Steemit Open mic, semana 100- @Cristmounicou- Cover "Quitémonos la ropa" por Alexander pires

in #openmic5 years ago (edited)

This is just my second week at Steemit and I am excited about everything that is coming.

Today I bring you "Quitemonos la ropa" from Alexander Pires, an incredible award-winning singer-songwriter whose songs have the ability to move sensations in anyone.

Personally, I love this song, so I hope you enjoy it.

My trip through this incredible platform is just beginning, and I can not wait for you to see what is being prepared. Thanks again Moisés Gonzales @amg.soundesign
for the excellent job.

See you soon Steemians!

Esta es solo mi segunda semana en steemit y me encuentro
emocionada por todo lo que viene.

Hoy les traigo "Quitemonos la ropa" de Alexander Pires, un increible cantautor galardonado cuyas canciones tienen la habilidad de mover sensaciones en cualquiera.

Personalmente, adoro esta canción, asi que espero que la disfruten.

Mi viaje por esta increible plataforma apenas esta comenzando, y no puedo esperar para que vean lo que se esta preparando. Gracias de nuevo Moisés Gonzales @amg.soundesign por el exelente trabajo.

Nos vemos pronto Steemians!



wow @cristmounicou very beautiful and talented musician you are.
rock and roll always

you will make a great musician in this space, im sure of it

Hi cristmounicou,

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Excelente. Eres muy buena. Felicidades!

Saludos amiga.
Tienes una voz super dulce, cantas muy bien.
Te felicito de corazón.

Tienes una muy linda voz te felicito , mucha suerte! :)

Que lindo cantas amiga. Me alegra mucho haberme topado contigo por estas redes. Te deseo lo mejor del mundo y te mando otro fuerte abrazo JAjaAJa

Hello very nice song and so well sang. You have a beautiful voice.

Hello very nice
Song and so well sang. You have
A beautiful voice.

                 - drawmeaship

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Que bella voz tienes hombre me alegra que nos compartas tu talento, bienvenida a steemit.

Esto quedo excelente! Mas alla del audio, me tripee mucho la edicion de video. Un abrazo, chicas!

claro que si vale porque somos el trio dinamico jajajaja

Hey @cristmounicou , i love the Steemit Open mic Sessions. Im Glad you take part.

Music is a very important part in the life. You did your cover very well !! ... ony little hint from me. if you like to get more audience you should consider to take more than 4 # tags :-) -. 5 is max and better ;-)

By the way, you do it very well dear!

thanks for that information it's good to know those details that I'm new to steemit, and I´m glad that you like what I do

I don't understand Spanish but I enjoyed listening to you sing, you really do have a amazing voice!

Is it a love song? I think the way you sang it kinda says that- with so much passion! I think it will be awesome if you add lyrics of the song in English

The "steem adventure" has been going on well for you, amazing things sure will be coming your way. Enjoy your stay here!

Yes, well soon I will have a song in English to show, and yes, this song speaks of love, of not being afraid to say I love you, and good as its name says to "take off your clothes" and thanks you.

Oh wow! What an interesting and beautiful song!

Un placer y bienvenida a la pagina, tienes un talento excelente, un dominio vocal muy correcto y la ejecucion impecable, eso por la parte tecnica por la sentimental... Ahhhhhhh eres increible felicitaciones, me agradaria en algun momento poder tocar contigo para algun openmic, si gustas pasate por mi blog y si te gusta el contenido que hacemos, pues podemos cuadrar para grabar una cancion bien producida con @smollrecord, thanks!

pues claro que me encantaria, me encanta hacer musica y cantar es mi pasion, y si lo hago lo hago con las mejores ganas del mundo para que las personas que lo ven puedan disfrutarlo como yo lo hago
y muchas gracias por comentar y compartir mi publicacion

Well crap, there goes my dream of ever winning openmic.... I'm just kidding I would never have a chance to win... You did an awesome job with the song and have some amazing voice control. It's a great song too, I was discussing the use of silence in music with someone earlier, and how it is often overlooked by many people.
Again Awesome job and good luck....

Thank you, my friend, I like to know that the things I'm doing are liked by people, and reading these types of comments is always a pleasure ... thank you very much

Excelente covers... muy bueno! te invito para que leeas mi post llamado Botao´s Music C.A donde apoyamos músicos emergentes viralizando sus trabajos musicales...

XAvier steemit 2.jpg

Thanks for your patience @cristmounicou, you did great last week. I finally wrote you a review for your performance.
Read it in full here

Hermosa voz, un excelente cover! Sigue así, mucho éxito!

muchas gracias, me alegra que te gustara mi video

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