Steemit Open Mic Week 100 Winners - See Who Won Open Mic And Join Us This Week

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Thanks to everyone who entered and supported Open Mic Week 100. Community support for Open Mic has been tremendous and is one of many projects bringing the music community together on Steemit.

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Tell Us About Yourself And Win A Ticket To Steemfest --- by @luzcypher

We had 151 valid entries this week! Awesome guys!

Support Musicians On Steemit

What I need to make the MASHUP truly awesome, is: GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS! | Update #6 --- by @passion-ground

Steemit Musicians with Krystle, Shane, and Isaria! // Msp-Waves Radio // 30 Steem Prize!// 25 Steem Weekly Donation to Open Mic! --- by @isaria

I LOVE OPEN MIC // Discover How It Works, Get Involved, Take ADVANTAGE! --- by @siomarasalmeron

How To Support Musicians On Steemit And Earn Curation Rewards By Following The Open Mic Trail --- by @luzcypher

Operation We Are The Open Mic --- by @meno

Let's Keep @pfunk In The Top 20 Witnesses By Voting For Him As A Steemit Witness

@pfunk has been sponsoring Steemit Open Mic since I first started it and I want to give a big thank you to him and all the people who support and take part in Steemit Open Mic.

@pfunk is a Steemit witness and helps keep the platform working and you can vote for him here Please go vote for him right now. This post will show you how.

Vote For Pfunk For Witness And Keep Steemit Open Mic Growing Strong We Need Your Help Now

More Open Mic Sponsors

Over the last week Open Mic was contacted and offered some more sponsorship from:

@ausbitbank is a top 20 witness on Steemit involved in more supporting projects on the Steem blockchain than I can list. He is a big part of the, the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty network on Discord, and delegates to many good causes on Steemit. You can vote for him as a wtness here. He just reached out and donated 100 Steem per week to help Open Mic

@Curie helps curate new people who contribute good content and has been supporting Open Mic musicians behind the scenes since Open Mic started. They helped me and countless others get our posts seen when we first started on the platform. Many Open Mic musicians have been featured on their weekly Author's Showcase posts. They are a top 20 witness and have contributed 25 Steem per week for the next two months to help Open Mic. You can vote for them as witness here

MSP-Waves Radio in association with the Minnow Support Project and the Peace, Abundance, Liberty Network is a weekly radio program hosted by @Krystle, @swelker101, and @isaria that features the weekly Top 5 judges picks from Steemit Open Mic. Not only do they give weekly prizes to audience picked performers from the contest, but they have also started sponsoring Open Mic with a 25 Steem weekly donation! How cool is that? Thank you for helping support musicians on the Steemit platform.

@aggroed is a top 20 witness and is involved in the and the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty network on Discord. He is launching a new online card game called Steem Monsters is supporting Open Mic with a 50 Steem donation per week to the contest. He's also gifting a 5-card Steem Monster pack to the winner's. You can vote for him as witness here

What Is

And thanks to @meno's initiative the community has come together to support Open Mic. Many of you have created posts in support of the Open Mic community and have donated a portion of the rewards from those posts to @openmic so we can keep doing what we do, build a great community of musicians on Steemit. You guys are the best and we feel appreciative and inspired!

Operation We Are The Open Mic --- by @meno

Steemit Open Mic Rules

  • The cutoff date for entries was Friday the 31st of August, 2018 at 12 UTC TIME Find your UTC time here.
  • Only 1 entry per person per week
  • "Steemit Open Mic Week 100" must the beginning of the post title.
  • "Steemit Open Mic Week 100" must be said at the beginning of your video and your username.
  • Live performances only specifically made for this contest.
  • openmic must be the first tag
  • Add a link to your post in the comments of the contest post.
  • You must upvote this post.
  • If your song is an original song then add the word "Original" somewhere in your title
  • You can use DTube but include an embedded YouTube or Vimeo video too.

Steemit Open Mic Loves Dtube So Why Do I Have To Add A Youtube Video To My Open Mic Entry --- by @luzcypher

Entries must follow these rules to earn prizes.

Big shout out to @lukestokes who delegated 5,000 SP to the @openmic account! Thanks for your support.

I just want to remind everyone that votes are only part of the selection process. Entertainment value and performance is factored in too.

