Ausbitbank Witness Update (New Full RPC Node!) + Minnow Support Project Application

in witness •  11 months ago

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I just wanted to share some recent updates and formally apply for a witness vote from @minnowsupport .

I'm now at witness rank 14 thanks to my 3104 voters !

Server Upgrades + A new RPC node

As the Steem blockchain grows, so do the resource requirements for my servers. I've just doubled the memory in my witness, backup, and seed nodes to 32GB giving me some breathing room for future growth.

To better serve developers, I have started running a Full RPC node with all plugins enabled. Full node service is provided on a best-effort basis and there may be some minimal downtime at first while I'm tweaking my configuration.

These are the current specs of my main machines :

Witness Node
Backup Node
Seed Node
RPC Node
Memory: 36 GBMemory: 32 GBMemory: 32 GBMemory: 256 GB
Cpu Cores: 16Cpu cores: 8Cpu cores: 8Cpu cores: 12
Storage: 2x2TB HDDStorage: 2x2TB HDDStorage: 2x2TB HDDStorage: 2x480 GB SSD
Network: 1gbit/sNetwork: 1gbit/sNetwork: 1gbit/sNetwork: 1gbit/s
Location: USALocation: GermanyLocation: GermanyLocation: Germany

I plan to further expand my Steem server network to include the full suite of Jussi, Hivemind and Steem Blockchain Data Service servers - we can never have too many resources for developers!

My current delegations

I've been delegating most of my earnings to support good causes and curators, these are my biggest delegations right now to the following communities:

@minnowsupport - 15105 SP
Available to anyone that requests a vote via the PAL discord

@msp-mods - 6000 SP
Used to support MSP moderators and content they curate from the pond

@openmic - 5001 SP
I manage and vote follow this account to give a boost to all valid #openmic entries

@centerlink - 4000 SP
I manage and selectively vote follow this account to support #teamaustralia members

@msp-curation - 2500 SP
A brand new MSP manual curation initiative to reward the best of the pond

@krystle - 2001 SP
My partner, an @openmic judge, @msp-waves show co-host and @msp-music curator

@provenezuela 1500 SP
I also vote follow this account to support Venezuelan users

@mrsquiggle - 1100 SP
Manually curated to support top quality posts from #teamaustralia

@informationwar - 1100 SP
Supporting controversial content manually curated under #informationwar

@msp-music - 1022 SP
A new initiative to support musicians on steemit

@spaminator - 1018 SP
A great Anti Spam/Abuse initiative from @patrice

@steemvids - 1008 SP
Supporting original content creators and youtubers - experimental bot + alpha website

@msp-waves - 1006 SP
To help support the radio hosts and to reward contributors

@teamaustralia - 1001 SP
Supports quality #teamaustralia posts + acts as a central fund raising account

@sft - 1001 SP
The Steemhouse Fiction Trail curates quality creative writing

@ausbitbot - 1000 SP
My personal bot, voting a shortlist of quality content creators

@stsl - 250 SP
"Share the Steem Love" is a curation initiative focused on rewarding quality posts from minnows

@freezepeach - 150 SP
This project upvotes and resteems content that has been opinion flagged into invisibility

= Over 45,000 Steem Power delegated indefinitely, for free.

My current voting habits

As well as delegating directly to the above causes, I support many authors and projects with my votes - as well as making use of custom automated voting bots to try and spread my votes over as many users as possible.

I do manually review my votes for abuse, and I'm open to feedback/criticism about where my voting power is being spent.

Price feed and current network parameters


  • I publish an unbiased price feed - last update was $1.796 STEEM
  • SBD interest rate dropped to 0% - Steem dollars are way overvalued already
  • Account creation fee remains at 0.2 STEEM - attempting to reduce signup cost (info)
  • Maximum block size remains at 65,536

Minnow Support Project Witness Application

What am I doing to help Steem

From the moment, I first discovered Steem I have been obsessed with it. I have been on Steemit for over a year now .
Like many of you, I've been completely obsessed with growing on the platform and helping others do the same. I am also obsessed with its potential, with its growth, and I want to continue to be a part of it.

I saw the massive potential of the network and started developing tools and promoting Steem to social media influencers, exchanges, and pretty much everyone I've been in contact with since.

