Steemit Open Mic Loves DTube - So Why Do I Have To Add A YouTube Video To My Open Mic Entry?

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Some people mistakenly think that Open Mic bans DTube. This is not true. We love DTube, but we have that rule in place for a couple of reasons.

First, it doesn't always work. I have waited 10 minutes to hear a video posted to DTube and still didn't get to hear it no matter how many times I refreshed the page.

Other times it would start and then stop every 3-seconds which makes it hard to get a feel for a song. Multiply that by 300 or more entries and it would be impossible to hear all of the songs or run this contest.

Secondly, to make the weekly post called See Who Played Open Mic we need an embedded video and DTube does not have that capability yet.

You can see in my weekly post of the people who enter Open Mic that some people who enter only show a link with no video. That is because they posted with DTube and did not add a YouTube link as well, like it says in the rules, so their video is not shown. By adding a YouTube video as well it solves that problem and I can include them in the list of who played.

That's why the last Open Mic rule says:

  • Even if you use DTube a YouTube or Vimeo embedded link must be added to your post too

Once day DTube will solve these issues and when they do I will be very happy.

I support DTube and love what they are doing, but at this time we need a Youtube video (or Vimeo) included as well. Some people assume I have something against DTube but that is incorrect.

Here's me hanging with @heimindanger, the creator of DTube, at Steemfest 2 in Lisbon, Portugal




Congratulation !
Your Video on dtube !

I am @Rihannas!
You are Amazing and Your Post is also Amazing . I Like Your Post .

There is no video on this post or on DTube so I don't understand your comment. You must be a bot.

jaja SEGURO ES UN BOT. No hay video, solo una foto.

There is no video on this post or on DTube so I don't understand your comment. You must be a bot.

wow thanks friend

Wow this is creative, good and great. Nice update

I made a post on how to add playback functionality code for DTube. Maybe some people want to take this task to work.

I read your post and wish I could understand it. You're basically talking about being able to embed a DTube video into a blog post, right? That would be so cool.

You remember the picture in this post? You were there at the time.

I really support the openmic contest music program,i really love music,the masterpiece is amazing friend,,@luzcypher

I have not been able to upload some of my videos, some doesn't always work...i I want this to be corrected, because I love the proposal, of dtube....

absolutely true .. Dtube's initiative is great ... and we all support it, but since it is in the process of being created, adaptation is true that sometimes it does not work at all well .. we hope that this platform will be 100% operational soon. . .

Excelente artículo, me gustó mucho porque a pesar de que nos gusta DTUBE, no siempre es útil.

I have seen the open mic blogs that are in another steemian, they make two in the post
Get started with Dtube and other youtube.
Is this as I can do for Open Mic?

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