To learn more about the rules to entering the contest please read What Are The Rules To Enter Steemit Open Mic And Why Do We Have Rules Anyways

Common Questions When Entering Steemit Open Mic --- by @luzcypher

The coolest thing about Open Mic is it brings the Steemit community together and that is the whole point of this project.

Meet up with the Open Mic community at Open Mic on Discord and chat with all of the people who enter Open Mic there. It's a great way to interact with the Open Mic community. Your links to your entry is automatically added to the Discord channel, so please don't add links, just come to chat with the community.

Join the Facebook page for Steemit Musicians you can read about here or go straight to the page here. A lot of players from Steemit Open Mic are there.

Steemit Open Mic Judges

@soundlegion, @krystle, @verbal-d, @passion-ground, and @meno

Music Creators Guide To Copyrights, Royalties, And Recording Contracts

Common Questions When Entering Steemit Open Mic --- by @luzcypher

How To Support Musicians On Steemit And Earn Curation Rewards By Following The Open Mic Trail --- by @luzcypher

Steemit Open Mic Is About Building A Community Of Musicians On Steemit Not About Winning --- by @luzcypher

Openmic Week 100 Top 5 And Honorable Mentions --- by @meno

Official Open Mic Or Passion Ground S Top 5 Entries For Week 100 --- by @passion-ground

Steemit S Official Open Mic Judge Verbal D S Top 5 Entries For Week 100 Original Blog --- by @verbal-d

Steemit Musicians With Krystle Shane And Isaria Msp Waves Radio 30 Steem Prize 25 Steem Weekly Donation To Open Mic --- by @isaria

Open Mic Week 100 My Top 5 Judges Selection --- by @krystle

Steemit Open Mic Loves Dtube So Why Do I Have To Add A Youtube Video To My Open Mic Entry --- by @luzcypher

Special thanks to @krystle, @passion-ground, @meno, and, @verbal-d for help judging the contest this week. Great job guys.

Steemit Open Mic is not about winning or losing, it's about building a connections on Steemit through music. Watching the collaborations happen online between musicians who played and met on Steemit Open Mic is very rewarding and many of the people who play and post earn some nice rewards for playing a song.

For many, it's easier to get some Steem in your tip jar by playing for Steemit Open Mic than it is to play music on the street.

Steemit Open Mic Trending Posts

Click here to see the current trending posts on Steemit Open Mic

Top 20 Trending Open Mic Posts

The openmic tag has earned a total of: 236,867.936 SBD worth $241,605.30 USD At Today's Prices of $1.02 SBD (Average of $2,416.05 per week in 100 weeks +plus has paid out over 28,300 Steem in prizes!

NOTE: Having a trending post is not how judges pick entries for their Top 5 weekly picks. Sometimes you will trend because of a variety of reasons. Congratulations! You don't need to win Open Mic to earn rewards and build your audience. As you can see, sometimes trending posts earn more than the contest rewards! You could trend by getting curated by other curation groups like @curie for example. The judges look for entertainment value which, of course, is very subjective and varies over time. Just keep playing and engaging with the community which is the whole point of Open Mic. If you love music, we love you.

The most recent top earning posts were:

This chart is provided by @carlgnash.


Steemit Open Mic Week # 100 - Open Your Eyes by Snow Patrol
$ 35.8210


Open Mic Week #100 - Lisa & Rhavi | Tempo ao Tempo (Gelson Oliveira cover) 🧜‍♀️
$ 32.1830


Steemit Open Mic Week #100: 1968 (Cover)
$ 30.3400


Steemit Open Mic Week 100 - “Un día de estos” (Cover) Kim & Armando.
$ 30.2920


Steemit Openmic Week 100. "Qué vale más" cover by @yrmaleza
$ 29.9320


Steemit Open mic, semana 100- @Cristmounicou- Cover "Quitémonos la ropa" por Alexander pires
$ 29.6120


💯 Steemit Open Mic Week 100 - “I Am One” (Original Song)
$ 27.8150


Steemit Open Mic Week 100| The A Team – Ed Sheeran (Carlos Vidal cover)
$ 26.0010


STEEMIT OPEN MIC WEEK 100 - Homenaje a la música Oriental -Gualberto ibarreto (cover) - exclusivo de @carlosfbass
$ 23.7170