My very first post was a dark theme for Steemit - similar to the "night-mode" skin we finally have now a year later. Since then, I've developed a bunch of useful tools for Steem. I have a growing list of upcoming projects like SteemVids , a "Web of Trust" user-rating tool, and a few others in the works - and I'm dying to get developing some Smart Media Tokens .

In this growing trend of bid-bots, renting delegation and blatant vote swapping I have resisted the urge to focus on maximizing my personal profits.

I have tried to lead by example and "be the change I wish to see in the world." I share my rewards with good causes and give all of my delegations and votes freely. I don't sell my votes or expect anything back in return from my delegatees.

By sharing freely, the people I delegate too are less focused on their own profits (since they don't have rental fees to recover) and this leads to more genuine and altruistic curation on quality content.

I also regularly consult with Steemians young and old about upcoming business plans, SMT integration, and I've always made myself available for anyone that wants to pick my brain or just to bounce ideas off.

I spend a ridiculous amount of time being consulted about other peoples projects, often at the expense of my own. I've never once charged another Steemian for my time or advice.

I also help manage the /r/steemit subreddit with @acidyo , along with too many other side projects to list here.

What am I doing to help Minnows

I do my best to support original content creators around the world through a variety of initiatives such as @minnowsupport, @centerlink, @teamaustralia, @onequality , @provenezuela and @openmic.

All of which are completely free to join and participate in.

None of my sponsored initiatives require anything more then a friendly introduction to get involved, everything is voluntary and all of them can effectively amplify the visibility and earnings of new users / minnows that participate.

As the ecosystem and my following grows it can be overwhelming to respond to everyone that reaches out to me , but I still do my best to answer any questions I get - I'm available for anyone to pick my brain in the PAL discord server almost 24/7 .

What am I doing to help the Minnow Support Project

I co-founded the Minnow Support Project along with @aggroed, and have been involved behind the scenes since the very beginning of the project.

I currently serve as co-chair on the MSP board of directors, and offer my service to all sub departments with my main focus being on Information Technology (mostly looking for ways to improve our effectiveness through automation).

I'm currently the largest single delegator to the @minnowsupport account , and I actively seek out new interesting minnow content creators to support.

I pledge to continue to delegate a portion of my witness earnings towards MSP projects, as well as sharing the cost of larger purchases, and expenses incurred by the project as it grows.

Supporting MSP initiatives with my witness earnings is one of the most effective ways to help user retention on the platform - countless minnows have told us that without the MSP community they would have left the platform long ago.

I wholeheartedly support the Minnow Support Project in its current and future endeavors.

Are you looking for a community to help guide you through your Steemy adventure ? Come join us in the PAL discord server!

#teamaustralia banner thanks to @bearone
Are you an Aussie ? Come introduce yourself in the #teamaustralia chat room!

Please, consider Voting for my witness here !

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Dear Super @Ausbitbank,

Speaking as a young minnow (both in age and duration....14 years old and here 1+ month), you are like a hero to me.

You have reached out and help me take a risk here on Steemit.

The day after I saw your first big upvote (here on this post) you gave me the confidence to transfer a big part of my 4 year savings into Steem at just under $1!

And on top of that, you make me feel like I am making a difference because of your continual support, your upvote, your encouraging replies, your supportive re-steem, and you all over dedication to all of us young minnows around the world, and especially us Aussie minnows.

Thank you, because of your efforts and selflessness, you have inspired me to keep upvoting others, keep giving others especially minnows supportive comments, keep re-steeming, and, I'm also going to keep posting, even slowly, I'm averaging like 1 post every 1 or 2 week, but I will keep going because of your support.

My first sponsored upvote (from also the awesomely encouraging @bigdizzle91) was from minnow support which you help founded, my first resteem was from you, my first >$10 upvote was also from you!

You are my Steem Hero. I really mean it.

If there is a SteemTiZen of The Year Award, You So Deserve To Win IT !

my hero.JPG


Max Up-Voted, Replied, Re-Steemed!

Peace ✌, Hope 🙏, & Love 💖!

I have tried to lead by example and "be the change I wish to see in the world."

You haven't just tried dude, you've succeeded spectacularly.
The delegations are awesome however the philanthropy is the easy part, you really do give a shit and everyone can see that, that is what makes you stand out in the crowd here.
I'm proud to have met you dude, albeit online, you're a shining example of the best Steemit has to offer.

