steemit is crypto's first mass market solution!

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I am jl777 and for the last few years I have been coding the core technology for crypto to achieve mainstream mass market adoption. I would like to congratulate the steemit team for making the first one!

I am not much of a social media type, but even I can recognize the vast potential steemit has to expand crypto to the masses.

I wont have any pretty pictures, but I do need a place to write down the tech details of my iguana and SuperNET technology and if I can help contribute deep tech content and get paid at the same time, then it is certainly the best place to post

I tried to find API details for the steemit, but I couldnt find it in the obvious places. if anybody knows where it is, it would help me see how best to integrate steemit into SuperNET. I think it makes sense to make steemit into the "website" for all the various crypto projects as it provides an objective steem based rankings for all the posts. This alone is a unique advancement. Maybe somebody is already working on this, if not it seems like a very quick way to get a lot of active posters. has a fair amount of technical posts and is a recent radio interview

I look forward to posting my technical blog here



For those wondering if this is the real jl777, I think it is, but if you can send me a PM on bitcointalk from your main account there I will confirm it here. I know a NXT-based cryptographic proof of some sort was provided but many of us are not NXT users, making that difficult to interpret.

it would be cool if the process of verifying known community influencers ^ can be automated

Leave it a human process. This guy made, and others can make, a pretty penny for offering this service (over $200). Don't have to automate him out of that job. There's more than enough crypto love to be spread.

Isn't that what Smart Contracts are supposed to be able to do? Still trying to figure all this out but if I am mistaken please let me know.

hey jl777, welcome to steem. I stake btcd 24/7 lol

okay now i want to know if this is the real smooth?

he is :) read @smooth comment

Just want to point out that there is a technical and secure solution to this problem.
See here: howto verify yourself and others properly with keybase

Just answering to be able to find it later

Exactly what I needed!! thanks

You're welcome! Let me know if you build something interesting.


I'm glad to see you here. Our community is fortunate to have you.


Wow. You sound like someone who will be bringing us forward even further if you can collaborate and get dialed in on the API.

EDIT: And just wait until you see the payout you get from this post. I believe you are going to be pleasantly surprised.

Comment please!!!!!!!!!...............
You are awesome man..
The @jl777 is the great steemer... I love him so.. Much......... Im new smeeter here, ami apnakey bison posondow kori,, karon apnie akjon awsome manush.. Apnei onek buddiman bekti.. Apner moto buddiman bektie sobai holey purw pritie bitai paltey jabey....
Apnei akjon bisottow munush... Apner budie buddi asey apnei nijekei valoi mentai kortey paren.. Tai apnei akjon awesome manush..... Amerrow vison sok je ami apner motow borow hobow nijekey niye nijey onek gorvow kortey parbow.. Sobai amakey niye gorvow korbey.. Aonek takar malik hobow.. Buddima n hobow.. Tai sober kasey dowya chai jatey nijekey akdin protistietow kortey pari.. Isallah
Ami ajtey prai 4 bosor agey tekey brow hober sopnow dektesi.. Nijey key nibow habai key na dekey... Apni prochon sopnow dekie. Ar sopnow dektey posondow kori.. Ay sopnow nijey akdin sottiebastowbota poron hobey... Ar ami setai puron korbowi insallh.. Ami nijekey brow korber jonnow onek cheta koreysi arow kortey raji taow brow hobowi.. Apnara doya koreyn amaer onek rokom sopnow asey seta janow puron hoy tai doya korden please. Iti atie priow sotoo seley @sweetgallery
Thanks youuuuuuuuuuuu,,............

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The API is very similar to the one from BitShares which is documented on

Glad to see you here. Long time BTCD supporter.

Nice to meet you.

Well this post escalated quickly!!! Congratulations!!!

It is really cool here but what I find somehow little bad is that some technical posts like guides and so on are valueable for much a longer period and will not attract massive on people in short term. This is somehow little bad for content producers with guides and technical posts what help people a lot but are not the typical "viral" ones. I for example started to post a 3d printing series but it is simple no "story".

I have followed jl777 in NXT for a while now. Welcome!

Kinda interesting how everything is getting more and more connected, looks like bitcoins are the modern credits from Starwars xD!

I heard of you before. Welcome to steemit!

Brilliant to have you here!

Nice to meet you! Can anyone tell me who are the whales and what they are? So here I want to catch the whale. But in General they are there are these WHALES?

Good to see you on here and contributing,


welcome here in our community

Glad to see a hero like you here! I'm looking forward to your posts.

it's nice to have you with us in this community

Join our exclusive club !!!

Join Steem !!!

Our community is happy/honoured to have you! Welcome!

Good to see you James! Glad to hear things are moving forward.


yes, thanks! getting very close

Thanks for a reason to start advancing my understanding of this technology even more, as if I needed one being here. It's an adventure.

@jl777 - When should we expect iguana to be out?

A fellow NXT alum - welcome

At last. Steemit is beginning to be the Steemit i want it to be. Wow-effect is too loud and is heard by right ears)

Welcome here!

Awesome! I've just joined this community. Looking forward to the success of Steem! Lets go!

Hey there!!!

This place is really starting to radiate, true all around positive crypto vibe. Good to see people from different projects coming in and making this a great melting pot. To the future!

Lol 6K,Run 7k like

Very interesting! I like it! Good luck to you!

wow bro this post made big #Money i dont get it, I have some great post and have not done well im not sure why

Nice to see you here

Woops, did not mean to up vote this cr*p. Can't we vote to remove this post?

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