Steemit Open Mic Week 100 - My Favorite Coins
$ 21.4100


Steemit OpenMic WEEK 100! @paintingangels - Original song "Too Quiet"
$ 19.8430


Steemit OpenMic Week 100, Recuerdame by @enriquemarval
$ 19.6250


STEEMIT Open Mic Semana 100 – Y, ¿si fuera ella? (Cover) por @dearw
$ 19.3320


Open Mic Week 100: The Only Living Boy in New York!
$ 15.9620


Steemit Open Mic Week 100 – July (Original)
$ 13.9520


Cuanto vale un carajito (Original song) Steemit openmic # 100
$ 13.2430


STEEMIT OpenMic Week 100 - "I Say A Little Prayer" (Aretha Franklin)
$ 13.2160


Steemit Openmic Week 100 - Cover "Brejeiro" @esteliopadilla - Sponsored by @luzcypher and @pfunk
$ 11.0680


Steemit open mic week #100 // Minuet 2, Paritita 3 - J.S. BACH.
$ 8.5440


Steemit Openmic Week#100 - Baik-Baik Sayang (COVER) Original By WALI Band
$ 7.9270

Congratulations to all of you who trended this week on Open Mic!

Winners from Steemit Open Mic Week 100

It is not getting any easier to pick with all this talent and it is so hard picking winners every week even with 5 judges.

Honorable mentions this week in no particular order are: @basilmarples, @lucybanks, @branhmusic, @shephard, @paintingangels, @skycorridors, @cristmounicou, @joseacabrerav, @shookriya, @abelfernandez, @belenlopr, @racso, @jaybird, @dianakyv, @branhmusic, @shookriya, @minuetoacademy, @dreamrafa, @davidfar, @josegri, @mariajruizb, @siomarasalmeron, @rafaelricardo, @salvadorhr18, @itslobianco, @maximilianoflute, @miguelvargasand, @huascargarcia, and many more on our radar. We Love You All!

and the winners are...

1st Place

You won 80 Steem and a 5-Pack of Steem Monster cards.

Steemit Open Mic Week 100 July Original --- by @arigenevieve

There were rumors that @zipporah had a very talented niece. Of course, I believed those rumors, but wondered if I was ever going to listen/see this niece of hers and then this week: BOOM - This little entry showed up in my feed, the voice of an angel I tell you. I'm a sucker for original songs, and this one is just special in ten ways plus one.

Put on some headphones, don't use the laptop... let her take you away. - @meno

To help in turning the Open-Mic page beyond 100, we have been blessed with a fresh new face and talented artist to mark such a notable transition. Ari is @zipporah’s niece and every bit as beautifully vulnerable and talented! Ari handily crushed it here with her maiden entry, “July.” Her song is one of heartbreak and introspection. One can sense this clearly amid the expressive recall of her emotive and artistic expressions. Ari’s sigh of relief at the end came after reliving the sorrowful indelible memories all throughout her performance – and once she finished, the weight of such remembrance was somehow lifted – at least until next July. - @passion-ground

Welcome to Steemit and Open Mic! Hope to hear more from you soon. - @luzcypher

2nd Place

You won 40 Steem and a 5-Pack of Steem Monster cards.

Steemit Open Mic Week 100 El Balcon Original Song --- by @pechichemena

when I clicked play and began listening to Pechiche’s “El Balcon,” I could not find any room for criticism but instead, I got all choked up as my heart swelled with pride at just what an incredible composition, production, and performance he put together in a very short time. I LOVE this song. You rock, brother! - @passion-ground

*I feel at times that pechi does not get enough recognition for his talent and contributions for the simple fact that he is my brother. But honestly, at the expense of being accused of some sort of nepotism, I'm going to take the risk of placing him on my top list. This song is just gorgeous, and the word is quite tamed there.^

The lyrics are genius and if you are not singing along by the second chorus, then you and I are polar opposites. - @meno

3rd Place

You won 26 Steem and a 5-Pack of Steem Monster cards.

Steemit Open Mic Week 100 Original Song Chapters Just Begun By Darren Claxton --- by @darrenclaxton

The songwriting machine is back, and boy he is not slowing down. I have no idea at this point and I'm not exaggerating how many songs of Darrens I think are bloody brilliant (to sound British). A few chords and some truth that is all a man needs to speak to the soul. Don't change my friend, keep on leaving those musical footprints behind - @meno

Like I keep saying, Darren has definitely got that special something when it comes to composing great music. The stories he tells, the guitar passages he writes, and the vocal melodies he creates are truly a sacred gift from a higher power. I’m certain that Darren has many more great chapters yet to unfold – and I look forward to each and every one of them! - @passion-groind

4th Place

You won 26 Steem and a 5-Pack of Steem Monster cards.