Who doesn't love ausbitbank! I'm so happy to be cofounder of MSP with you!!! This place is awesome and we really rely on you for so much! You're awesome and I'm grateful to have you here!


I love @ausbitbank. I really do. Great shall be his reward for all his sacrifices.

@ausbitbank I wouldn't be here on steemit if it wasn't for you and @krystle. Thank you for all the hard work you put in. Thank you for taking my calls in the middle of the night when I have stuffed something up and I need you to fix it. Thank you for all the work you put into steemit to help others! You are a legend.

Awesome job! I will support as well :)

Congrats on all those achievements. You're a big inspiration. I knew already quite a bit about everything you're doing but I also learned quite a lot too reading this post.

I'm also very obsessed with Steem and I think a lot of us are!


He is definitely a great guy. Also, doing some manual curation on my channel as well.

Beautiful, simply beautiful. Transparency goes a long way. You give a lot and I mean A LOT! I don’t think a lot people realize it and more should. Thank you for giving your time and your resources. You da best!


Awesome stuff, thankyou Tim! :D

Your support for @thewritersblock is much appreciated.


Yup! I feel the same way. It always makes me happy to see an ausbit vote in my vote list. And not because it's a big upvote, but because you are someone I think I can respect, so the vote means something more.

You are a class act and you work your ass off for this community. Thank you!

you remain one of the hardest acts to follow <3

Solely on your decision to run a public RPC node, I have voted you up as a witness. What are the witness accounts for @followbtcnews and @crimsonclad if they have any?

I have decided to vote these witnesses based on a combination of RPC nodes and software development.


Hi @leprechaun Thank you for your consideration on voting us. Our witness is under my name followbtcnews.

Again thank you!

And @ausbitbank is one of the best Steemians and witness's I know..he has done and continues to do so much for Steem and Steemit!


Thankyou for your support - all of those area great choices imho, and crimson/follow share a witness account at @followbtcnews :)


I have decided to vote them who will help me in success. That will do all because we are human.

This is a great summary of what you've been doing and you are clearly an asset to the steemit community. I, personally, really enjoy working with you on all the Team Australia stuff.

I'm also glad to see that your posts are doing much better now than the 49c you netted on that first post.

Hello @ausbitbank,

You have just received my vote and the reasons were simple: because under the description of your nickname in your page, you say you are a Father, and this is what captivates me.

Being a father, for me that didn't have one since I was 8 years old, means you are attentive and caring. It also means you take care of many people here, including me sometimes, when you come and vote in my posts, and I thank you for that!

I would also use this opportunity talking to you to ask if there is a possibility to support our Brazilian group to grow as well. There is a Project called @brazilians, administrated by our dear friend @casagrande, and we are all trying to make it grow by the possible means we can, or even vote the posts of his projects, that would be of great value for us all.

Once again, thank you so much for reading me and wish you and your family so much Love and Light!

14 yay! lets keep going up!

Thanks for all you do on Steemit.. I know you were a big big help to me and I appreciate it so much.. or I may have jumped ship long before I worked out the potential (and I don't mean just monetary - there are some great people and communities on here and I get much more value out of engaging with them on a personal level)

If I could vote for you with all my votes I would (there's no way to do that is there?)

voted and resteemed!

You do amazing work here @ausbitbank and I am thankful to have read this. Very informative and educational - thanks! :-)

Just throwing my two cents in -- have been consistently impressed with @ausbitbank since I joined Steemit in June of this year. Ausbit was one of my first witness votes and one I advise every newcomer to the platform to cast as well.


I have decided to vote them who will help me in success. That will do all because we are human.

I appriciate this post, and your support of SFT is what brought my attention to you. I'm a member at the Writer's Block and they shared this post.

I like what you're all about and after reading this and looking more into your account, I'm happy to give you my witness vote. Keep up the good work and continue with that positive attitude of "being the change you wish to see."

A witness that supports minnows, isn't only focused on his own profits, and actively developing things to make Steem better gets my vote. Thanks for this update.


I have decided to vote them who will help me in success. That will do all because we are human.

Congrats on reaching 14! All those sleepless nights spent working on all these Steemit projects is greatly appreciated... Thanks for the support!

Thanks for all you do @ausbitbank and for supporting @openmic.

@ausbitbank, thanks for all that you do. I see you most on PAL, and appreciate your recent support of some of my posts.

Just added you to my list of Witnesses.


