How To Support Musicians On Steemit And Earn Curation Rewards By Following The Open Mic Trail

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Do you play for or support Open Mic on Steemit? Did you know there's a way to earn curation rewards and support musicians on Steemit at the same time?

For all the people playing for Open Mic the more supporters following the Open Mic Trail the more rewards you'll get for valid entries.

For musicians or music lovers, you can also earn curation rewards for following the Open Mic Trail. If you play on Open Mic this is a no-brainer as you will earn from everyone entering.


All you have to do is follow the @openmic trail and you can unfollow it anytime you want. It's easy and I'll show you how. Ready?

NOTE: Following the Open Mic Trail does not vote on my posts, only on the people who enter the contest posts. To support my posts you would still need to manually upvote the Open Mic contest posts that I make to announce the contest

Go to the website, register your account and follow the trail under the @openmic. This account was set up by our beloved witness @ausbitbank to help support all the musicians who participate in the #openmic events happening every single week.


Be sure to verify your email once you register by opening up your email account you registered with and clicking on the registration email.

Then log in to you SteemAuto account.

After you log in you'll come to a page that looks like this.


Click on the box labeled Curation Trail marked in the image above in red.

You'll come to a page that looks like this.


Scroll to the bottom of the page where you'll find a search box under Search for a trail:

Enter openmic in the box labeled Trail Name and click Search. This page will apprear and then you click the box that is marked Follow.


Once you are following the Open Mic Trail you can set the voting power you want to follow the trail with. It looks like this.

By default the @openmic account votes with a 10% setting, so if you chose scale voting, your vote would simply echo that, if not, you could set up the voting weight you find more fitting for your account.

I recommend setting your voting power to something low like 5% so you won't drain your voting power too much.


Also, just so you know. The @openmic account votes on valid entries that I personally curate, not on my posts. This is to help those who enter, not me. It follows my votes and that's why I'm not following the trail myself. I'm already upvoting everything the @openmic trail votes for which are your valid entries.

NOTE: Following the Open Mic Trail does not vote on my posts, only on the people who enter the contest posts. To support my posts you would still need to manually upvote the Open Mic contest posts that I make to announce the contest

Here Is Who Follows The Open Mic Trail









Want To Delegate Steem Power To The OpenMic Account?

You can also delegate Steem Power to the @openmic account by following the instruction in this post:

Steemit Open Mic Is Growing Thank You Ausbitbank For Creating The Open Mic Bot --- by @luzcypher

Just don't join the trail described in that post because it is and does not exist anymore. But the first half of the post will show you how to delegate Steem Power to the @openmic account which helps all the people that enter Open Mic.

That's it! It's pretty simple. It's really that quick for you to participate in an epic win/win situation. If you have read this post, and still doubt or don't understand how this could benefit you, do not hesitate to ask in the comments below.

Let's all pool our support for the musicians playing music on Steemit and follow the Open Mic Trail.

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Easy done! As you saliently said for anyone who plays Open Mic, "It's a no brainer!"
Get on this, people, even if your upvote is worth almost nada at the moment, it still all builds and means something significant...
Had to resteem!

Thanks @nathankaye.

It's one of those help me help you things

Much appreciated.

Totally mate! 100%
It couldn't make any more sense than the way you clearly put it.
Hopefully, we'll see hundreds on the curation trail within a few days and then see that grow to thousands.

I like the way you think @nathankaye!

Great minds think alike @luzcypher!

I have a question. I didn't get an email but it asks me to use an app where I have to give away my master key. I just ask to be save because I didn't find that part in your description. Screenshot_20180307-125317.png

all they need is your private posting key (the one used for voting), not your master key. As long as you use SteemConnect you should be alright. I heard directly from Ned himself in person that SteemConnect is legit.

Thank you! :)

Just joined the trail! Great idea to support everyone on Openmic ✨

Thanks so much. Tell your musician friends.

I don't understamd how to transfer SBT to Steemasto or why? Help ,e understand!

You don't need to transfer SBD to Steemauto at all. What these instructions are for is to follow the @openmic trail.

By following the trail you are upvoting the valid entries that I personally upvote each week and gaining rewards for doing so. It does not require you to transfer SBD at all.

The @openmic account upvotes every valid entry that I vote for personally from my @luzcypher account. If the entry is valid and I upvote it the @openmic account will upvote it too.

For people who enter and support the Steemit Open Mic contest, following the trail will also automatically vote all valid entries with your account too. You can unfollow the trail anytime as well.

What this does is help everyone benefit from entering the contest by pooling the votes from every person that enters and have it automatically upvote your Open Mic entry. You would also be upvoting every person that enters a valid post so it is recommended that you set your voting percentage within the app to 5% so that it does not drain your voting power.

Why would we want to follow the Open Mic Trail?

