Common Questions When Entering Steemit Open Mic

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Running Open Mic on Steemit is a whole lot of fun. Getting to hear music from all over the world everyday is a joy and privilege. Each week there are new musicians and some who have been contributing and sharing music with the community since the beginning of the project.

As new people join in there are many questions that seem to come up repeatedly so I wanted to cover some of them in this post.

First off, I recommend you actually read the rules before entering which a lot of people seem to forget to do.

Secondly, I recommend you read the rules before entering.

And one more thing I recommend it to read the rules before entering.

You can read them here:

and read about why we have these rules in more depth here:

Why Are My Open Mic Posts Not Making As Much As When I First Entered?

New people joining the contest will sometimes get featured by the @curie project in their Author's Showcase posts. Curie helps people new to Steemit get noticed by upvoting their post and that can help them get their posts seen and earn quite a few rewards.

Curie recently donated 200 Steem to Open Mic but they have always been supporting new authors including musicians who have posted to Open MIc.

After someone reaches a certain reputation Curie no longer upvotes their posts and they don't upvote every post a new person makes. This has led some new people entering Open Mic to mistakenly feel like the Open Mic community doesn't like their music anymore. When they see their first few entries earn a lot of rewards followed by entries that don't earn as much, they think it's because Open Mic doesn't love their music anymore. This is not the case at all.

Please understand, when @curie upvotes you that is a completely different project from Open Mic and is there to help you get off to a good start on Steemit. @Curie has a lot more Steem Power than @openmic does, but if you, as new person, don't know that is what has happened you could get the impression that you earned all those votes from entering Open Mic and now you're not getting the same amount of earnings.

That is not a reflection of how we value your music. The typical entry to Open Mic earns from 1.500 to 2.500 Steem and more if they trend on the openmic tag.

You can see if your earning from entering Open Mic was selected by @curie by looking at who voted for your post. Scroll down to the bottom of your posts and click on small up arrow next to where your vote count is and a pop up screen will open. If you see curie somewhere at the top of the list they voted for your post.

Congratulations! Enjoy the rewards, but if all your posts don't earn the same amount in the future it doesn't mean your music is not appreciated. It just means you got lucky and Curie selected you.

As far as getting selected in the Top 5 by the judges, votes have very little to do with the selection process and whether or not @curie upvoted you really doesn't factor into being selected in the Top 5 either.

I Can't Upvote Posts That Are Not In My Feed

Sometimes we miss entries, but rarely due to human error. The Steemit platform is not perfect and sometimes your entry does not show up in the feed. It's rare but it does happen.

Here is an example of what I'm talking about. In this video no matter how many times I refresh the page the entry disappears. If I can't see it, I can't upvote it. I just happened to catch this one but in a long list of entries it's possible I won't see this happen.

Here is another example when a whole bunch of entries did not show up in the feed until a day later. Again, if it's not there I can't upvote it. When this happens though, I know to come back again later and refresh the page and it will show up. Because I like to upvote entries in the order they are entered I'll usually stop upvoting when I see this and wait until I can refresh the page before I continue upvoting entries..

That's why sometimes there are delays from the time you post an entry to the time I upvote it.

It Takes Time To Listen To 300 Song Every Week

One of the most common questions I get is:

Why have you not upvoted my post yet? I posted 2-days ago."

9 times out of 10 when I get a PM from someone this is what they are asking me. I usually don't respond to PM's when I'm listening to musical entries because I want to get through all the entries as fast as possible so my inbox isn't flooded with people asking me why I haven't upvoted their entry yet.

It takes a lot of time to listen to 300 songs a week and I listen to them in the order they come in. If I have not upvoted your post yet this is why, or they are not in the feed yet as explained above. Please, be patient and I will get to them. If your post disappeared like in the video above there's not much I can do about that. Sorry.

Whatever you do, don't post the same entry again. That is not helping you or me and just makes things take longer.

Also, don't delete your post before we have a chance to get to it, something I've seen people do. They think that because it didn't get upvoted right away that it isn't worthy or doesn't stand a chance. No, it just takes time to get to it. Please be patient.