I have decided to vote them who will help me in success that will do all because we are human.

The man, the myth, the legend!
Thanks for all your continual support <3

Hi Ausbitbank :)
Great jobs brother! you're a great human with a kind heart!!

Thank you for the node, the more the better. Are you planning to increase the Bias variable?

Thank you very much ausbitbank for your efforts along with @aggroed to help and for creating and running MSP to help Steemians grow!

youre so great @ausbitbank , keep up the good work....i will support you...

have a great day...i will vote for you on witness and followed...

more steem power to you @ausbitbank , take care always my friend.upvoted

Finally a post :) You are a huge support to many on this platform and one of the main reasons that many keep putting in the effort. Thanks for everything you do!

I'm totally impressed with your list of accomplishments, your current efforts, and your goals - but most of all with your dedication to sound principles. It's pretty obvious that you stand exactly on what you wholeheartedly believe.

Keep fighting the good fight!

Thanks =D

What an effort dear @ausbitbank, you are the role model for us, also greatest thanks to your proud in achievements your are doing so hard work for that you have got this, i also say you are lucky person we should to follow you, congrats for you success.

Congrats on all your success, you just keep rising like the STAR that you are! <3 <3 Thank you for all the people that you help make a difference to...there are so many. You are a class act @ausbitbank.

Safely tucked into my witness votes. First class, thanks for all you do, @ausbitbank!

Of course, you deserve this man! You already have my vote.

Thank you for the update ausbitbank, very informative and to the point. I have resteemed your post in support of your highly regarded work. Thank you again.

You do a lot for the Steemit community, and fully deserve every Witness vote you have, and especially the vote of @minnowsupport.

Thanks for all your support!!

Thanks for all you do on Steemit.:) This place is awesome and we really rely for so luck! You're awesome and I'm grateful to have you here!

Thank you for what you do , sir!

Thanks for everything you do. I have really appreciated your support.

remain one of the hard acts to follow

You have my vote, mate.
Thanks for all the hard work you do to make steemit a better place!

Hi Ausbitbank, thank you for all your support. I'm glad for the delegation you made for my project.

I voted for you! I have free time and could have been more useful, but I do not know what opportunities there are and what else can I do with Steemit. I can not see the opportunity!

With the other massive projects I know you're working on, how do you find time to do all of this?

You must really believe in the Steemit platform.

Something for the rest of us to keep in mind.

I'm very pleased that you are supporting the community of Venezuela especially in these difficult times.

Keep up the good work. You're doing a stellar job and it's great to see you climbing up the witness rankings.

@ausbibank congratulation for your new promotion

wow you looks damn successful in this community congrats and best wishes for you keep growing!

@ausbitbank I gave my delegate's voice for you. Hang on your support of the my project on the beauty of pregnancy and motherhood on steemit)

That's a lot of performance stats! Quite interesting even if I don't understand them all. Thanks for the RPC and your transparency.

Ausbit bro! I just gave you my 10 cents of fury!!!!!! <3


@ausbitbank for the president!

(Although idk for which country 😂😌✌️)

I'm so glad to be reading this. I appreciate your mission, everything you're doing for MSP and the Steemit, and the integrity behind your initiatives. It's very refreshing! I still have so much to learn. I'll follow you with interest!

It's very wonderful, I see in you a kind person who wants to grow up more and more...Congrats!!

You are a silent worker. Thank you very much for the great work to this platform. You have truely shown that you are a leader by serving others. Ride on. Am still voting you on witness anytime.

Thanks for all the upvotes for the minnows like myself. It's making a huge difference for me particularly financially. You're the man @ausbitbank!

Great job. I support it. Keep it up.

Thank you for sharing this, you are doing a fantastic work!
I would also like to thank you so much for the support for my posts:-)

You are really active, helpful for the community and minnows. you believe in the cause!
I have definitively voted you as witness.

This is a gift for your hard work,keep going

good job brother,i inspire your work.i want to try like you.thanks brother

You are going on top soon you are working hard . Just let me know how can we contribute in your success brother

@ausbitbank, you are an encouragement to minnows like me who are on the way up. Keep on with the good work. Thank you.

Congratulations @ausbitbank, this post is the most rewarded post (based on pending payouts) in the last 12 hours written by a Superhero or Legend account holder (accounts hold greater than 100 Mega Vests). The total number of posts by Superhero and Legend account holders during this period was 27 and the total pending payments to posts in these categories was $1409.40. To see the full list of highest paid posts across all accounts categories, click here.

