifts a person's spirits, tunes them into the frequency of the heart, infects with passion & enthusiasm, opens vision to possibilities for advancement & evolution of meaningful aspects of life important to them.

  • Originality Value = content that is uniquely different and provides fresh perspective and new stimulation, which provides new frames of context through which to see & understand differently in ways that grant access to previously-unknown possibilities in which valuable solutions, answers, and insights may lie.

  • Ease-of-Readability Value = content that is grammatically-correct and well-formatted to effectively communicate an intentional idea/concept/perspective with clarity & precision - providing a smoothly-flowing transmission of the content and lightening the cognitive processing load on a reader's brain through cleanly written, articulate code/language.

( These 5 types of values actually correspond to the 5 elements described in the ancient Chinese system - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water - this is ALCHEMY. Though I'll save that part for a separate post. If you're interested, let me know in the comments below and I promise to share that follow-up with you when it gets published.)

The BEST posts - "best" used to imply the "most valuable" - are typically those that are infused with a synergistic combination of these different values. You know the ones:

They're both informational and entertaining, capture a real, human piece of the writer's personality, are well-written and don't require to much thinking to interpret what the reader means, and leaves you feel rejuvenated by the end with a glimmer of hope * excitement for new possibilities.


This is a relatively short post, because there isn't a whole lot more to it than that.

I don't need to go into explanations of each of those types of value, because they're pretty straightforward.

Of course, just knowing of these ingredients doesn't automatically enable one to magically pump out golden dishes of highly-rewarded stories every time. But, I promise you: the more you fuse these elements into your writing and experiment with finding your own perfect balance of all these different values in your writing, the better your content will get - and the more others in the community will value your content.

This isn't a theory. It's science.

If you don't believe me, investigate yourself and try on this idea - viewing all the content you read on Steemit through this lense...

Which of these elements are found in the most highly-rewarded stories?

Which of these ingredients are missing from the stories not well-rewarded?

Test this out and see for yourself. It won't take long until you see the pattern.


If you've found this valuable, I have one request:

Do NOT thank me with your words - express your appreciation by putting what you've taken away into action.

Of course, you're welcome to say thanks - but don't think doing so gets you off the hook from taking responsibility for implementing the insight that's been gifted to you through this transmission in your future engagement on the platform.

I haven't written this for praise. (Partly for rewards, yes - but in the long-term game, which can only be won if we all win by adhering to these basic principles of value creation as a core shared cultural code).

I've written this to serve those whom may take it to heart and put it into practice, paying the gift forward by creating value for others.

THAT is how this platform shall succeed.


Consider this your invitation to up your game.

Not all will accept, and that's fine. Not all will stick around on Steemit - many getting discouraged at not being rewarded because they've failed to put in the time & energy into continuously raising their standards of value delivered in their posts.

If you're grateful for the insight shared in this post - SHOW IT.

Not to me. But to yourself, through a ongoing execution of the commit to providing increasingly valuable content to this community (and all communities which you may choose to contribute to).

Go put this wisdom into action - writing content that is infused with the 5 ingredient values - and then come back and give your thanks - along with proof (a link to your writing) that you're serious enough about your gratitude to pay it forward and pass along a similar sort of inspiration to others that adds value to their lives.

As the very least, your action will have been an inspiration to me - and well-worth a vote. :-)

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This is a great post on the subject at hand. One of the best, in my opinion: I recall the other "HOW 2 BE FAMOUSE ON STEEEM" posts usually saying things like "Just be yourself and open and honest and people will probably love you, maybe!"

The way you break it down makes a lot more sense and seems to be pretty accurate. I'll try my hand at crafting a decent post(although I'm not very good at the whole inspirational thing, so that could be disastrous) later today.

Thanks for this well written and mature post on the subject. Have a wonderful day, take good care and namaste :)


link not working... :-/


Worth the read. Thank you so much @rok-sivante for sharing this insights here for other steemians to be guided especially to those newbies. Thanks once again.

Lol, key ingredient is really:

1: Be a Girl and show your package,
2: rape victim stories
3: travel pics
4: talk about how to make money on steemit like this post. (big one)
5: introduce yourself and hope your good looking enough if your a guy.
6: write erotica.

Really that seems to be it, everything else will get eaten. I would like it to be also a platform for discussion like reddit about politics and news but won't happen atm.


Unfortunately you are correct. I guess our society has been dumbed down all the psychological brainwashing that all they're interested in are exactly what you told. There is no interest in real world happenings like upcoming economic diasaster, venezuelan crisis, gun control, psychedelic research, oil extracting etc. Instead let's focus on things that doesn't matter, but as It can be seen in facebook. Large majority of people just does not give a fuck about things that really gonna destroy or help humanity.. The young brilliant minds that go 18 years to indoctrination camps are hard to bring back to realizing the truth.. But i guess that the way things are at the moment, let's give our best to open the eyes of fellow beings!