Why Do I Have To Use YouTube Even If I Uploaded To DTube?

I go into depth about that in this post you can read here:

Why Do I Have To Add A Youtube Video To My Open Mic Entry --- by @luzcypher

If you actually read the rules you would know this as it is explained 3 times in the rules at the beginning, middle, and end of the post.

I'll usually add a comment explaining it again when people posting with DTube do not add a YouTube video as well. If you do make a post with just a DTube video and I leave you a comment to add a YouTube video too, you don't need to make a new post.

Just go to the post you made already, click the edit button at the bottom of your post just before the first comment, and add your YouTube embedded video and click the Update Post button.

I Didn't Know

First rule to entering Open Mic is read the rules

If you read the rules then you would know. Common things people say they didn't know are.

  1. I didn't know that I had to play a musical instrument
  2. I didn't know I had to say my username.
  3. I didn't know I had to say Steemit Open Mic (current week number)
  4. I didn't know the cutoff date was Friday at 12 PM UTC Time
  5. I didn't know when my UTC Time was.
  6. I didn't know I shouldn't post a link to my entry on the Open Mic Discord Channel. It's done automatically for you.
  7. I didn't know I had to add a link to my entry to the comments of the contest.
  8. I didn't know I had to upvote the contest post.
  9. I didn't know, I didn't know, I didn't know.

All of these things are in the rules guys, that's why we post them in English, Spanish, and French. Most question people ask are already answered in the rules, but these are a few that are not.

I hope this helps you understand some of the things that happen behind the scenes that can delay you getting upvoted when you enter and why your rewards can vary greatly from week to week when entering.

We value your music, your participation, and you as member of the community. How much your post earns on any given week has nothing to do with you as a musician. It's just part of how Steemit works.

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Thank you for all of your work with Open Mic 🎤- it is always the highlight of my week!

Thanks, @drewley! Congrats on your newly released music collection! That must be exciting to have produced.

Thank you! It is

Sent these to some of our local artists who often feel they are not at par at some of the talent that joins.

I say that they lose nothing by trying and that they need to remember all the rules.

Much appreciated. It came to my attention over time that some people were feeling that way due to the varying rewards they earn. So, I thought this post would explain why.

People need to be grateful if they do get a big upvote and know that there are more and more people joining so others also need a chance and when they were given that they should work on helping build a community and also support other people.

A lot of people go through posting as if they are entitled to the vote and not because they worked for it.

Hola, creo que hablas español y proseguire con esto, no soy musico pero conozco un par de ellos aqui en venezuela y quiero ayudarlos a entrar a steemit, ellos no tienen las herramientas necesarias y yo pienso ser su guia a travez de este proceso, de hecho la crisis los a afectado mucho y quiero promoverlos aqui en steemit y pienso hacer que participen en open mic. lo que mas me preocupa es la calidad de la produccion, por que no tenemos camaras decentes ni equipo decente para una grabacion pero doy fe que tengo a unos de los mejores musicos del pais. que tanto entra en juego a la hora de la votacion la calidad del video y del audio?.

Open Mic no se juzga por la calidad de la producción, sino por el valor de entretenimiento. Hay muchas personas de Venezuela que ingresan al concurso y Open Mic es muy popular en Venezuela.

Gracias, de igual manera haremos el mejor trabajo posible. es cierto en venezuela hay mucho talento deastendido. yo atraere a los que estan a mi alcance a la comunidad de steemit.

It is nice to work in Steem listening to music, I do and I find it relaxing!

Thank you for all the effort @luzcypher, it's not easy!

Could you give me the invitation to enter the channel? discordapp

had to search too when I wanted to enter .. so when I saw your comment @teregogfrey uncommented... wanted to help you out ^^
this is the channel link for open mic :)

Thank you very much for the invitation. I'm new here and there are things that I'm still learning. Thanks for the help

youre welcome :)
posted my first ever entry for this open mic contest just some minutes ago ^^ was fun :)
I add you on discord.. if you have any questions feel free to ask wheater in discord open mic channel or just pm me :) we were all new at the beginning :)

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