  1. To earn some rewards from every entry of Open Mic
  2. To earn more rewards for your Open Mic entries.

This is a useful post. New users who are frustrating to discover their aspect around, like me, assistance from move by phase direction.
It's and a hypothesis persons tin get a hold behind, supporting posts and the thought which possessions mutual

registered for the curation trail! hope to help more musicians reach their goals. <3

On behalf of all musicians on Steemit, thanks for your support.

open mic got my votes anytime, i endorsed this even though my upvotes worth little.

Thanks. I don't see you added to the trail.

Is ready
My upvote is small but I thank you for the help you give to many musicians, including me. And if I can help even a bit with my vote, we will grow more.

PD: IF u need I can do a post in spanish abt that to support too

whoa this is interesting/awesome. thanks for showing us how it works!

I just joined the trail following the steps included,
Thanks for this idea to help us music lovers....
Very much appreciated.

I’m on it! Steemit’s just getting better by the minute ❤️

Cool, thanks.

Good idea @luzcypher. Thanks for share it n_n

Thanks for posting this and letting it be known. I recently delegated to @musicvoter to up the music curations, I am also now following. I have let @musicvoter kow about this and hopefully the owner of it will update and follow too. Musicians should check out how to get on musicvoters radar too. Peace ya'll!!

Thanks for following the trail.

Upvoted, resteemed and joined the trail. Just at 2% for now, but I am REALLY loving how steemit is a modern "Patron of the arts" community and I want to support our artists. (They let me play with them, I LOVE that lol!)

Thanks SO much for following the trail.

I'll be doing this later today, thanks @luzcypher!

Hey @luzcypher what's up, I got a question for you bro, I haven't participated on the steemit open mic since the week 65 because I don't play any instrument, I'm a music producer and my instruments are my software and the vst's, I could do beats for my open mic but the rules say that we can't use beats but what if I use my own beats, how can I do? I really want to come back, I don't know if you remember but I won the 5th place in the open mic week 63, I hope you answer my question :( (I have already upvoted and resteemed and joined the trail)

Thanks for joining the trail. Yes, we made that rule to stop scammers that were flooding the contest.

However, there are exceptions which you'll find are still playing music to their own beats. You just have to make it clear somehow that these are your own beats. Maybe show a video clip of you making the beats you're performing to so there is no doubt they are, in fact, your beats.

Hope this makes sense and look forward to hearing you back.

:oooo Thank you so much, I really wanted to come back again to the constest, I'm so happy right now! I'll follow the rules to participate in this amazing constest again, I didn't know about the steemit voices but I take the opportunity to thank you and all those who make up the Open Mic team because you have been a great help for my economic situation, and I really enjoy participating and showing what I love, thank you very much again!

I followed this trail to see how it goes. I'm still not sure how much steem dollars I can upvote and what is my upvoting limit, I have to do a better research about this subjects.

Just looked at your account. You're new here so I recommend setting your voting power to about 5% on SteemAuto. That means that 20 votes from you following the trail will only deduce your voting power by 1 vote.

20 votes x 5% = 1 vote at 100%

This way you can support the musicians on Open Mic, earn some curation rewards on each entry, and not drain your daily voting power very much at all.

Thanks for your support.

This is a helpful post. New users who are trying to learn their way around, like me, benefit from step by step direction.
It's also a concept people can get behind, supporting @openmic posts and the concept which effects mutual aid.

Yep, it's a way for all entries to earn more from both growing the voting power for those who enter and from earning curation rewards too.

Highly rEsteemed!

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 6.42.01 PM.png

@luzcypher this what is showing me even if i click the curation trail at the tab

Have don it glad am still under the first 50,but in a situation where once upvote power is just worth 0.001 or 0.01will he still get any reward

Yes, use SteemConnect and add your key. Even though you'll only add a little reward, it all adds up. You'll also earn a little automatically on every valid Open Mic entry while helping musicians on Steemit. Cool, right?

I love the Gorilla! And I also joined the trail

I love that gorilla too. Thanks for your support.

Great idea! I just joined and hope to contribute as much as I can. Let's rock it!

Thanks. May Steem be with you.

wow clearly written, made an almost impossible task easily accomplished... my first ever transfer of sbd.. thanks ;9)

Thanks for supporting musicians on Open Mic.

Hello @luzcypher, very good work! I enjoy k Your posts Keep working well! I always read your nice content in Steemit! :)

That's really great! I loved it! I signed up and joined the team :) !! thanks @luzcypher for the good job!

I agree, this is a no brainer hehe
Resteemed :)

Thanks for joining the trail.

Fantastic idea but I'm really struggling with registering my account...

What seems to be the issue?

It is a great way to help, I've joined the trail @luzcypher

done bro. bless lml

Thanks for the clarification, I'm on it ;)

Thanks for following the trail

My upvote is small, but you've got it,my friend. Please checkout my animation videos if you have time. I'm the only one animator on dtube! Thank you.

Thanks, but I don't see you following the trail.

First i read your article and try to register ! This happend! I never comment on a article without reading! 1.PNG

Just joined tge trail was wondering how it cones back to the Curaters


I really like this initiative. The effort you do is incredible. I want to thank you in the name of Venezuela, and for the international music community. You have my support in every possible way. Count on it!

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