I respectfully disagree - having been in that exact space you write from myself, for a long time...

"our society has been dumbed down... there is no interest in real world happenings... let's focus on things that don't matter... large majority of people just don't give a fuck..." these are all PERSPECTIVES. Not Truths. and when it boils down to it, authoring such a repeating story over & over again turns into an excuse for not becoming the change you want to see in the world.

this is all a one-sided perspective - one WELL-presented on Facebook. it's not REALITY.

a large number of people DO give a fuck. how many millions of NGOs & NPOs are out there trying to make a difference...?

people bitch about the coming economic collapse. OTHERS ARE BUILDING NEW MODELS AND SOLUTIONS.

Idiots shoot each other with guns. Meanwhile, there are millions for each dead that are committed to creating peace in their lives, families, and communities.

how many people have been pushing for solar energy? basic income? humanitarian justice?

out of those "indoctrination camps" DO rise nobel prize winners and doctors creating cures for diseases and engineers creating transformative technologies to clean up the environment and solve man's worst problems.

"awakening others" does NOT mean shouting loudly a perspective about what a bad state the world is in. and each will "awaken" in their own ways, in their own time.

and the greatest awakening is NOT the acknowledgement of the negative in the world - but an acceptance that we live in a dualistic reality, with billions of souls simultaneously undertaking billions of different lessons, each experiencing various extremes, each evolving at their own perfect pace - and with that acceptance, awakening to a love for it ALL - awakening to a compassion - awakening to a passion to connect with those invested in creating solutions and a new world that makes the outdated, corrupted systems obsolete.

there's both dark AND light in the world. that's the way it will always be. though it's never as "bad" as some make it seem...


I challenge you to prove yourself wrong... :-)

there's an opportunity here with Steemit...

If you're passionate about psychedelic research, oil extracting, gun control, Venezuela, etc... WRITE ABOUT IT. GENERATE interest.

create something to inspire the young brilliant minds.
channel all that passion into initiating the change you want to see in the world, by painting your vision of it for others through your words.

I spent over a decade wasting my time condemning all that was "wrong" with the world. in the end, I was the fool - looking back and having produced little, while others were building.

invest your energy wisely. focus is everything...


When Steemit grow, and it will, the categories will be more clearly displayed. This will lead to a better distribution of the attention and it will cease to be a "frontpage of the internet" so to say :-) Im agree with the poster, content and consistency should be the way to go.
The incentives are more than enough, and the sense of a sort of "learning center" is developing very quickly. Im definitely bullish overall. For starters, i will try to keep on writing, a post per day! Regards


LOLOL true.


I don't know, I posted a big long summary of my travel to South Africa from Canada and so far nothing really. I also am a guy, so there's that lol

Outstanding post. Thank you very much @rok-sivante, a superb article, we appreciate it! :)

Here's my latest post, about success stories.
The TRUTH About Success Stories: MOST Newcomers Aren't Aware of it.. Are YOU Aware of it?!

hi there, im looking for more votes and generally a bigger audience for my posts. The content i'm posting I believe has huge value on steemit but nobody seems to be seeing it. I post profitable bitcoin sports trades so steemit users can actually earn btc copying my tips! Am i missing something I should be doing?


I read a post within the past hour. The post recommended the use of tags when posting. Tags serve to direct and position the scope and nature of the post towards specific categories of interest. Readers that exist within a specific category often are more responsive to content tailored to their interest at that given moment-and, as a result are more apt to upvote the topic.


What we all have to realize is that steemit as an platform is still unknown for many - I spend time in cryptospace and I've just heard of it yesterday myself! So my advice to you is just keep looking for way to improve your content, the users who find your contribution valuable will eventually find their way to steemit, and by then you'll be more than ready. Also, I'd look in to ways of reaching your target audience by going to places where traders are and telling them of your content! Wouldn't hurt to be proactive if you have users best interest in mind.

The way I'm analyzing this:

  • It depends on who is upvoting for you because popularity is influenced by steem power, so people with more steem power upvoting your content will bring the price up more easily than people holding less power but giving the same amount of votes.
  • Till steem is evenly distributed/used around the globe, timing of your posts could influence success. Let's say steem is most successful in the U.S. then posting in popular moments in the region could make a difference.