If you do not wish to receive these messages in future, please reply stop to this comment.

Great post! I like it! I would appreciate if you could check out my profile :)


I just voted for you as a witness... after a post like this... and the effort you are putting forward to help steem, and help developers... this was easy for me.

Thank you for the work you are doing. Now the trick is to maintain this full rpc node and keep it running... I know it is a lot of work keeping it secure and up to date.

Thank you for doing all of this... even if you do not hear it enough, your efforts are VERY appreciated by the silent majority. :)

follow me plz

Well I pointed to the wound
good job
follow me plz

Greate . Please follow me guys , support me , i will follow back , iam new here , thank you

Well I pointed to the wound
good job
follow me plz

Good post about teamaustralia.
Well done for some delegating SP
Thank you for share

Good job!

You're the reason I want to stay on Steemit. Thank you for everything you do to help #teamaustralia and minnows. One day you're going to be number one.

Awesome stuff @ausbitbank. Thanks for help us all grow and your support of quality content.

This is really another innovation which will be of great help to the site and to the system. People really are gifted and talented. Not all can do this so kudos to the writer and the developer of this program. This is another breakthrough that would make every people love this. Again Thank you for sharing with us your thoughts and your talents.

good job you doing i support your application

Thañk u for awesome

You are so amazing and totally inspiring. Thank you for MaM and MSP support. You're help is so appreciated
This post is very encouraging.

Woah yo, what a joyful interaction.


Hello @ausbitbank

You are really doing a great job to keep this community growing and to support the minnows.
Your efforts is fully appreciated.
You are loved by many and am honoured to be one of them.

If there was ever evidence of the symbiotic beauty of this platform then it's this post, philanthropy in it's purest form. You've had my witness vote for months but if I could vote twice I would! Thank you for all the hardwork and for actually caring about both the platform and it's users. Equally thanks for all the help you've given me, top man!!

@ausbibank congratulation for your new promotion


Really nice your voting system.

Congratulations @ausbitbank!
Your post was mentioned in the hit parade in the following categories:

  • Upvotes - Ranked 5 with 697 upvotes
  • Pending payout - Ranked 3 with $ 317,91

You blow me away with your dedication to the cause, and your technical ability - well done and thanks!

hei @ausbitbank yours post is very useful for people who like to read, a lot of information that gives motivation especially for me personally who just knew steemit. I like to imitate your writing style. I have followed your blog and I voted and like it

You are a wonderful kind giving human being😊

You just got my vote. :-)

Wow bro.. you have been working really hard ! Keep up the good work :)
love it


As a person who already voted for you for Steem Witness, I can say...

In @ausbitbank we trust.

I am thankful to you for all your contributions for the communities and your delegations to causes and communities and even authors.

I am resteeming this update so that more people can know about your witness activities and vote for you.

I like what you're all about and after reading this and looking more into your account, I'm happy to give you my witness vote. Keep up the good work and continue with that positive attitude of "being the change you wish to see."


If I am not wrong, you are in same country.

You're inspiring me... I need to do MORE! argh! 😃

AWESOME WORK @austibank!!!

Thanks for the updates, I love how you are supporting the different groups that are so benevolent and active with us on the platform.

Namaste :)

Dear witness Today I request for japanese community. The purpose is booming in Japan community for new-bie. As you know, the most important things isbvote to the newbie and lead members for participating steemit community. so If you can, please some SP delegation. After I delegation , I sware do not vote to my ID. Now I write down 3 language in Japan to expand Steemit. Because similiar Alis token is so powerful crypto after ICO .so I want to strength japanese steemit power. As you know Japan is so powerful country in the field of other crypto. But they do not focus on steem. And no whale and no witness..please visit my ID and survey my activity in Japan. I confidence that I can boost japanese community. Thanks for reading.

Thank you for everything you do for Steemit and your support)

I would love to contribute but servers hate me and I get confused... Check out my posts there the most contriversal on Steemit! Can you get me noticed? "- (¬‿¬) relax take it in your free!

Hey @ausbitbank I know my comment is berried all the way at the bottom however thank you for all the cool things you are doing and have done for the steemit community. I look forwards to the smt projects you may have going on in the future.