Steemit Openmic Week 100 I Say A Little Prayer Aretha Franklin --- by @drewsmusic

Drew has been gifted with one of the most pleasant falsettos I've ever had the pleasure to listen to. I was wondering how he would tackle this tribute to the late diva and he did amazingly. It's a very saddening thought to think that we've lost such a powerful music and cultural icon with Aretha's passing, but it makes me smile to see newer generations recognizing her talent and value. - @meno

*Drew was gone for a while, but he made it back for week 100! His tributary cover of Aretha Franklin’s “I Say a Little Prayer” is simply impeccable! It’s quite apparent that our man Drew from the Motor City is chock full of soulful passion and is a talent extraordinaire! I loved his tribute… R.I.P Aretha. * - @passion-ground

5th Place

You won 26 Steem and a 5-Pack of Steem Monster cards.

Open Mic Week 100 Lisa And Rhavi Or Tempo Ao Tempo Gelson Oliveira Cover --- by @lisamalletart

You two are just brilliant, so glad to see you both back with us for the 100 week of Open Mic - you never cease to impress or amaze me, you guys make this all look so easy.

You perform so brilliantly and create these amazing songs, making it all look effortless in the process - I have never found an entry from you to I didn't fall in love with.

You guys have such an infectious energy when you perform together, the audience can't help but be drawn into that energy - then there's the fact that your performances are always flawless, you two seriously kick ass with all you do - @krystle

Here's a screenshot of the prizes transferred to the winners this week.

Want To Go To SteemFest This Year?

Tell Us About Yourself And Win A Ticket To Steemfest --- by @luzcypher

Congratulation Everyone And Thanks For Playing Steemit Open Mic. Winners can collect their Steem Monster Cards at

Steemit Open Mic Is About Building A Community Of Musicians On Steemit, Not About Winning --- by @luzcypher

Congratulations guys! Thanks again to everyone that entered. Thanks to our sponsors @pfunk, @ausbitbank, @curie, @aggroed, @isaria, and @steemmonsters for sponsoring Open Mic!

Vote And Enter Open Mic Week 101 by Following This Link


Steemit Open Mic Week 101 Record Your Performance And Win Steem Sponsored By Pfunk And Luzcypher --- by @luzcypher

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Thanks so much for the honorable mention today!!! And huge congratulations to all the winners :) :)

Your performance was really good. Thanks for sharing your music with us.

Your performance was
Really good. Thanks for sharing
Your music with us.

                 - luzcypher

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lolol i love this bot

Thanks so much for saying so :)

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Hoooouuuu!! Thank you so much @luzcypher!
Thank you so much everybody 🙏
I’m so happy that you liked this video.
It was so cool to participate for this hundredth week of openmic!
So much love! 😘

The pleasure is ours. Thanks for the music and congratulations.

CONGRATULATIONS @arigenevieve, niece of the sweet soul @zipporah <3
You are out of this world talented <3 That must run in the family looking at Zippy <3

I also congratulate all the other winners, @pechichemena, my wonderful besty @darrenclaxton, @drewsmusic & @lisamalletart <3

Much respect to all the honorable mentions @basilmarples, @lucybanks, @branhmusic, @shephard, @paintingangels, @skycorridors, @cristmounicou, @joseacabrerav, @shookriya, @abelfernandez, @belenlopr, @racso, @jaybird, @dianakyv, @branhmusic, @shookriya, @minuetoacademy, @dreamrafa, @davidfar, @josegri, @mariajruizb, @siomarasalmeron, @rafaelricardo, @salvadorhr18, @itslobianco, @maximilianoflute, @miguelvargasand, @huascargarcia

It must be a real challenge for the judges having to pick the winners with this excellence you all bring <3

Amazing. Thank you so much. I appreciate a lot you opinion, and hope you get to see other of my entries. Greetings, @d-vine!

Felicidades a los ganadores!

felicidades a los ganadores, muchos talentos..!

Wow congratulations to all the winners, pure talent...

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