Of course many other arguments posted in the topic above and the replies take a role in success.
My success isn't great but probably the posts aren't neither :-)

Did I already mention begging for votes? -- LOL

Inspiring information in this post, thank you. Loved the Chinese elements aspect. :)

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

In my opinion, in order to be successful you need to target your paying audience. Who is paying now? Right - the founders. One of their votes can easily boost your post to the moon. Next, what the founders are interested in the most? Right - promotion of Steemit.
Therefore, the best strategy is to use Steemit brand wherever possible and you will surely get upvoted.


somewhat, yes. #circlejerk has become the inside joke for these types of posts.

but then again, you get a girl doing a makeup tutorial racking up $26k, or a story about Beyonce ordering 150 burritos in Amsterdam earn like $8k... so it's open game for the creatives...

Another killer post @rok-sivante. Can you please email me or contact me? I have a proposal for you...

Here are some posts to help you get more traction and exposure to your Steemit posts, startup, business or self:

[HOW TO] Public Relations Training For Startups, Steemers & Steemit: PART 1

[HOW TO] Public Relations Training For Startups, Steemers & Steemit: PART 2

[HOW TO] Public Relations Training For Startups, Steemers & Steemit: PART 3

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you become more successful!


Hey Michael,

I just read and replied to the first two of those, saw your link in the Slack chat. Will send you a message their regarding your proposal...

The 2 major factors are the idea itself and its development.


You forgot to tell us the winning ingredients:P:)


as I just commented above...

I think there was some change made down to how the site is translating markdown. when this was first brought to my attention, I thought it was a result of the hack, as my account was "compromised." however I was making a post today and ran into the same error - got the whole post cut off with a "/p>" - and determined that it was because I used the code "< center > and < /Center >" - and the capitalized letter threw off the translation.

unfortunately, I can't go back and edit this. not sure if that's still due to the account recovery process. hoping to figure it out soon, as this is a GREAT post I'll be referencing often. If I can't edit, I'll probably just end up reposting a duplicate....


Very nice advise you provide there, thank you very much!

Thanks for this helpful insight.

Just went to follow you to find that I already have.

Thanks for the advice! I believe my writing to be entertaining, informative and supported by well-sourced material. I have joined this community for feedback, critiques and the knowledge looking out another's eyes provides. If you have the time to read my post about my experiences with a vehicle driving into a BlackLivesMatter march and the violence that ensued, I would be very grateful.

I see great value in this post hehehe...

You are definitely in a position to write a post like this! Thanks for the amazing advice!

nice information, great bro

Absolutly great!

Killer post @rok-sivante Learnt a heck of a lot from this article!

Thank you for your information !
It distracted me from my nightmare in Thailand. I also wrote a post about it.

Appreciate the honest post!

did this post get broken?

looks like a < was removed in the tag.


I think there was some change made down to how the site is translating markdown. when this was first brought to my attention, I thought it was a result of the hack, as my account was "compromised." however I was making a post today and ran into the same error - got the whole post cut off with a "/p>" - and determined that it was because I used the code "< center > and < /Center >" - and the capitalized letter threw off the translation.

unfortunately, I can't go back and edit this. not sure if that's still due to the account recovery process. hoping to figure it out soon, as this is a GREAT post I'll be referencing often. If I can't edit, I'll probably just end up reposting a duplicate....


You can check out "Follow my Vote" as well... Interesting stuff they are doing


Very cool post!

Very nicely put together, I will definitely be using you as inspiration for future posts, I have such a unique life and a very big potential, just not quite there on writing side.

Good job bud!!



Thank for the advice, what is left is action achievements.

Wow!It's really helpful to me. Thank you @rok-sivante more power #steemit

I am interested in this: Hope I am commenting in the right spot to have it shared with me? Thank you for the insights. I am new to Steemit and I value the advice!
( These 5 types of values actually correspond to the 5 elements described in the ancient Chinese system - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water - this is ALCHEMY. Though I'll save that part for a separate post. If you're interested, let me know in the comments below and I promise to share that follow-up with you when it gets published.)


Your welcome.

Not sure what your question is... what would you like shared with you?

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

a few points of feedback...

the post is NICHE. not likely to get huge rewards, because the majority of people on here may not even know what a "pickguard" is. it's kinda obvious from the picture, but the point is that it's a topic suited specifically towards guitar players - which is probably a very small market on here.

second point: USE TAGS. your post likely got buried under new ones quickly. if you were to add a bunch of different tags - i.e. "guitar, guitar-art, music-art, guitarist, musician" etc - you'll rank in multiple categories and stay near the top of those listings longer than just a single "art" tag. Read this post to get clarity on the importance of tags - and this is going to become CRITICAL the more people come onto Steemit.

For what it's worth, I threw down a vote for a couple bucks. a job well done it!

Thank you :-)

So so so precious. THANK YOU from my heart.




Let me add my voice to the rest of the group to say thank you so much for sharing this wonderful knowledge. Personally I was green about the values until I read this post.
It has given me knowledge . I am going to follow the rules and and make more fun and money.

Once again I say thankyou
Good night



Written like a true steemist ;)